Monday, August 29, 2011

Q&A: Can someone please help me figure out what paint color(s) should I paint my living room?

Query by Carmon and Aimee: Can an individual make sure you aid me figure out what paint coloration(s) ought to I paint my living place?
My sofa/loveseat are an olive green coloration, but not as well green, it has a lot more of a grey undertone to it. I want a wall shade and a accent coloration. My dining area/kitchen is a light sunflower shade and the columns are painted olive green so I desired to consider and tie in all the rooms... Can any person assist me???

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Answer by Teetyme
I take it your dining space is in viewing location to the room you want to paint. You have a yellow space with green columns and a green type sofa to deal with. What coloration are your drapes? Waht color are your rugs? People are a lot more critical than the couch. Possibly way you can possibly compliment or contrast. The 4 primaries are yellow, blue, green and red. All other shades arrive from these(other than black and white, which truly are not hues)so to compliment, use the hues you have collectively, and to contrast go with blue. How about a blue green.

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