Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stupid College Boys And Their Black Leather Sofa!?

Problem by Zuko: Stupid Higher education Boys And Their Black Leather Sofa!?
Alright, here is the deal. My boyfriend and I are getting a spot with our mutual best good friend Mike.

Each of the men have offered me free of charge reign more than the new place's decor... with one really critical exception: The MAMMOTH black leather couch and more than-sized black leather recliner should be incorporated.

I'm nonetheless making an attempt to choose what colors I am going to use. I was initially considering about a vibrant blue and lime colour scheme but I'm starting to consider it is going to feel as well cold. All of the wooden home furniture was earlier painted BLACK as properly, so I'd truly like one thing to punch it up a bit.

I never want a black and white space. I really like color! I also have to remain away from anything girly... I also Dislike the colour red in a coloration scheme for a place. (I enjoy to wear it, hate to look at it each day in a living space!) I would like to keep the area awesome and calm... without getting weighed down by all of the hefty black furniture.

Any recommendations?

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Solution by ***~***
How about a lot more neutral colors like beiges, army green, tans?

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