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How do middle easterners decorate their homes?

Question by Charles: How do middle easterners decorate their homes?
What are some of the same elements that you will find in the home of a middle eastern muslim family?

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Answer by skedaddle
Well, many Middle Eastern Muslim families have religious scripts framed up in their homes. The framed items can include: the 99 names of Allah, the word Allah and/or Muhammad in Arabic, the letters Alif Lam Meem, or a picture of the Kabah. These frames pieces are a major characteristic of their homes.

Otherwise, the way a Muslim family decorates their home varies widely depending on nationality, religiosity, income level, and of course the size of the home. Some have family photographs up, while others either don't take photos at all or don't frame them in public rooms. Some have Persian carpets, but many have rugs and other typical pieces of furniture from American furniture stores. Some may choose to display hookahs or exotic lamps in the sitting area. Palestinian families may have framed up a map or flag of their nation. And some Arab families may choose to hang up a keffiyeh/shemagh up somewhere in the house.

In general, Muslim families don't usually have art up that depict animals or human beings (besides family photos). But some Persian/Indian/Pakistani families do put up art with animal or human figures if the art is from the Mughal or Safavid empires.

Besides these manifestations, Middle Eastern Muslim families, especially middle class families, simply decorate their homes like the average middle class Western family would. There is a certain degree of expectation that they keep their homes clean, but I think that holds for non-Muslim middle class families as well.

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