Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gloss white Entertainment center with Black leather sofa. What' color should go with rug , shade and wall?

Question by Ming K: Gloss white Amusement center with Black leather sofa. What' coloration ought to go with rug , shade and wall?
Hello there,
I just move in a new condo. I have an off white gloss Tv entertainment center and a black leather sofa. I am hunting to buy an are rug and a modest table . what shades need to I go with these two furnishings? Also the wall colour and any include on? Please suggestions. Thank you.

Best remedy:

Reply by liteyesu@sbcglobal.internet
Go to the Sherwin-Willams website and the have a visualizer on paint coloration combinations may well assist
I feel an Wrought Iron table black and then a white lamp include a wrought Iron wall decor with Turquois, or yellow, biege like in the curtains or sofa pillows and black frames, vases or nic nacs
A rug with all the shades consider a seem at hgtv they have episode from the displays. Take an thought from there. i do all the time

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What to do living in the country?

Query by smile...*: What to do living in the country?
I reside in the nation, about five miles from city. There is no trails to hike or whichever, and strolling all around is uninteresting. I never have a trampoline.. I want to know what I could do when I'm bored that is active? And it can not be "go up to your room & do some situps."
aid! thank you.

Greatest answer:

Remedy by Kjun
1. build a zipline
two. get an atv
three. cow tipping
4. make a ghillie suit and see if passing vehicles see you just standing up coming to the road. It is actually a lot of exciting to see the WTF seem one some people's faces
5. get an xbox.

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Opinion on chandelier and dining table?

Question by leslie: Opinion on chandelier and dining table?
I've looked at so a lot of chandeliers that I'm cross-eyed, lol, and I can not make up my thoughts. I am hunting for a transitional style to "casual down" the dining area. Thank you for your opinion.

Here is the chandelier (click on for greater watch or watch in place) if you want.

This is my dining table and chairs...I have the buffet, not the china cabinet.

Greatest solution:

Answer by regerugged
I will not assume the chandelier goes with the dining place home furniture. The light fixture appears like primitive colonial. The home furniture is higher elegance. I feel a crystal and brass light would function properly with the home furniture.

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I made the mistake of buying a dining room set that has light colored cushioned chairs.?

Question by chris: I produced the error of acquiring a dining space set that has light colored cushioned chairs.?
An individual sat in one and left the stain from there jeans. My query is does everyone know the methods to upholstering with tough distinct coloration plastic. I would like to attain as close as achievable a specialist look. I comprehend that I will need a heating gun. Why?

Finest reply:

Reply by Zoey B
return it and get what you want

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What is the best company to use to move a few big items from one state to another?

Query by MindDoctor16: What is the greatest business to use to move a few huge objects from one state to one more?
I have an antique hutch, buffet, and dining room table set that I need moved from NY to NC. Does anyone know of businesses or men and women that will decide on it up in NY and move it to right here in NC?

Your aid is appreciated!

Finest answer:

Solution by THOMAS H
I have a tiny shifting organization based mostly out of NC. I would be glad to give you a no cost quote. Make sure you phone me at 828-638-5577.

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Q&A: How would I find out who decorated homes seen in movies or on television? Is there a website with details?

Question by stillunderpaid: How would I find out who decorated homes witnessed in videos or on tv? Is there a web site with facts?
At times I will see designs or functions I like, but never know the identify for them, and this would aid.

Finest reply:

Answer by barbara m
I do not know if these sites have them, but they do have alot of pics & designs & data on exactly where to locate the items demonstrated. hgtv.com & bhg.com.

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What type of store sells cheap vintage/antique-looking home decorating stuff?

Query by XoXo: What type of shop sells cheap vintage/antique-seeking residence decorating stuff?
What form of store sells low cost vintage/antique-seeking home decorating things? Like Mirrors, Photo frames, home furniture, finish tables, lamps, etc.
either a real retailer or online, isn't going to issue.

Best reply:

Solution by Nature Lover
Both Salvation Army or flea market place.

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Monday, May 30, 2011

I was lying on a white leather sofa with a black shirt and now the sofa is stained grey! How can I get it out?

Query by KiKiRoSe: I was lying on a white leather sofa with a black shirt and now the sofa is stained grey! How can I get it out?
Please assist!! This is not my sofa and i'm hoping to resolve it. I could not believe that what had happened b/c I was lying there cold below a blanket. It can be not like I was sweating and the colour leaked off. It's been about 3 weeks given that it transpired and i'm hoping it can be not as well late to resolve it. I attempted drinking water & soap correct away, did nothing. Then I tried a tiny rubbing alcohol, did practically nothing. Then I attempted some nail polish remover, did a little something, but not much!! Then I attempted saddle soap, did nothing. I am acquiring worried. White leather sofas are NOT sensible. Any suggestions is appreciated :) Thanks for your time in studying this!

Greatest answer:

Reply by Lucy W
set some diluted bleach [id say 70% h2o] in a spray bottle and gently rub into sofa with cloth

mr clean magic eraser and h2o

just get a soft cloth, add a dollop of toothpaste [it operates on cleansing manny other surfaces] and rub in gently

aerosol hairspray works effectively I heard. spray immediately on stain and wipe away. this may possibly get a number of tries so keep at it.

be positive to wipe what ever you use to clear the sofa off DRY or else the leather will harden or crackle

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How to protect carpt from furniture marks?

Query by irobot: How to shield carpt from furniture marks?
Usually furnishings can make deep around-long term impressions in the carpeted flooring. I lately put in premium carpeting in my house and was wondering if there is any way to shield it from these deep markings. Making use of a rug is not useful in all rooms for example pc desk in examine room, or the bed in bed room or the china buffet in dining room and many others and so on.

Greatest remedy:

Remedy by grumpybear
I've observed men and women employing further carpeting by reducing them into tiny squares large sufficient to match on the leg of the home furniture piece. Since you are making use of the same carpeting that you have set up it will match and would not standout. That way the mark will be in this small removable piece of carpeting rather of on your everlasting carpeting so when you rearrange your furniture you will not have unpleasant marks.

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Decorating advice: mixing black & dark brown in olive green room?

Question by Poly X: Decorating suggestions: mixing black & dark brown in olive green place?
My living place / dining room walls are olive green, light tan sofa (with light tan pillows and two black pillows that I extra not too long ago), bamboo blinds, ecru curtains, oak hardwood floors. My big Television console/bookcase is espresso brown (black-brown), two chairs are black wood & espresso leather seats, and conclude tables are black metal and dark brown wood. It's pared down in the element of having very little clutter (images, vases, trinkets, and so forth.) sitting all around. It's all extremely earthy-hunting and I like it.
I want to paint my outdated coffee table, dining space table & buffet, but not positive if I ought to paint them espresso brown or black. Painting the tables and buffet espresso brown seems 'safer' than going with black. Am I just being a sissy about the black? Any tips?

Very best solution:

Remedy by C R
I feel the expresso brown matches far better. It adds to he warmth. I think the black would be also cold and hefty.

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I don't want to use traditional dining room furniture in my dining room.?

Query by minnie: I do not want to use classic dining space furniture in my dining space.?
I already have a 6-seater dining table in my breakfast nook. I want some lower benches with plenty of cushions and transform the dining into a conversation location. Any notion of in which I can get very low benches or any other ideas on what to do with the space?

Very best remedy:

Reply by Nattitude
A pool table that has a dining table top.So, it really is a game area,conversation place and dining room

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Please Help with Decorating a Living Room?

Question by Debbie Williamson: Please Support with Decorating a Living Room?
My daughter is relocating out in 5 months and she's by now obtaining a head start off on her decorating scheme for her new property. She has every thing figured out but her residing place. She wants it to symbolize country songs,football and nashville but now so a lot of the region rustic western search. Any suggestions or photographs would be tremendously appreciated.
Thanks in advance :)

Best answer:

Answer by deceptiveone
what actually she chooses, i hope that she remembers sustainability and the environment when getting for her new home.

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Q&A: websites for decorating home?

Query by animal_mother: web sites for decorating house?
I want to include some decor to my otherwise plain house. but i require to do it cheaply. any website where i can discover great tips? i have an 'arts and crafts' fashion home and would perhaps like to reflect that in the interior. or else, i am in my early 30's, so will not send me to websites that my grandma or mother would like! lol.

Very best solution:

Remedy by rk_king2004
The good results of any decorating scheme depends on how nicely it fits all the members of your loved ones. To produce a décor that you will be pleased with, think about what you want and also what you don't want.

It is a very good idea to know what you have before you started to alter points. As you get started to pull your design and style ideas with each other, believe about your choice and what will work in your property.

Colour can function wonders... it can change the look of a room and alter your feeling about the space. You can begin by searching via magazines, and catalogs. Give your self lots of time, it will take more time than you assume, and your concepts will build as you go.

Gathering samples is a wonderful way to begin. If you are beginning with a shade, your samples may incorporate fabric, paint chips, wallpaper, carpet, wood, stone, and tile.

Figuring out what you can invest on a undertaking will give you a clearer idea of what you can achieve. If you will on a constrained price range, mark off those issues that will make the most variation, this kind of as a new wall colour and a new sofa.

You can set the mood of a area in lots of methods, this kind of as lights, and furnishings. There are no hard or fast policies or need to-do sequence for this method.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

where can I sell my used furniture in Chicago?

Query by zsigmondy: where can I market my used furnishings in Chicago?
I am going to move is there any place I can sell my utilized home furniture? I have dining table, chairs, Television, futon, coffee table, mirror, lamp...

Any store in Chicago doing this?

Very best remedy:

Reply by Skip Charla

i am certain an individual would want it!

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Can you refinish Hitchcock Furniture with a stencil under the finish without damaging the painted stencil?

Question by jonathanolsson: Can you refinish Hitchcock Furnishings with a stencil below the finish with out harmful the painted stencil?
I have several items of hitchcock home furniture (dresser, dining space table, coffee table, finish tables) which could use a bit of sprucing up on the table tops. All items have tabletop stenciling. A refinisher I have spoken to has said they can sand and re-laquer with no hurt to the stencil and wished to double check out here to see if that is true.

Greatest remedy:

Reply by split puppy
Need to be Okay.will call for some care not to hurt the stencil although.
Finisher is possibly referring to cleaning & lightly "scuffing" the existing end to enable a lacquer "overcoat" to be applied.
Finest regards

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Ink on a white leather sofa HELP!!!?

Question by Joey: Ink on a white leather sofa Support!!!?
Is it feasible to take away ink marks from white leather sofa? please support

Finest answer:

Answer by priya
use an inkiller

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Drapery Colour Ideas for Dining room and Living room/Office?

Question by Blase: Drapery Color Concepts for Dining space and Living place/Workplace?
New property in the nation - big diningroom and utilizing the livingroom as an office/sitting room. Need the proper drapery for both. Most of the residence is carried out in dark taupe with white trim.

I have a white electrical fireplace in my office which we brought from the final home (no it can not be painted nor do I want to). The office & dining room will be the only rooms in the home searching feminine. I adore shabby chic & French country, but due to the fact the pets are just about everywhere I am instead of heading for white duck addresses for the loveseat & wing chair I covered in prairie blue. I want to use existing and new artwork. The diningroom home furniture is glass table with espresso legs and buffet which I know is neither shabby or French. I am thinking of investing two or all the 4 chairs for faric to floor parson's chairs.

There are vast windows in every space with gorgeous views of the garden I want to frame.

I want to tie in current pricey artwork. The colors in the art are largely blues, greens and pink (ie. pink peony and anopther has a blush pink mat) and are pictures of outdated stone buildings with gardens and window boxes full of pink petunias.

Flooring is walnut coloured hardwood.

The rooms are the two big and the diningroom if rather sparse so I assume full curtains might warm it up.

So, does this give you adequate information for recommendations?

Best answer:

Remedy by me
Plantation shutters to match the trim and mulberry drapes would be excellent. The mulberry is feminine with out being screeching pink. I would line with a lighter tone mulberry like this.

http://www.themillshop.co.united kingdom/pictures/ww/rev%20faux%20silk%20mulberry%20heather.jpg

You can fussy them up as considerably as you want. http://fashion4windows.com/pictures/stories/plantation_shutters/polycore_shutters/Picture13.jpg

http://www.metropolis-information.com/forum/attachments/property-inside-design-decorating/46728d1249863381-curtains-windows-plantation-shutters-fashion-faux-a hundred_2136.jpg

In the stop you have a seem that will instantly adjust the light while you are functioning...Embrace your beautiful views and with closing possibly the drapes or shutters in the evening have a search of formaility or coziness.

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Need ideas for rugs in dining room?

Question by Genna: Will need ideas for rugs in dining place?
I have a espresso colored spherical table (i believe its about 4' or 5' diameter) and it also incleds a leaf to extend the table into an oval shape. I am making an attempt to determine what sort of rug i should get for beneath the table (there is ceramic tile in this place). Its heading into the formal residing and dining room in the home which is the very first you place you enter when you arrive into the property. The whole space is about 13' vast by 22' lengthy. There will also be a buffet by the table taking off about 2' or so from the width. This is what i was considering

1. acquiring a massive square rug (about 8x8)
2. finding a rectangle rug (possibly 5'x8' or 8'x11')

Let me know if you have any other tips. Many thanks for your input!

Finest reply:

Answer by Nurse Susan
one] is buffet on lengthy wall or short wall? How big is real dining area?
13' x 11'? or scaled-down? [ also subtract the two feet from buffet space ]
two] rug should be about two.five feet wider and longer than the table to permit chairs to move back and forth freely so you require a rug at minimum
6.5' or 7.5' by 8' or 9'. relying on table and leaf's real size.
4] do measure the table and leaf for accuracy just before creating any obtain.
5] buy some graph paper reduce out table, chair, buffet and rug measurements and play with items for best look. .
six] I would purchase 1 that addresses most of area. - so 8' x 11'.

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Q&A: Looking for a side table? Anyone good with Furniture shopping?

Question by BUBBLES: Searching for a aspect table? Any person great with Furniture searching?
Apperently aspect tables are not as popular these days.... I am seeking for a really specific one- Dark red cherry in Queen Anne fashion. I have been looking about but the only one I could uncover was at JCP and it can be kinda cheapy for $ 550 as well as an additional $ 180.00 and tax to ship it. I have experimented with a few of funiture retailers, ebay and craigs checklist. Anyone have anyone other tips that will not likely price a fortune? I am aiming for $ 300 region.

We acquired a employed dining area table and a left about china cabinet from Strawbridges closing so I just need the third piece!

Best solution:

Remedy by faith
Just retain on searching on line..in time you will locate exactly what u want.retain on seeking on the world wide web.okay?

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Color problem- Living room? Hallway? Kitchen?

Question by Sophie: Colour difficulty- Residing area? Hallway? Kitchen?
alright, so I just painted my hallway a creamy linen colour (known as Dusty Lane). I was heading to paint my kitchen the same coloration as I have black aged cabinets, creamy tile, and red and turqouise accents. (the shade of kitchen area now is grey nicely it looks region blue). My question is my living room is choc. brown. Im going for a comfy beachy feel (like stuff from Pottery Barn). Should I paint the residing area lighter? (You can see every room from the other, open concept.) And also, should I paint all three rooms the very same? I will not want any more grays. Seems blue to me. Thank you, so considerably!!
If you have color samples that would be fantastic!

Best remedy:

Reply by gary w
my view is constantly go with lighter shades on the walls , and to keep the very same colour through the residing and kitchen area, you can add darker things to set on walls or home furniture. dark furnishings constantly stands out much more with a lighter backround.

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Q&A: Help with dining room set.?

Question by Wardog's wifey: Assist with dining place set.?
I was provided a Dining room set from my uncle above a yr in the past. it was from the 1960's but in okay situation. it had some drinking water stains and so on so with the help of my mother, i sanded it, cleaned it, primed and painted it all black this was all nicely about a yr back (i utilised an expensive paint i may include so it can be not a problem with low cost paint) anyways it looked amazing like something out of the ikea catalogue! even so now i'm getting some problems with it. the other day i lifted up a card that was on the buffet and the paint was missing, and the primer beneath was wet and goopy. ( it has considering that dried) i don't know what took the paint off, but now i will need to repair that spot. how do i fix it devoid of creating it look patchy? will i have to paint the whole top? also somebody set saran wrap beneath a hot plate durring a pot luck, and now it has appeared to melt into the table, and there are sharp lines that stick out... i don't know how to repair this. possibly,. will i have to sand and re-paint it also? i actually do not want to do all this but i cannot find the money for to replace them both. also my chairs are falling apart.. i have fixed them all as greatest i can for now. nevertheless are there any strategies to maintaining them from breaking again? i just can not find the money for a new dining space set. and these ones mean a lot to me anyways as i acquired them right after my aunt passed away. any assistance/recommendations would be amazing!

Greatest remedy:

Solution by jacobachristopher
The finest way to fix a small place without it searching patchy is to sand the place sleek and prime and spray paint it. Laquer goes on significantly thinner. As far as the chairs, when you restore them, add a minor liquid nails to hold it togehter wherever you won't be able to see. It lasts a Long time.

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Q&A: How many inches above a dining room table should a light fixture be?

Question by Lynn L: How numerous inches over a dining area table need to a light fixture be?

Very best answer:

Remedy by rhsaunders
High enough so that you will not bump your head on it if the table isn't really there.

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If you were to go out to buy a painting or drawing for your house, how much would you want to pay?

Question by Skiwi: If you had been to go out to get a painting or drawing for your property, how much would you want to spend?
I am thirteen and a quite good artist. I am thinking about marketing artwork but I do not know how significantly to sell it for. I have had men and women give to get my drawings before. I mostly draw reasonable, colored drawings of cats or canines. I also do contemporary animals...but I don't want to market people. They are performed with colored pencils not paint.

Finest answer:

Remedy by awheezy
among 15 and 50... hopefully the far more pricey the far better the good quality.

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Error in Spanish Dictionary? (Word for "living room")?

Question by Лизочка: Error in Spanish Dictionary? (Word for "living space")?
I was seeking through my Spanish dictionary at college, and there was a diagram of a property with labels to names of diverse rooms. You know, the common el bano, la cocina, and many others. Besides for living area, it explained "El residing"??? I assumed residing space was la sala? There is some regional dialect in right here, and I know that Spanish borrows some words from English (Like how the spanish phrase for internet went from "el red" to "el web" because of the English phrase for it). Is this just a typo--or does any kind of Spanish talking nation really use "el residing"? I am most likely overthinking this WAYYY too significantly :P

Finest solution:

Reply by ❤JULIE❤
lmao no thats humorous but the correct would would be sala :)

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Friday, May 27, 2011

I am looking to re-upholster my living room furniture-?

Question by J_Tice: I am hunting to re-upholster my living room home furniture-?
I have a lot more of a traditional region type taste combined in with a bit present day- enjoy tweed and florals, and nice light and airy shades....does anyone know great fabric business to acquire from within a reasonable cost variety? need to be super quality. Thanks all!

Greatest remedy:

Reply by fantastic
we're a antique furniture shop http://www.furnishings-cn.com ,and have chinese antique furnishings,classical european style furniture for sale,if you have interesting,you can get in touch with us.

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If you saw me outside your house painting your car black, what would you do?

Question by Nicky: If you noticed me exterior your property painting your car black, what would you do?

Best solution:

Answer by Sweet Red Solipsist.
Hand you over to the Police.

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Q&A: Does anyone know of any websites for decorating your home?

Question by inlove_but_confussed: Does anybody know of any internet sites for decorating your property?
My husband and i just bought our very first house and i need to get on with the complete decorating although im not also creative. I was pondering if anybody could pin level me to a website that provides wonderful property decor at affortable costs.... Thanks. In my small city there are not any fancy shops to go to so im relying on the world wide web...

Finest reply:

Reply by Paula K
First of all Congrats on your new home!!
Here is a very good site that has distinctive and gorgeous decor and accents for your property and garden at reasonably priced prices. Great Luck!

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Q&A: What is the best way to clean a white color leather sofa?

Question by Gether Hailey: What is the very best way to clean a white color leather sofa?

Greatest reply:

Remedy by Gianna
ask my my friend billy mays! OXI Clean

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Does painting the brick on your house increase, decrease, or have no effect on the home's value?

Question by norefill: Does painting the brick on your property improve, reduce, or have no impact on the home's worth?

Best reply:

Solution by palsie
"flip this house" did a display on a property ,and they painted the brick and it additional value.:)

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Should my dining room furniture match my cupboards?

Query by smokybunny: Need to my eating place furnishings match my cupboards?
Open idea kitchen area, table and chairs and this kind of are now a maple end, new kitchen area is a mahogany complete. Dining location runs appropriate into kitchen area. Need to I have matching furnishings?

Very best reply:

Solution by Mathews
it probly would be good if it matched and even if it didnt get a little rug and put it in your kitchen area and u could get matching winndow shades

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Q&A: Fake white leather Sofa?

Question by Bryson C: Fake white leather Sofa?
Can somebody make sure you reveal the difference in acquiring a fake leather sofa as opposed to a complete real leather sofa? I have a few canines in the house, one becoming an APBT, and was wondering if it is truly value it to purchase a full leather sofa?

Best remedy:

Answer by Andrea G
I would buy the faux if it requirements to be white, as it will be simple to sponge clean and will not crack above time like leather will when it ages, Leather or fake not the comfiest though.

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What color should I paint my dining room?

Query by mjb: What colour really should I paint my eating room?
I'm wanting to paint my dining area. Right now its a light tan colour and I want to make it a tiny significantly less darkish in there. The space has dark wood floors and a large window. Also I do not want it to be white. I was considering it's possible a yellow or light green. Any suggestions?

Finest remedy:

Answer by FaireMaiden
EDITED TO Include: Tuesday evening, June 23, 8pm

Identified a few of pictures that will support you visualize the 'Yellow' color for your Dining Place...

This one particular exhibits THE HORROR of 'Lemon Yellow'... The one particular most individuals decide on who say, 'I want a bright, sunny yellow colour', *lol*. Then, soon after they paint the walls, are mortified at the consequence... and rightfully so.

This one reveals the beauty of 'Creamy Yellow'... make sure you observe the 'Lemon Yellow' Coffee Mugs on the table, which is also picked up by the Clock hanging on the back wall as properly (that is what I mean by 'Splashes' of a deeper, darker Yellow colour)...
http://www.homedecorresource.com/html/kitchen area/sunnykitchen.htm

It would be the same for your Green color really should you pick to go that way rather. PALE on the partitions, DEEPER with the accessories.

p.s. Don't be astonished if you have to go thru a number of quarts of 'try-out' paint in buy to get the excellent Shade. It's effectively value the money (even tho it feels like these a waste at the time). Coming property and acquiring to face colours you hate is just not worth it. So, figure on investing upwards of even $ 40-fifty bucks to get the appropriate Shade.

Paint 12" x 12" swatches next to the Window in your Eating Room... paint yet another on the opposite wall... and paint nevertheless one more on the darkest wall in the room. Then watch the color shift and alter with the early morning, afternoon, and evening light. See what it appears like with your incandescent lights. Only then will you truly know for certain what functions and what does not.

Great luck!

Equally Green and Yellow are nice colours, but I would ask 1st, what are your Materials in there? Do you have Seat Cushions to get your colour cue from? Or Blinds or Draperies/Curtains? Or an Location Rug? Perhaps a favorite piece of Art Function hanging in there? Even a Vase or Pottery or you-get-the-idea. You need to pull the paint-color from any of these.

As properly, what is the 'Style' of your Dining Place? What 'look' are you attempting to attain in there? This, as well, is a consideration when painting walls. Yellow tends to be vibrant and cheerful, a a lot more 'Countrified' search... whether or not French Nation or Rustic. You can make it as innovative as you want or as toned-down from that as you want.

Green will give a much more 'Modern/Contemporary' glimpse and feeling. It's a more soothing color, correct, but will not engender lively conversation at the table, *lol*, unless of course you are utilizing a very pale Mint Green, (which would also give a much more 'countrified' ambience).

Once determined, if you go with Yellow, make positive it is a really, Really pale CREAMY Yellow. Like the Very first color on the top of the Paint-Strips you get at a paint retailer. Something beneath that will appear positively Crayon when you're performed painting it on your partitions. As nicely, remain far away from Lemony Yellows. Even if you have Lemony Yellow Materials or Curios, go with the palest Creamy Yellow for your partitions and use the deeper Yellows you have as splashes of color all through the room.

If you go Green, you have to inquire what shade of Green. Once more, whatever you decide on, (Sage Green, Mint Green, Teal Green, and so forth), make confident it is the palest one on the Paint-Strip, (the 1st colour choice on the Paint-Strip). Again, keep away from the 'Apple Green' colors. They fall into the same group as the 'Lemon Yellows', yuk. Apple Green, (just like Lemon Yellow), is alright for splashes of colour, but NOT for walls.

Take your Material with you, (or a Curio or whichever), to match-up the Shade when you go to the shop. When you have matched-up the actual Paint-Strip color to this, (which may extremely effectively be down in the middle or bottom of the Paint-Strip), go all the way back to the best of the Strip and decide on that initial, palest colour to paint your partitions with... that is the Tone (the lightness or darkness) inside of the same Shade loved ones. See?

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Q&A: dining room walls are light peach, living room walls are a tan color, what color should i paint my kitchen?

Query by tangie_freeman: eating area walls are light peach, residing area partitions are a tan colour, what color need to i paint my kitchen area?

Finest solution:

Answer by frisco annie
try to consist of one particular or equally of those shades into your kitchen,with trim paint,wallpaper border and so forth...darkish green,dark or med. blue, or pastel yellow would flow properly..

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Why is it that at dining tables only the two head chairs have hand rests?

Question by Tarek: Why is it that at eating tables only the two head chairs have hand rests?

http://www.furniturehomedesign.com/wp-content material/uploads/2008/08/extendable-dining-table.jpg

Finest reply:

Remedy by timelord1962
Because usually,they had been built for the head of the home (husband) and his spouse.
Or....King and Queen,Lord and Girl..and so on.

The chairs signified position and power about all that have been at the table.

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How to make a traditional/formal dining room set more modern?

Query by Lulu: How to make a conventional/formal dining room set much more modern?
My living area & dining place are one L-shaped area. My living place furnishings has clean, basic lines and art/components lean towards mid-century present day. I was provided my great-grandparent's dining set and when I noticed it in a storage area, it appeared to be rather simple as effectively. Even so, now I understand it's fairly formal, but simply because it is an heirloom, I'd like to maintain it.

I like the dark (fundamentally black) wood coloration. The tops of the buffet and table aren't in the best form even though. Situation issues aside, devoid of some type of covering (tablecloth or runner), the dark furnishings dominates the space in an unappealing way. Dilemma is that table linens only appear to improve the formality of the space.

Benefit is not a concern right here as I don't at any time intend to offer the set, but I'm not so certain I experience about refinishing the table & buffet tops possibly. So how can I tone down the formality of this set although keep a cohesive search?

Best answer:

Remedy by dawnb
Refinishing the set will not only make it greater because its current problem is not in quite great shape but would allow you to finish it in a stain that would soften the formality a bit. You could have it performed in a shabby chic glimpse (outdated style whitewash) which would modernize it, lighten it and however nevertheless preserve its character.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Q&A: Will you be going out on Black Friday or be at home decorating for Christmas?

Question by iAnswer: Will you be heading out on Black Friday or be at property decorating for Xmas?
I'll be at house decorating for Christmas! I do all my Christmas browsing on the web! :)

Finest reply:

Reply by welcome to planet cat
On Black Friday, I always attempt to get my
tree up and decorated. I do this early,
so I can enjoy the tree all throughout
M e r r y C h r i s t m a s !
And just before that -
H a p p y T h a n k s g i v i n g !

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What is the best color to paint your house when selling?

Question by Tabbitatt: What is the best coloration to paint your property when selling?
We are marketing our residence and may possibly be pressured to repaint, not hunting forward to it. Anyhow our furnishings is gray and we have laminate flooring (maple). OUr kitchen has white cupboards but yellow countertops. I was questioning what a great colour would be for potential consumers

Greatest reply:

Remedy by mojos1966
You want to choose a good neutral color, not white !
Taupe...You can not go incorrect with taupe...Each solitary shade in the rainbow is accented by taupe..

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Q&A: calculate the wattage needed for a dining room light?

Query by Ed: determine the wattage necessary for a dining room light?

Greatest reply:

Answer by c_kayak_enjoyable
What's your question? Do you have a light and want to know the wattage? The carton it came in really should listing the optimum size and number of light bulbs. If you are asking how vivid of a light you ought to get for a particular light stage in the area, no one can tell you that unless you explain the actual size of the space, like ceiling height, what shade it is painted, what sort of light you want to use and regardless of whether there is other lighting in the area.

Suggestion: most central chandeliers in an average dining space up to 15' x 20' have about 200 watts of incandescent light and are normally on a dimmer and operated at significantly less than highest. They are far more for ornamental light and ambience. If you will need more powerful light to do function on the table, select a single with a central down-light. it will not will need to be more than 100 watts (or 32 watts for CFL fluorescent) given that it will be in thirty" of the table surface, usually.

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Decorating a Dining Room?

Query by Holly Franklin: Decorating a Dining Place?
I developed a residence a yr in the past and want to get the finishing touches on. Require help with dining room.

Walls: very light tan
Floor: quite light birch with grain
Only 2 walls and a single has a triple window so quite small acutal wall room there.
The other wall is wherever the buffet is.
I obtained an espresso colored table from pottery barn with matching buffet.

I want to include some color, but am a tiny frightened. I have a mirror and two sqaure metal docrative pieces I am heading to paint but am not sure about the coloration.

I want the mirror to go above the buffet and the metal items on both aspect. I am getting a centerpiece produced for the buffet. It will be quite straightforward and most likely extremely couple of if any flowers. My residence is quite open and our shades are really netural. Tan, brown, blue (turquoise or aqua) and a hint of red. I was contemplating of painting the pieces red. Should they all a few be the same or diverse. The metal items are brown now and really rather but the house actually desires a minor shade. Thanks for any suggestions!

Very best remedy:

Reply by emma w
I believe a bright colour like red, or orange would look excellent for your equipment, it will provide a punch of colour to the room.

Check out to use the red in three areas (maybe on the buffet, in the centerpiece and even in a rug or window remedy).

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Q&A: with two circuit feeds in a switch box (dining and living rm) do you tie all neutrals together--separate cir?

Query by Wayne E: with two circuit feeds in a swap box (dining and living rm) do you tie all neutrals with each other--separate cir?
That means...if have two circuits in a switch box (dining room lights and living room lights) do I tie all neutrals jointly...even if they are on distinct circuits? What about the ground wires, tie individuals all jointly also before linking switches jointly?

Finest solution:

Reply by YourLastBestFriend
Tie all grounds together, and tie all nuetrals together. They're not two circuits, probably just two seperate switch legs.

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Which car is the best choice living in country side Oregon, Toyota land curiser, sequoia,or sienna?

Query by afashioner: Which car is the very best choice residing in region facet Oregon, Toyota land curiser, sequoia,or sienna?
I am moving to a samll place in Oregon soon. I'd like to get a roomy vehicle for the household. It is challenging for me to make decison regardless of whether i ought to buy a van or suv for residing in such coutry side? The candidates are toyota land cruiser(too costly), sequoia(enough area for 7 or 8 passengers?), and sienna. I am very pleased with siema bcz the roomy inside. But I nervous about the off street/nation road whether Sienna can deal with. pls. feel free of charge to offer your remarks.

Very best reply:

Remedy by Jake
I would go for a Toyota Land Cruiser. Indeed, it really is too pricey. But since it's one of your alternatives, I just take it you are willing to buy it. Just by the identify on your own, Land Cruiser, it will fit you given that you'll be carrying out a great deal of off-roading. And it can be fairly roomy, too. Secure driving...

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

how to remove newsprint from an antique mahogany dining table?

Question by gfitch001: how to take away newsprint from an antique mahogany dining table?
I have a wonderful table which has had decades of develop-up from looking at newspapers on it. I have attempted polishing utilizing typical furnishings polish but the darkish stains refuse to budge. Can anybody aid?

Greatest remedy:

Solution by Wylie Coyote
Check out painter's alcohol (carefully, try out a little place very first. What is the rest of the finish?

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Changed living room to dining room. Light laminate floor and pecan finish furniture. Need help with colors.?

Query by Greene Doorway: Altered residing room to dining area. Light laminate floor and pecan complete home furniture. Will need aid with colors.?

Finest reply:

Reply by Troy
Strathmorefloors.com has a really cool virtual place designer. You can use it to examine distinct kinds of flooring with different wall shades.


Hope this helps!

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i want to paint my parts of my house, is painting your home expensive...and is it fairly easy?,?

Question by tammy: i want to paint my areas of my property, is painting your residence high-priced...and is it relatively effortless?,?

Best reply:

Reply by taharniegsi
is this a joke? go to b&q

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Q&A: Do my living room color ideas match?

Query by Marie: Do my residing room coloration concepts match?
My boyfriend and I are acquiring difficulty agreeing on residing room hues. We are country, so we're likely with a rustic look. light hardwood floors with dark brown/black notches in it. He desires black and white photographs we found. We also have a multicolored tile likely all around the fireplace with the shades greyish/blue, brown, and tan in it. If we did beige walls, a chocolate brown couch, and black and bluish/grey accents like pillows and stuff, would the shades appear okay jointly and support the photographs match?
Also, I was contemplating of painting the kitchen which is related to the residing area bluish/grey to match the tile in the living space as well. The kitchen will have dark brown cabinets, which is why I chose the darkish brown couch.
I really like colour, but he's dull and likes the tans, so no vibrant color recommendations please. Just curious if my colors would go collectively or if there are any various wall shades or couch shade we need to choose?

Best reply:

Reply by Laura
It can be hard to remedy these sorts of queries without having truly viewing photographs. It seems like the wooden flooring is extremely nation -- and, in that situation, I would consider black and white would be as well much of a big difference in style. It appears you also have a far more modern coloration scheme with the grayish blues and dark browns. Probably you could place a great huge romo rug down on the floors and then do the hues as you have stated? I think you are undertaking the appropriate issue by tying the kitchen and residing room together. When in an open floor approach, it really is super crucial to make confident connecting rooms flow smoothly coloration- and layout-wise. Great luck!

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I need help with decorating an orange room?

Query by Alicia G: I want assist with decorating an orange area?
I have an overpowering orange dining room...vivid orange. I enjoy the shade but I have practically nothing on the walls and I have extremely huge, antique white colored furniture (only a table and chairs and a buffet...it's not a massive room). My query is, really should I set wall hangings, shelves, images that are earth tones or contrast shades like blues, greens, and many others? Or can I use the two? I have a good deal of empty wall space and it looks very awkward.

Very best remedy:

Answer by Emjay
A standard rule for decorating is "a few", which applies in this situation to your colours. Your orange is dominant, your white furniture is secondary, and you require a 3rd for balance and unification. I would advise you integrate some deep chocolate browns in wood, fabric and artwork/accessories which will aid to anchor the space. Never integrate as well a lot of other shades, or it will just appear scattered. The repeated dark tones will support calm down the brightness of the walls and produce a much more cohesive look. Oranges and reds stimulate the appetite - good choice!

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Any suggestions for dining room drapes?

Query by Ashlee D: Any recommendations for dining area drapes?
My dining place is painted a light ivory coloration previously mentioned chair rail w/ cream colored bottom & white trim 'squares' below the chair rail. The trim is all painted white. The trim function is extremely elaborate. I have ivory Lenox Laurel Leaf table linens, and white china with gold piping. Dark walnut furniture. And a single window 36x84. I would like an elegant drape to tie in all of these ivory & cream colours, but only have about $ 200 to shell out. Any tips? I would genuinely enjoy them :) I am going ridiculous attempting to find some thing!

Very best remedy:

Remedy by GamB
I would get a good rod and a length of abundant colored fabric(deep green, gold or burgandy) and swag it over the window. This internet site has some good/straightforward ideas....or just google....elegant no-sew window treatment options
good luck


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how much money will it cost to build a 2 story 32x32 cabin using T-111 siding and painted galvanized tin?

Question by stonecoldz71: how considerably income will it price tag to construct a two tale 32x32 cabin utilizing T-111 siding and painted galvanized tin?
I want two front porches and two back again porches. We want this cabin to stay in total time. So I am asking for a dry in price tag, a completed price tag a do it yourself value. also a contractors price.And how lengthy it will consider to construct. T-111 siding galvanized painted tin for roof. septic and h2o currently taken care of. My spouse and I want to do a great but cost-effective cabin / residence. Kitchen area will be largely tough reduce lumber to appear region.Living room good but but yet again as cheep as can be.3 bedrooms upstairs and 1full bath.Living space, kitchen, 1 full bath and utility downstairs.

Greatest reply:

Solution by norman7774
You are talking tons of income. with the bath, kitchen, windows, doors, stairs, roofing and quite possibly a chimney, drywall, painting, and so forth and many others.. I would guess the cost to be right about $ 75,000 to $ 80,000...

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Q&A: cleaning white leather sofa?

Question by ongraiden: cleaning white leather sofa?
Seems to be so several conflicting solutions to this query. Some individuals feel cleansing with saddle soap is okay, some dont. Some take into account using leather wipes, some consider they're also harsh. How do you sustain the whiteness and top quality of a great leading grain white leather sofa?

Very best reply:

Reply by clayton
Every keep that sells leather home furniture will also sell a leather cleaning/conditioner kit. It is a two phase process and it operates.

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Decorating a large dining room?

Question by fox_maple: Decorating a significant dining space?
We are buying a home that at present has a dining space and a formal living room, but a modest kitchen area. Our strategy is to knock down the wall amongst the kitchen and the latest dining place and make the entire area a new kitchen area. Then we are heading to make the formal residing place a dining place. The only problem is that the new dining place is instead significant and has a vaulted ceiling. My dining area set only is made up of a table and a buffet. I'm frightened they are going to look really tiny and unhappy in that area. Do you have any suggestions for filling out that dining place and making it more welcoming and attractive?
Our new kitchen area is heading to have a bar/breakfast nook in it, so I am genuinely seeking the dining area space to be a a lot more formal space. I do enjoy the informal consuming location too however!

Greatest remedy:

Remedy by Ginger
I actually take pleasure in a bar to sit at. When I have organization, we always wind up at the bar. My bar is amongst my kitchen area and living, and opens it up. Another notion may possibly be a breakfast nook place near a window with a bistro table for snacking or homework, or studying the paper. Great luck.

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Where can I buy a nice dining table comparable in style to Pottery Barn, but for less money?

Question by Sage&Citrus: In which can I purchase a great dining table comparable in style to Pottery Barn, but for significantly less cash?
I am hunting for a rectangular mohogany or cherry wooden table with turned legs. I've been hunting on the web, but not confident about the vendors I am coming across. Can someone suggest a reliable and affordable furniture web site?

Best solution:

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Q&A: falled down crystal chandelier on the living room?

Query by Chandelier: falled down crystal chandelier on the living space?
I purchased the crystal chandelier imported other country. the electrical sepcialist hooked up it on ceil. the chandelier is nearly a hundred pound. so I asked for him falling down the chandelier a lot of instances. he advised me for risk-free.but these days it happened falling down. I'm shock until now. if i was there, i will die. how considerably do I get again other than for chandelier price tag? I wonder that. I want to get the reward how significantly is it. can I sue to him? make sure you inform me a thing.

Finest answer:

Reply by Joe
Sure sew the electrician. Go get a lawyer.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

My kitchen and dining room lights wont turn on?

Question by Mario: My kitchen and dining room lights wont flip on?

Very best answer:

Answer by adam/penny
Have you checked your breaker box for a poor breaker?

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When decorating your home do you have to have the same color scheme throughout?

Query by Lilly Belle: When decorating your residence do you have to have the identical coloration scheme through?
I am decorating my house and I have done every single bed room in various hues and I just desired to know if that is a indication of a negative decorator?

Best remedy:

Solution by Ain't no fakers. They who?
Absolutely not! My bed room is purple and peach, my brother's is turquoise, my sister's is forest green, my mum's is straight white, and the foyer/parlour locations are light & dark blue. We're a rainbow property, lol.

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What is the last colour you would choose to paint your house on the outside?

Question by Darth Vader: What is the last colour you would decide on to paint your property on the exterior?
This morning I went to sleep and when I woke this afternoon, I see my landlord have painted my apartment RED with YELLOW trimmings on the outside. It looks nightmares can comply with you into your waking hrs now.

Finest remedy:

Solution by fruitcake.1026
possibly white & green.......I absolutly Loathe white

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Q&A: What are the dining options on the Golden Princess?

Question by Barkley Hound: What are the dining alternatives on the Golden Princess?
I have noticed some conflicting answers on other web internet sites. I am going to Hawaii in January. I have signed up for "whenever dining". My comprehension is that it has the very same menu as the "classic dining". What do I therefore skip by have "whenever" over "standard"? In other words why select standard?

Is at any time dining in separate dining rooms from conventional?

Other than the buffet, scorching dogs and hamburgers, and pizza, what else is no cost.

What is the price tag and variety for the non free dining options?

Very best remedy:

Remedy by Time travler
It is the exact same foods that is served in the traditional dinning area. It is in a separate dinning room to retain down the confusion. What I have found is the primary variation in carrying out conventional dinning and at any time dinning is the wait staff do not get to know your likes and dislikes with anytime dinning since you have a distinct waiter every single time. As well as you try to eat with distinct people at dinner. For a deal with, at 3pm you can get free ice cream in the buffet court. Dinning in the speciality eating places differs in value. I believe Sabatini's is $ twenty per particular person(well really worth it for a 1 time deal) The steak residence is like $ 15. You will find food at the buffet 24 hrs a day. Believe that me, no matter what your taste is, you will not go hungry. Oh, I forgot, they also do an afternoon tea where you get finger foods and pastries. Also close to the buffet but correct ahead of you go inside of, they usually have some speciality meals. This differs from a assortment of fruits, or pastries, or sushi, or a assortment of other yummy items.

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Where can I purchase lamp shades for decorating my home & garden?

Question by Jenny B: Wherever can I buy lamp shades for decorating my home & garden?
I require lamp shades for decorating my newly produced house & garden. Can anybody tell me about good on-line resource wherever I can get inexpensive and very best lamps.

Very best answer:

Reply by Alysssa
Any price tag comparison web site would do. They allow you view a products on several distinct web sites so you can get the lowest priced worth. I utilized to use ciao, but located the site hard to navigate, now I use twenga.


Hope this aided

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Biggest spider ever in my living room?

Query by .: Greatest spider ever in my residing place?
I was about to view Obtaining Nemo when a Enormous spider crawled onto the middle of the floor. I did not even know we had these in this region. I attempted throwing a guide at it but it ran beneath these chairs and now I've misplaced it. Ugh what do I dooooo?

Very best reply:

Reply by Luigi Fontaine
pop it in your mouth and down the hatch

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Q&A: What colors can I paint to make a small living room look larger??

Question by amy s: What hues can I paint to make a small residing place seem larger??
I like the region appear so I would really like to keep in that colour scheme.. Which is ??????

Greatest reply:

Remedy by bobalovesmilktea
I feel you should use some kind of spring time yellow with red patterns and stuff :]. You can make that look nation, but which is just some thing I had in brain for a whilst and I just imagined I'd like to share. But I feel lighter colors will make your space seem greater. If you select a dark color, your residing area will search even scaled-down than it already is.

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how to clean up ballpen marks on a white leather sofa?

Query by lu_consulting1993: how to clean up ballpen marks on a white leather sofa?

Finest remedy:

Remedy by rjm
This is tough and I heard a remedy on a diy indicate one day. Set cuticle remover on and allow it set for a although ..like an hour..then clean with alcohol. I have not attempted it very good luck.

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if u buy a white cotton sofa, do u necessarly have to buy matching loveseat or can u buy a brown leather sofa?

Question by kiki: if u buy a white cotton sofa, do u necessarly have to get matching loveseat or can u purchase a brown leather sofa?
will that go ok even although they are not matching? i dont want all white furnishings. its an italian leather sofa abd a matching brown chair=-leather italia? any concepts?

Very best solution:

Remedy by Melissa S
You can blend and match. I would possibly choose a heavier fabric in white or off white or a darker cotton color.

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Does anyone have advice for decorating my home?

Issue by indiechick: Does anyone have assistance for decorating my house?
I'm decorating my house with the intention of marketing it in a few of decades, so the items I'm carrying out now have to neutral enough that they will not be off-putting to buyers. I've learned a lot of actually excellent guidelines like caulking between the crown moulding and the ceiling makes it look truly clear and polished, but I'd really like a lot more. Any suggestions is welcome, about painting, decorating, something. I'm painting, changing the carpet, handles, installing wainscoting, all kinds of things. Thank you!

Best solution:

Reply by JoAnna
Bed room tips:
for all bedrooms, i suggest picking earthtones/ nuetral tones for all bedroom wall shades, so that the rooms can use to all possible buyers. do you have window treatments? think about updating window treatment options if are outdated/ or dont let mild into space. retain in mined buyers like light! when marketing your home, make certain you take away all clutter from dressers, and also eliminate knik naks.
grasp bed room: - if you have numerous dressers in your r oom just taking up area, get rid of one or two of them! exhibit off the space you have in your masterr.

-new shower curtain if existing a single is old looking, or has mildew
- light blue is a clean colour to have on walls. but i consider earthones are prob most secure.
- have a theme with towles. for ex: if the walls of your bathroom are green, get vanilla white towles with green leaves on them.

kitchen: (major offering stage.)
- if your cabinets are really out of form, it would be a very good thought to invest in some oak cabinets.
- what do you have for flooring? biuyers lovee hardwood flooors.
-and appliances? stainless steel is more favored, but you dont have that, that is okay. just preserve items clear. remember to remove pics and clutter kind fridge and counters!
- as soon as you have eliminated clutter from counter tops, it is a good gesture to add a bowl of new colorfull fruites to counter top rated
- set table with a wonderful colored theme. (buyers like to see that a kitchen area has a seating place.)

how is the exterior of your home? basic adjustments these kinds of as new figures for your residence, new doorway bell and a clean coat of paint on your deck can truly boost seems.

hope this helpedddd

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Q&A: Can I Paint A Black Leather Sofa White?

Query by marvinsheldon.thomas: Can I Paint A Black Leather Sofa White?
I got a black leather sofa that's brand name new. I will not like the color and I want to paint it white. Is this doable? If so, how?


Greatest answer:

Response by Katelynn
if u paint it, it will probably finish up seeking screwed up.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

I am trying to find a dining room light...?

Question by ChrissyS: I am making an attempt to find a dining room mild...?
I've witnessed the light on hgtv a number of instances, it goes previously mentioned your dining room table. I've looked on their web site and I cannot locate it, and it can be not supporting that I are not able to figure out what you would contact it. Quite random but I was observing the motion picture "The Break Up" and it's in their dining place also. It can be like a ceiling "lamp" because it has a lamp shade more than it, it really is like a rectangle and seems to be really great previously mentioned a extended dining space table. If any of you know what I am speaking about or could uncover a web site with one particular on there if you could make sure you aid me I'd value it!
Right here is a image of the dining area light (I last but not least discovered it :)) but do any of you know exactly where I could get it?


Greatest solution:

Response by andygroch
Eurofase has a handful of like that.

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My living room is done in muted reds and golds and has a traditional flair to it. Would it work if I put?

Query by comet girl...DUCK!: My residing space is performed in muted reds and golds and has a traditional flair to it. Would it function if I put?
caramel colored leather couches in there with it or is that as well considerably of a casual appear? I'm trying to merge my penchant for classic decorating with a mountain rustic (consider Park Metropolis --NOT Region) arcitecture of the house.

Greatest reply:

Answer by dotoflightindarkness
Seems excellent to me, actually if you like it, then it goes!

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How long should you wait to paint your house after stuccoing it?

Question by Shanice Cobb: How long need to you wait around to paint your residence after stuccoing it?
We are obtaining our home renovated on the outdoors and the workers stated that it we should wait a month to paint it. But I looked it up on the World wide web, and some individuals say 3 months and some say about a week.. a neighbor of our had the very same issue carried out to her property, and the stuccoing and paint was done in the identical week. So does anyone know how long really should we wait around?

Best solution:

Solution by ihernandez00@sbcglobal.web
Why are you going to paint the new stucco? Isn't really the contractor who's undertaking your stucco going to include shade to the stucco blend? Paint on stucco isn't really good in the lengthy operate. You may have to repaint every 3 a long time...

anyway...two weeks should be about fine.

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how do I clean pen marks from my white leather sofa?

Query by Captain K: how do I clean pen marks from my white leather sofa?

Greatest solution:

Reply by Bethany
Try out goof off or oops. They are meant to get of pen marks, paint, etc. Functions like a charm.

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I need help deciding what to do with a very large wall mirror that hangs in my living room.?

Query by alw0322: I require help choosing what to do with a extremely large wall mirror that hangs in my residing area.?
My mirror is 5ft. by two one/two ft. and I want assist with how to beautify it so it isn't really so plain. I like the classic region glimpse and the cottage look, as well as the primitive region appear. Any tips how to turn this into something specific?

Very best answer:

Response by drkong_182
place it above your bed

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

help with decorating a living room to coordinate with two other rooms in an open floor plan house?

Query by abceddfdjfldfjlkdsfj: support with decorating a dwelling place to coordinate with two other rooms in an open floor program residence?
my residence has an open floor strategy. the walls are a shade lighter than mustard yellow. my formal dining area is right next to the living area and it has conventional oak furniture and it has a buffet with a charcoal gray marble best. my hearth room is also following to my living place becuase it is right in front of my kitchen, which has stainless steel appliances and uba tuba (ooba tooba?) green granite counter tops along with cherry cabinets. The hearth place has contemporary black leather furnishings and black glass tables.
how can i coordinate my living area to look excellent with each my standard-type formal dining space and my up to date hearth room.
please let me know if you require any much more details.
any suggestions for retailers are welcome. back links with pieces that you like from merchants like Bombay and Pier 1 would also be very beneficial.
many thanks!

Finest answer:

Solution by moviebuff52001
The "authorities" say pick a color scheme and have it during--sounds like you have a reasonably "blank palate" with black leather furniture. If it had been me, I'd choose say 3 colours..and make one the dominant shade in each area..and accent with the other two in the rooms.
Martha Stewart would almost certainly say blend textures and fabrics, as wel. Possibly a print (chintz) would be good in the dining room. With black leather, you could do something much more shiny (not satin, but one thing like it?) for pillows. Include a throw, or even a couple of wonderful artsy type of pieces. Play off the colors of the chintz in the dining area.
You have obtained mustard yellow walls, green and gray countertops. Relying on your yellow (is it a blue-ish or yellowish yellow?) you could add some shades of green, possibly a rust or blue tones. I'd discover a color wheel (like paint stores have, or decorating textbooks) and search at what is up coming to the wall colours on either aspect. These are your complementary shades.
I've also witnessed some wooden items (frames, boxes, shelving models) that are black with a wood reveal..that may be a wonderful tie-in to carry some of the wood from one place into the black leather/glass place. (Hmmm...I sense like obtaining a paintbrush myself!)

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New home decorating helpful websites?

Question by mga1550: New home decorating valuable internet sites?
Can you give me a very good web site for interior decorating of a new property. We are genuinely into Asian themes, and daring colours.

Greatest solution:

Reply by redslippers
This is the website we use for design suggestions.

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Need your creative ideas with decorating a home?

Issue by <3: Need your creative suggestions with decorating a home?
I am renting a residence and the within is covered in wood paneling! Does anyone have any cheap & inventive suggestions on how I can nonetheless make my residence glimpse wonderful and modern day, relatively than previous and uninteresting? Shade Schemes & decorating guidelines/sites. Just a small much more about the house: A fireplace in the residing space, beige carpeting, black coffee table & television stand. Thanks for the support!!

Greatest solution:

Solution by 2beamommyof2!
hey you know people items they stretch cloth around and stitch? they are just circles that are wood, and spray paint them or just paint them diverse hues or whichever color would match and hang them, its finest to get various sizes http://photographs.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.designpublic.com/i/items_new/00/72/61/7261__dp__e(700x600).jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.curbly.com/Do-it-yourself-Maven/posts/2522-do it yourself-circle-wall-appliques&usg=__ArNEURTaN8GJ2No4O-CvzH8YJXI=&h=600&w=461&sz=181&hl=en&start=1&um=1&tbnid=uNUSav4TACVViM:&tbnh=135&tbnw=104&prev=/photographs%3Fq%3Dwooden%2Bcircles%26ndsp%3D20%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DN%26um%3D1

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I need decorating ideas for a small living room with a red brick fireplace, hardwood floors, and white walls?

Issue by Lyndsey b: I will need decorating ideas for a tiny residing area with a red brick fireplace, hardwood floors, and white walls?
My furnishings is a neutral kaki shade. I also have a silver framed mirror heading above the fireplace. Other than that, I am doing work with a blank canvas. I want the livingroom area to be cozy, warm, and charming without getting too "nation." I guess what I will need help on is selecting a shade scheme. What colors ought to I use for a livingroom with hardwood floors, white walls, and a red brick fireplace?

Greatest solution:

Answer by vested very best
Seems like you currently have your coloration scheme, you have khaki, silver and dark red, or burgundy. Extremely fairly and warm. Think about some burgundy pillows and perhaps a burgundy rug underneath your coffee table to indicate off your hard wood floors. If you will not have a coffee table, think about a glass top rated so you can see the rug underneath. Deliver in some a lot more of your silver color with polished nickel lamps and big candlesticks for your coffee table along with some significant burgundy candles.Hang some prints on the wall to add much more coloration on the white walls. Feel about some straightforward curtains with a wonderful silver decorative rod to hang them. Make confident you have a touch of greenery, even if it really is a silk plant, plants always include a warm touch to a residence. Add some images of household and pals in silver frames. Sounds like you have the beginnings of a wonderful area to contact house. Have enjoyable with this, I know you can do it. Hope this aids.

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how do you remove dark blue paint from a white leather sofa?

Query by Sammy Very low: how do you remove dark blue paint from a white leather sofa?
it is 4 days aged but is damp
and the blue paint is oil primarily based
the paint is blue and i just require to get the color off make sure you help!!!!!

the paint is blue and i just need to get the color off make sure you help!!!!!

Greatest solution:

Reply by Sandy
you may possibly be capable to dry it with a hair dryer and pull it off like plastic? Ghetto but may perform... I've completed even worse with greater results.

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Q&A: What type of wall decor for my dining room?

Question by sutherngal_00: What sort of wall decor for my dining place?
We just bought a property & the dining place has NO room for a buffet or something like that...just the table. We acquiring a drum shade like b/c we like to combine the vintage with the conservative design with a hint of region...haha...I just read that & that can only make sense to me. Anyways, it's a soft earthy green colored dining area. At my outdated property, I had a huge pic hung up so I'd like something different.

I've witnessed a pic of shelves displaying cookbooks. I would not want to do that b/c I am OCD & cannot get that many cookbooks but I like the path they had been going. Phew...can you please assist?

Many thanks!
*drum shade light

Very best solution:

Solution by oldknowitall
I like large mirrors that have a frame. They look neat and will light up a place and make it appear more substantial. Make it the very same colour as the table.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Q&A: Can I legally send a video of my ex doing meth in my home (living room) to his g/f?

Query by karmalags: Can I legally send a video clip of my ex carrying out meth in my residence (residing room) to his g/f?
I was with him for a couple of years and recently found out he had one more long term g/f.(She was out of the nation for university almost a year).I dumped him but he keeps coming close to. I had informed her when i identified out but she isn't going to feel me. He lastly admitted to lying to her and friends that i was "stalking" him. It really is so backwards.I'm cool w/ a informal intercourse partnership but not obtaining a rep as a psycho. Specially when he has her convinced he is a SAINT! I want the fact about him to be exposed.Do not waste your time telling me to allow it go. He not long ago began carrying out meth and I video taped him undertaking it in my living place and just hanging out at my apartment ( to demonstrate he arrives to me). I want to deliver it to her but can i get in difficulty because he was doing drugs in my apartment or for any other cause? I dwell in California if that will help.
Clearly some of you can't read properly.I stated HE was performing meth, not me. He just commenced, he in no way did when we were b/f g/f. I didn't give him permission either, he is just as well at ease at my location. Why need to he continue to deceive and waste some other ladies time if I could do one thing about it?

Very best solution:

Reply by One Large Daddy
set it on youtube

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Should I buy a dining room table? Here is the situation.?

Question by Dashing Geek Maintaining it Fake: Ought to I purchase a dining room table? Here is the situation.?
1. I have a dining room.

2. Mentioned place is without a table.

three. I have a kitchen area table that fits the kitchen area shade scheme.

4. The kitchen area table used to be a dining room table but will not match my dining room color scheme.

5. Tables are on sale at the nearby furnishings shop.

6. Tables are inclined to be loaded up with mail and points it can be a law of nature.

seven. I constantly consume in front of the Television anyway.

Greatest reply:

Response by Tublet From The 12 months 3000™
I'm happier considering that I threw my table over the fence into the neighbor's property. People points are pointless.

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I have a Furniture Store Credit Card that I opened in order to purchase my dining room table. However I do

Query by jordan: I have a Furniture Keep Credit Card that I opened in order to acquire my dining place table. Nonetheless I do
not use it and the card is compensated off and has been for 2 months. I was considering about closing it because I dont want to have a great deal of open credit score cards on my data. I have 2 other credit score cards a visa and 1 for emergencys that sits in the safe. Need to I close my furniture card? I opened it about 10 months in the past.

Finest reply:

Reply by Joshua-Beverly-Hills
The credit score card firm (generally a financial institution) would close your account if your account is inactive for a lengthy period of time of time.(generally many years given that your last transaction to a $ balance).

What you wanna do now is absolutely up to you. If you are not gonna use it at any time and wanna close, why not? It is your executive determination.

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1930s Jacobean dining set, under table is a white paper label Life Time Furniture Co.,what is set worth?

Query by Kim H: 1930s Jacobean dining set, beneath table is a white paper label Daily life Time Furniture Co.,what is set well worth?
This set was bought in 1930s, American, really ornately carved, large, I believe Oak, but tag truly says Walnut end. Includes table with leaves that appear out from beneath, eight chairs (1 captain), server and china cabinet. Am unsure what Lifestyle Time Furnishings Firm is and how considerably this set may be value - Thanks!!!

Greatest response:

Reply by linda the buckeye
I would google and see if they have info on the brand of furniture, not all furniture is valuable since its older

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Q&A: I'm looking for a mirror for my living room wall?

Problem by Mark W: I'm searching for a mirror for my residing place wall?
I want a wood mirror with a shelf. Nice size one to match a very good portion of my wall. Some thing region like. Any tips?

Greatest solution:

Solution by LAURA
American normal tends to make a actually wonderful a single as does maax www.maax.com actually excellent selling prices as well. Also you can check out Ikea or the 2nd hand furniture merchants that way you can restain it to make it look vintage.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Q&A: How did people in the 1960's decorate their homes?

Issue by Chloe: How did people in the 1960's enhance their properties?
I am searching to enhance my new apartment. I really like the 1960's era and I was just wondering what was well-liked and what styles people utilized to decorate their properties. Thanks!

Very best reply:

Answer by tracyhide
Google "Eames era" and "Danish modern".

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advantages and disadvantages of living in the country vs the city?

Query by Me: advantages and disadvantages of dwelling in the country vs the metropolis?
I've been a metropolis girl my whole daily life, up until finally a number of months back I've loved it, but now, there just is not adequate place to stay. So significantly has transpired in my existence and I require to escape it and just be totally free. I experience that the metropolis is the correct location for me.

What are the strengths of that vs the metropolis?
and what are the disadvantages?

Greatest reply:

Response by nateallibone
- cities have more things to do/far better stores
- far more selection of items
- much more assortment of cultures
- greater having to pay work

- the country has considerably much less crime
- property is more affordable/even bigger areas for your cash
- probably know much more people in your local community
- much better accessibility to the outdoors

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Q&A: How high do you hang a dining room chandelier or light fixture?

Query by Sylvia P: How large do you hang a dining room chandelier or light fixture?
What is the peak of a chandelier of light fixture over a dinning room table

Greatest solution:

Response by Constantly Appropriate
substantial sufficient to not bang your head on it.

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Q&A: What is the best type of lighting for restaurant dining rooms?

Query by LoStOnE: What is the finest sort of lights for restaurant dining rooms?
This restaurant has no windows and lighting is an situation. We want a cozy atmosphere with lighting that aids reduce the cave-like sensation the restaurant has with no windows. This is a high quality restaurant, so dim lighting is normally needed, but we never want the lights to be also dim. any recommendations?

Best solution:

Answer by MiNNiE
I believe that the lighting could be dim but not also dim, or you can have standard lights but not also vivid...whichever you consider you like and fits your customers.

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living room 15x30 and the dark green rug with maroon furniture I'm painting it tan what bold color would i use

Query by hennlee55: living place 15x30 and the dark green rug with maroon furnishings I'm painting it tan what daring shade would i use
it is an older property very small on one wall the bed room doorways are off the livingroom, on the other there is two windows, on the shorter walls is the entrance into the livingroom from out facet and the other quick wall in entrance into the kitchen, the residing space is long but is lower inhalf with furnishings couch loveseat and television at a single end, and dining place set with buffet and hutch at the other, would you paint it all one shade or attempt and break it up into two rooms

Greatest answer:

Answer by rockchick
Due to the fact of the green & maroon, I Would not use yet another daring color. Those ARE fairly robust. I believe the tan is great, but that could be a tiny dark also. Maybe get it up a shade or two like cream or a really pale butter yellow. You sound like you virtually don't have any complete walls---each a single has a door or window. I would surely split the space creating it LR & DR. You can paint fifty percent the area the color most complimentary to the maroon & greeen and then take 1 shade difference over to the DR so that your eye doesn't actually perceive a various shade but search much better in the DR area. If probable I would try to get the dining area down at the doorway that prospects to the kitchen area. Then ppl never have to walk by means of the LR to get to the table and possibly spill things along the way. Probably have the LR location down by the BR entrance. Hope you like the tips---Great LUCK!!!

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what singer sings a song about a little girl and her brothers camping out in the living room?

Question by ilovejohn1313: what singer sings a song about a tiny lady and her brothers camping out in the dwelling place?
Its a country song by a woman. And she talks about her and her brother camping out in the dwelling place. And I consider her brother is dying or somthing. Thanks in advance!

Very best solution:

Solution by Christy M
The song is "Angels in waiting" by Tammy Cochran.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Can i have shabby chic white distressed furniture in my living room with blackish brown leather couches?

Question by Izzo: Can i have shabby chic white distressed home furniture in my residing space with blackish brown leather couches?
Just bought a house and i am switching to shabby chic country type. I love white distressed furniture but we want to keep our couches simply because there sooo comfortable and effortless to clear with our baby. Any ideas on meshing my variations.

Greatest answer:

Answer by Susan
you can mesh, but will really have to perform on it. dark leather implies heaviness and shabby chick nation implies airyness. stay away from the pure white and use distressed cream shades instead. accessorize with significant dark brownish black items to tie in to the couches. think vases, artwork perform, major image frames. get huge cream colored hugely textured pillows to tie in with the chic country appear. a huge (don't chinz on this) place rug in a creamy multi colored motif would function to tie it together. your wall coloration could go into the creamy colour but make positive there's no pink underlying in the cream - more mushroomy. you notice i say to accesorize with "big" pieces. this is to offset the heavyness of the couches. also get a cream colored "throw" for the bigger couch. it really is all about stability.

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How can I raise the height of my dining room table?

Question by mullinsbrendan: How can I boost the height of my dining room table?
I have purchased a brand new dining space table and chairs, but the two finish chairs with the armrests are about an inch and a half as well large to slide beneath the table. I have witnessed a good deal of diverse varieties of furnishings lifts and caster, but they are possibly as well massive or very poor top quality. I require something that is about 1 1/two" in diameter and one 1/2" substantial. It requirements to be something that the table legs cannot slip off. Does anybody have any ideas?

Finest reply:

Solution by roadstarhc01
go to a good hardware or cabinet retailer, buy wooden finials that are about one 1/two" with a screw previously connected. Set those on the bottom of the table legs. You can stain/paint them to match the table.

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Hi, what can I use to clean a white leather sofa. Thanks.?

Query by Catalina D: Hello there, what can I use to clear a white leather sofa. Thanks.?
I bought a second hand leather sofa, the shade is white, but in the course of the time the seating portion has changed the colour possibly since of dust and use.
Which is the far better solution to clear it and restore the authentic color with out damaging the leather?
If you can suggest me answers and products title that will be excellent.

Best answer:

Reply by Yoda Pirate!
just go to the vehicle components retailer and get some leather shampoo, it will make it great and clean

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Do the fire resistant sprays/paints protect your house from bushfire's as bad as the Victorian fires?

Query by Gaaah.: Do the fire resistant sprays/paints protect your property from bushfire's as undesirable as the Victorian fires?
If your home is safeguarded appropriately in other approaches eg: vegetation burns offs, covered gutters, fire retardant windows etc will spraying/painting outside timber with a intended bushfire resistant products, will your residence (and you) survive bush fires with heats like the recent Victorian Black Saturday Bush fires?

Will they really protect a residence versus bush fires like these? Or will the home just grow to be engulfed with flames and have no likelihood?

Finest solution:

Reply by wombat2u2004
Paint won't defend a house. What most individuals don't realise is the intensity of the warmth concerned for the duration of an Aussie bushfire. Homes burst into flames before the bushfire flames get to them, the heat is so excellent that the houses truly explode. I will not think fire resistant coatings are well worth a cracker......if things will not burn up, they merely melt.

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How should I keep my room country?

Query by Lindsey: How ought to I maintain my area nation?
I have lived my whole life in the country (the middle of nowhere) and am redoing my room. I've identified some truly cool modern furniture and lighting, but I don't want to loose my nation roots. I was pondering of getting some of our outdated picture frames and placing farm photographs in them. What do you assume I should do?

Best solution:

Reply by Getsal
You could do that or go to a second-hand keep to locate some modest, old farm implements that you could hang on the wall. Or do something unusual like making use of stirrups as hooks for your draperies or plant some potplants in a pair of aged riding boots (lined with plastic) or use some spurs to make a mobile to hang in front of the window.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Q&A: Can I use my conference table from work as a dining room table?

Issue by Roger Doyle: Can I use my conference table from function as a dining area table?
It really is a nice, boat formed mahogany hardwood (not veneer) table. And because of to my shifting, I am buying new furniture for my workplace. So I assume I can get a very good deal on this. It has two base panels (legs) on every single end. Would this operate in a huge dining area?

I also call for suggestion exactly where to purchase this New Furniture for my workplace in California region??

Finest response:

Answer by candyraver69
I vote no, not an appropriate dinner table. The size may be good but the shape will search awkward.

The "California area" is not particular plenty of to make a very good suggestion of a spot to go acquire things. California is huge. Offering you an tackle in LA won't support if you live in SF. Could want to update your issue with a county or at least north or south California.

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Q&A: How do I identify the style of my 1940's mahogany dining room set?

Query by Jan H: How do I establish the fashion of my 1940's mahogany dining room set?
The four table legs are quite thick and ornately carved and scrolled ending in stacked orbs/balls. The highboy and buffet have comparable legs. The whole set is almost certainly veneered. It was probably made between the 1920 -1940's.

Very best solution:

Response by Nicholas B
The legs and most importantly the feet inform you the period (and for this reason design) of an antique table.

From your description it sounds like what is known as a ball and claw leg. Chippendale employed this layout usually in the early twentieth century, but then again, loads of people did. If it is ball and claw then it is most likely much more like 1920's however, you would require to take it to a vendor to get a definitive reply.

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what are the basics for decorating a home ?

Question by haider fouad: what are the principles for decorating a house ?
in decorating a property , there are some principles for anything like colours , photographs , plants ,should do this , ought to not do that ,....etc.
so , what are these essentials ?

Finest solution:

Solution by Amelia
To me it sounds like you might be seeking for rules. So numerous decorators go on television and tout what you should and shouldn't do. Pfft. I say you do what you assume seems to be good. What is satisfying to YOUR eye. You have to stay there. Your house isn't a display space.

My rule is that I pour my persona into my home. I've gotten so many compliments on my home and have had close friends inquire me to assist them with theirs. I give them fundamental suggestions but mainly I think they need to use their personal creativeness and pour their individuality into their properties.

One particular point I personally detest is a extremely properly embellished space but bare walls. ICK!! Pictures, artwork, and many others. are a need to in my viewpoint. But that is just MY viewpoint.

Never always depend on people intended professional decorators. I once noticed a specialist decorator on television paint hay onto a living room wall to give it texture!!! It was terrible! Experts embellish with their individual private design so you need to consider everything they say with a grain of salt.

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Would you paint your house, or hire someone to do it?

Query by Valerie L: Would you paint your home, or employ a person to do it?
I have a little, brick bungalow in Denver. The brick is currently painted, and I dislike the color. So I want to repaint it. I am pondering if that is a career a single can do by themselves, or something that is greater left to a expert? I've painted almost each and every other room within the house satisfactorily. Many thanks.

Very best response:

Reply by fordman
If you have the time and want to then why not?

You may want to get one of individuals airless sprayers. It would aid velocity the career up a minor, but it would cost you a tiny far more in overspray too.

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can you repaint a white leather sofa?

Query by Nikki: can you repaint a white leather sofa?
so i have a white leather sofa...
and it will get dirty usually..

and it like loses its coloration because we have to wash it so usually..

is it probable to repaint it or what can i do to make it glimpse in better condition then it is now?

Greatest solution:

Response by talon699
You can`t wash leather, that may possibly be why the colour is fading, You also can`t paint leather. The shade is done for the duration of the tanning process. Try out throwing your leather footwear or jacket in the washing machine and see what takes place. You should of thought of that just before buying white furniture

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

How can I remove ink or maker stains from my white leather sofa? Any product recommendations?

Issue by Bearwithme: How can I eliminate ink or maker stains from my white leather sofa? Any item suggestions?

Greatest solution:

Response by dont know considerably
white leather sofas are so tacky dear . I would get rid of the sofa and purchase some thing with a bit of design.
This minor marker pen catastrophe could have just saved you from becoming a social outcast . Your genuine pals ought to have advised you this already sweet heart . ditch your so called buddies and the sofa.

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Q&A: Can someone guide me in the right direction for an expensive dining room table that seats at least 5?

Question by Jil: Can somebody manual me in the proper route for an expensive dining area table that seats at minimum five?
light wooden is favored or of a light shade. My dining place is a light green

Best reply:

Reply by Caitlin F
I didn't actually know if you needed "high-priced" or "affordable" but in the expensive part, I identified this:
I feel that it is completely gorgeous.
And if you will turn your attention to the qualifications coloration of the wall, it is also green. =)

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Any good home decorating magazines?

Question by chan: Any very good house decorating magazines?
My husband and I just moved into a new property. I am so puzzled about how I want the place to search. Does anybody know of any excellent magazines for home decorating?

Best solution:

Reply by Ladynole
Lowes has a fantastic choice. I went by means of fifty or so magazine and books while we were constructing our property. A thing I identified that created it less complicated, reduce out the concepts you like and set them in a folder. This saves you from flipping by way of the guide around and around yet again.

I located Lowes had 1 of the finest collections. Borders has good one particular also. My favorite is anything by HGTV. You can go to their site for ides also.

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my living,kitchen and dining room lights won't work. Help!?

Question by sylvia: my living,kitchen and dining room lights will not work. Support!?
I currently experimented with changing the light switches,nonetheless no light and the electrical outlets in those rooms all work so what could it be.

Best answer:

Reply by chutzpahgrrl
Have you looked at the breaker box and flipped the switch for these regions?

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