Saturday, August 27, 2011

Q&A: Any advice on how to catch a snake (not a pet) in your house?

Question by tiffylynn21: Any guidance on how to catch a snake (not a pet) in your property?
Observed in the dwelling place and now can't be found Anywhere! The skin was in the basement. It's not like you can put out a mouse entice!!! You gotta love dwelling in the country in KY! YIKES
It has been caught! Non poisonous (which we thought from the beginning). It arrived crawling out from underneath the china cabinet and my grandpa put his foot on it and picked it up. We are heading to release it in the woods. (far absent) Thank you for all of the fantastic answers! We can preserve the glue traps we obtained for any other incidents in the future!

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Reply by Tumbleclimberina
actually it could be dasngerous, contact somebody immeadiatly! Frightening, but know how ya experience!

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