Friday, August 19, 2011

What should I consider when choosing tile for my kitchen floor.?

Query by Simply Green: What should I take into account when choosing tile for my cooking area flooring.?
Although a darker tile seems to be good with my light cabinets won't they make my flooring space search smaller sized?
I stay in the nation and would like to play that up. Checkerboard pattern, maybe?
I have contemporary stainless appliances & bronze hardware on maple cabinets.
The floors it will transition to are a light beige carpet in the residing area & red oak hardwood in the eating area.

I get caught and give up. Your suggestions could give me the push I want to choose. Assist! Thank you.

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Answer by Grandma6
Darker tiles will search great. Checkerboard would be enjoyable, as well. It's possible choose tiles related in shade to the two floors it will transition to. My suggestion is about the grout. Go for as narrow grout lines as you can and use a darkish fairly than a mild grout color. Also seal the grout as shortly as you can-normally a couple of days to a week after installing. Cleaning grout is no fun and individual experience has taught me that darkish is a lot less difficult than mild to maintain hunting good.

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