Thursday, August 25, 2011

How to connect the dining room chandelier to a wall light switch?

Query by Evelyn D: How to connect the eating place chandelier to a wall mild change?
I dwell in a 1956 property and started out renovating my eating space. I desired to alter the chandelier and discovered a issue: there is one light change on the wall and it controls an electrical outlet, not the chandelier. The old chandelier had a on/off change on it. The new chandelier does not have this switch. When I unscrewed the outlet on the wall that is controlled by the light switch, I found a black and white wire that are tied collectively and tucked in powering the receptacle. Is it achievable that people wires control the chandelier? How ought to I link them to be in a position to operate the ceiling light with the wall mild switch?

Finest solution:

Answer by paulofhouston
First you need to uncover out exactly where the wire to the light fixture is getting its electrical power (by going in attic and tracing it) Then eliminate the black (mild fixture electrical power offer) lead wherever it is finding its energy from and link that(black) lead to the change(both at the outlet or swap) If you splice it then make certain your splice is in a coated metal junction box,and you use wire nuts.If what I said is in anyway perplexing then contact an electrician (this winter given that the attic will be stifling)

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