Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Other than Craigslist, what other options do I have in Chicago for selling heavy and large furniture?

Issue by AL: Other than Craigslist, what other alternatives do I have in Chicago for promoting large and big home furniture?
I have two huge desks, a dining table, and numerous bookshelves, and a bicycle as well that I need to have to promote prior to relocating. What alternatives other than Craigslist do I have for posting and selling these things. I would a lot desire an open marketplace or something alongside people lines or a web site for regional sale only. I have a automobile so I can transfer these items about, but the cost of shipping things outside of Chicago is prohibitive.

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Response by oldwolf1951
Right here in Texas, my son-in-law performs at a furniture consignment store. Check out close to and you will most likely find the same up there. Take a picture of the things then go chat to them. Some will decide on up. Other people you will have to rent a truck and transfer it oneself. I would store all around for best payment.

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