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How do I merge 2 family traditions for a Christmas party?

Question by dizzymissnaty: How do I merge two family traditions for a Xmas social gathering?
I acquired a residence this calendar year so my family members would like me to host the Xmas get together. My boyfriend and I believed it'd be enjoyable to have his family members come as properly. We have been with each other 4 many years and we have nevertheless to share xmas dinner. Every single family members celebrates in different ways and I'd like to make it combine harmoniously.
His family has a formal strategy, although mine is really laid back again.
They serve wine and have an extravagant table set up. Centerpiece, carefully folded and put napkins, the great silverware comes out, good every little thing in fact.. the cups the plates, you get the level.. they consider pride in it. Most of the food is prepared by his mom, but absolutely everyone brings a little something. They say grace ahead of anybody commences consuming. The present exchange is just random although, every person just grabs and gives without having buy.
My family members eats "buffet-type" . Each and every individual is assigned a dish to cook and we have one particular big table where all the foods goes. When absolutely everyone has arrived we all crowd the table and then disperse throughout the house and try to eat wherever we please. We usually have a lot more beer than wine. For reward exchanging we do secret santa and we make a video game of it.. each particular person normally requires a turn describing who they got even though the relaxation of us try out to guess appropriately (it can be so cheesy I know but it has been tradition because I was a child).
We're searching at about forty visitors.. I can hire tables but I don't think I can fit a lot more than 3 tables in my living/eating room. For the key santa I don't want to have his household enjoy us play although they sit on the sidelines twiddling their thumbs ( and we have already picked names so we can't even include them to the recreation).
I desire my family's way (duh.. I am so used to it), his family's way looks a bit "stuffy". But I also want to make his family experience at ease. When we introduced our strategy to his family tonight over thanksgiving dinner I watched his mom's encounter and I could see the shock. She has Usually hosted the christmas get together at her residence so I'd truly like to impress her.
How ought to I take care of the dinner and the reward trade?

btw sorry for the super extended problem.

Very best answer:

Solution by friendofchip
HIs dinner, your reward giving.

His household sit together and have fun, nicely, they sound like they get it seriosuly, but if your fun great deal sat together like his family do it would be very good.

Their present opening seems terrible and your sounds genuinely excellent. SO go for yours, they can get into the local community spirit of it, just like you can do with thier meal.

It seems like THEY like the meal part, and YOU like the present part- to be together and have entertaining and loved ones spirit and togetherness( violins and soppy audio at this point) or every single part of the day.

If you did it the other way spherical- your meal regimen and THEIR present program, you'd have an untogether XMas wherever no person would even look at every single other.

As for serving the entire meal- you could still inquire people to bring a dish, but have the meal AT the table sitting jointly. If there's forty people you are going to nevertheless be in your very own teams anyway with all the seating!

You have obtained what seems like the finest of 2 Xmas traditions to put with each other, and also it would be actually tough to inquire 1 or even two men and women to cook all that stuff- you don't have to inquire individuals men to cook, just your individual family to do what they often do- cook a dish, put together it in a white dish if possible.

I am becoming honest right here- I think HIS loved ones dinner seems a lot nicer. I Adore the schedule, the excellent plates, the candles the fancy stuff, the odor of the pine wreaths on the table, It's a gorgeous night, and never waste it!
But I feel YOUR present giving is the very best, despite the fact that I by no means did solution santa- opening presensts ought to be wonderful, happy and NOT the frnezy you say his household does- that is the worst, it tends to make the complete issue looks low cost and tacky without any believed for the particular person you happen to be giiving your gift also.
So your gifts, his meal. The truth its YOUR loved ones at the table also will make it NOT stuffy. And impress his mom, Massive TIME, in fact, notify your family to really outdo themselves with the fancy dishes and table dressings.

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