Monday, August 15, 2011

How do I keep my cat away from the appliances and wires?

Issue by Jonela: How do I preserve my cat away from the appliances and wires?
I have my residing room tv on a stand and behind it on the floor is a surge protector with tons of stuff plugged into it and recently my cat has been crawling again there and walking close to and knocking plugs out of the sockets. Now my issue is not for the reality that she unplugged it but I dread she will get shocked - I reside in a nation with 230V. I naturally can't spray her with the spray bottle even though she's in the vicinity of the plugs and I stop possessing to shift all types of stuff about to pull her out just so she can run back again in. What can I do to preserve her out of this place - I have the stand pushed back as far as it can go and she's only 2 pounds and has no difficulties squeezing in. Any suggestions?

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Response by Englander
set a soft toy that resembles spike the dog underneath the tele

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