Monday, August 29, 2011

Q&A: Do you think my daughter's room is haunted?

Issue by Mommy of 2 Princesses: Do you feel my daughter's place is haunted?
Every other day now, we arrive house and we see that in my 1 calendar year old daughter's area, her light is turned on. When we depart in the morning, I verify to make sure that almost everything is off, other than for the pc.

It occurred as soon as that my husband understands of, and then a 2nd time when it was just me and my daughter, and then again tonight, but this time the T.V. was on too! My husband was like, what the hell is likely on? Nicely of study course, I don't know.

Also, we recently have come to find issues lacking, primarily USB cords, but they are nonetheless lacking and we do not take issues from a single area to yet another. Most of the stuff that is "MIA" is for our laptop or computer, which we have in the residing room, and typically stays on the desk or in the cabinet on the computer desk. And we have looked all through the total house and arrive up with nothing. We have only lived right here for about a month and a fifty percent and even now have most of our things sealed with tape in containers, so there is no way we could have place the lacking thing in the boxes both.

Our property is only a 2 bed two bath and each and every time I wander out of my daughter's place, I feel like there is somebody viewing me walk absent. I will not experience like this when I am coming out of any other place.

Does anybody consider her room is haunted or am I just generating some thing out of absolutely nothing?

P.S. No one particular has a key to our home and we live in the nation and Almost everything is locked when I depart so there are no methods to get in and every thing of any fantastic worth is even now right here, untouched.

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Response by Sydnie ™
maybe you are just neurotic like I am, but provide a camera in which you go, and take a photograph of exactly where you believe it is. They display up on camera :} if there IS anything at all there. Desire this served.

What do you feel? Response under!

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