Friday, August 19, 2011

Painting my dining room. I found a color that I love and I bought a sample but it looks different on my walls?

Issue by Emily H: Painting my eating place. I discovered a colour that I enjoy and I purchased a sample but it appears diverse on my walls?
The coloration I enjoy would be wonderful on white walls. Mine are bisque. So do I put primer on my partitions first or do I find a lighter shade. The bisque helps make the paint appear a lot more yellow and darker than the colour I am heading for. The shade is Summertime Cottage - it is a light. crisp blue colour with a hint of green but the bisque helps make it seem a lot more teal. Many thanks!

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Reply by Victoria M
You really should often begin with a blank canvas- so yes, consider the time to get a primer coat of white on! Every single coloration you place on, mild or dim will be changed by the under coat beneath it.

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