Thursday, June 30, 2011

What is the dress code for Carnival Ecstasy? Casual and formal?

Question by newborn_blu957: What is the gown code for Carnival Ecstasy? Casual and formal?
are jeans fine in the dining place at dinner? what is the attire for the formal dinners/midnight buffet/and many others.?

Finest reply:

Reply by ocean.denis
All Carnival ships are really casual, but jeans is not welcomed at the dinning space.
But any other pair of pants and a shirt are ok.
On formal night a match and tie are required, but they set up a portion of the Lido restaurant (that is generally self assistance) to serve a la carte with no garments restrictions. Even bermudas are alright.
Employed to the the exact same menu that was becoming served downstairs at the dinning rooms, but I feel it has modified, now its another menu.
Its rather ridiculous the complete formal evening, since most people just put on some lousy fits anyway.

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I want to buy fancy marble table for the dining room.Where I get the details of dining table ?my colour prefer?

Query by Memon Brandon: I want to get fancy marble table for the dining place.Wherever I get the specifics of dining table ?my colour desire?
I want to purchase fancy marble table for the dining room.In which I get the specifics of dining table ?my colour choice is light brown and dark brown.

Best remedy:

Remedy by Just guessing
See if this fits you.

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Can you paint your house too much?

Question by Skip Olivia: Can you paint your house also significantly?
I am painting my bedroom, and I am pretty certain this is about the 3rd or 4th color it has been (the residence is about 10 decades outdated).

Are there any issues about this? I told my mother I was painting and she was like, "oh no you will never ever be capable to market it painting it through and through like that."

Best remedy:

Reply by Shirley B
Certainly, it can be peeled and sanded to preserve the partitions even. Use primer after sanding.

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what's your advice on a 14-day cruise to Hawaii?

Query by Marq: what's your guidance on a 14-day cruise to Hawaii?
on Wednesday i'm going on a 14-day Hawaiian cruise, and i want to make certain i consume all the excellent food that is obtainable!

do you consider i ought to commence in the buffet with the prime rib and roast beef or should i stick to the formal dining place and consume only filet mignon?

and what about the Hawaiian Mahi Mahi? ought to i load up on seafood in the beginning of my cruise, center or end of my cruise?

i would enjoy all your gastronomical meals tips!

Very best answer:

Reply by michael9346
I would say the most important point is to enjoy your cruise and try to eat what you enjoy consuming and remember you will undoubtedly gain weight, so put together to diet when you return. Most of the foods on cruises is excellent.

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What color drapes would go with cherry wood furniture and white walls?

Question by Summer: What colour drapes would go with cherry wood furnishings and white partitions?
Im buying new drapes for the dining space which has all cherry wood furnishings such as cabinets and a dining table and chairs. All of the walls are white besides for a single wall is a light tan color to contrast, it was a living space before the dining room but doesnt search undesirable, the drapes are outdated and i was asking yourself what color drapes would look finest? if anyone has ideas or photographs please permit me know! thanks!

Best solution:

Reply by lizzylonglegs
A prosperous deep plum color. Otherwise green, a deep velvety green.

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how to polish a dining table?

Query by docsuhayl: how to polish a dining table?
how do you apply furnishings polish

Finest answer:

Answer by swedelutheran

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Everything needs a creator. You, your car, your house, a painting - everything, right?

Question by Cherry Thomas: Every thing needs a creator. You, your vehicle, your residence, a painting - almost everything, appropriate?
Then who designed God? No logical fallacies, please. If you claim almost everything wants a creator - then that 'everything' consists of God?

Very best response:

Answer by mad monk
....and the rest of the way down it is just a lot more turtles.

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How about the rattan furnitures for home decorating?

Question by layleesun: How about the rattan furnitures for house decorating?
This site is the Rattan furniture merchandise.
I believe it is very beautiful.

Very best solution:

Solution by chillin
I am not certain which pieces you are interested in, but the complete line is really gorgeous. I genuinely like the rocking chair and the chairs are cute.

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how do you remove white out from a leather sofa?

Query by Jessica C: how do you take away white out from a leather sofa?

Very best reply:

Solution by Slice
try out a leather care kit..your sofa may possibly have come with 1....if not im sure you could locate some sort of leather cleaner at an car retailer or one thing

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Let me design a room for you on polyvore?

Query by <3: Permit me design and style a space for you on polyvore?
1.what place (bed room,residing room, and so forth)
two. shades you like
3. shades you dont like
four. what kind of feel (present day, traditional, artistic, region, and so forth.)
five. nearly anything else you want or dont want
oh yeah and if you want a bed room incorporate your age
allergic to eggs
heres your residing area

Very best solution:

Response by Allergic To Eggs
1. residing place
two. royal blue, verdigris green, sand, butter, apricot, sage, toast
3. banana, dark orange, pastel pink, sizzling pink
four. creative
five. i want one verdigris buddha head
thanks. edit to include: nice function, thank you! i wouldn't change anything at all you picked. have a excellent week

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furniture refinishing question...blonde 1950's wood pieces...would love to turn darker chocolate!

Query by msnutmeg: furnishings refinishing question...blonde 1950's wood items...would love to turn darker chocolate brown...assist!
have blonde 50's selection. dining room china cabinet & buffet.want them to be deep abundant chocolate brown.Need to I paint brown & then stain & coat with distinct polyurethan? Was once painted ocre & then stained blonde. Should I use drinking water base paint & can I stain above this? The china cabinet belonged to my grandmother and it took me four many years to acquire the rest of the items including a table & 6 chairs and a desk. This is a sentimental factor for me...i would enjoy some help to make every thing match & complete all with matching drawer pulls. I just love the deep chocolate brown color with a substantial gloss finish...any aid would be greatly appreciated...I will have accessibility to U.S. items as I am positioned in the great lakes place ...usa. Thank you A BUNCH! FROM A DESPERATE GRAND-DAUGHTER! WHO Really Does not WANT TO MESS THIS UP! SMILES

Best respond to:

Answer by tomcatdun77
attempt painting with a final coat of clear finish

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What colour would you paint the outside of your house?

Question by Maggie: What color would you paint the outside of your home?
Decide on 1, i need to know for tomorrow when i in fact am painting my residence!


Finest answer:

Answer by Susie

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Would you paint your house in the pouring rain ?

Question by New York Diva Aspect II: Would you paint your property in the pouring rain ?
I saw someone doing that right now wth ?

Very best reply:

Reply by Captain Bwain.
*sigh* there are so a lot of stupid people in this globe.
(tisk tisk)

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Q&A: Where can I find good home decorating idea websites?

Query by rxqueen♥ †: Where can I locate very good residence decorating thought web sites?
What are your favourites?

Finest solution:

Reply by attractive king
I discovered in your regional paper would would locate the best value and from pals due to the fact they have noticed the perform of the decorator. Beause some employee take for actually to end the career or they will not do what you want.

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need color help? sofa is off white leather.?

Query by katherine: require color help? sofa is off white leather.?
finish tables dark expresso I am likely nuts attempting to decide what coloration to paint and what color drapes to create. I am leaning towards the affinity hues at benjamin moore.Any suggestions Thanks in advance.The area is a 20x14 Won't get a great deal of light.I imagined about beige but I want the sofa to pop given that it is off white

Best answer:

Reply by Skip Guidance
Properly here is a peice of tips !
paint ur room in light brown color... and flooring with wood...
This will make ur sofa set of off white colour come up...!
Also you can try glass objects like tables, lamps and so forth with it to give a ethenic appear.. :)
Wish this aids.. i have knowledge thats why im answering... :D !

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Q&A: what is the most durable type of paint to use when finishing furniture?

Query by namebling: what is the most long lasting form of paint to use when finishing furniture?
what is the best form of paint to use when finishing furnishings?
i am producing a dining table, and i want to paint it. thank you

Best respond to:

Answer by Jay
Acrylic enamel your coloration alternative and finishing off with a obvious acrylic enamel complete for longevity.

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What color dining room furniture should i decorate with cherry brazilian scraped wood floors?

Query by Annie: What colour dining room furniture ought to i embellish with cherry brazilian scraped wood floors?
What colour dining space furniture ought to i embellish with cherry brazilian scraped wood floors?
I dont know whether or not to match floors with dining room or do contrast with different colour. I dont want to clash both. Heres website link to photograph of floors and existing dining room table.

Very best reply:

Reply by dusty_titus
You should hire an interior decorator - it looks like your trying to produce a specific fashion! Who ever you inquire during this buy period will check out to promote you the most costly stuff fairly than explain the ideals of vogue - which you are obviously anxious about!

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Monday, June 27, 2011

How come when I went to Rupee Room (indian restaurant), had a lunch buffet and the next day I vomited 4 times?

Question by bambam bigalo: How arrive when I went to Rupee Place (indian restaurant), had a lunch buffet and the up coming day I vomited 4 times?
It was rupee area in orange, california. I went there with my buddy just cuz we had a dining certificate of $ ten from

Right after ingesting for about 10 mins I began feeling nausea and just felt strange in a poor way. The up coming day I woke up at six:30AM and vomited four instances on the toilet. I could not rest nicely at evening because I had a small nausea.

When I go to hometown buffet I in no way vomit the following day or experience strange like possessing higher blood pressure.

Is there some thing improper with their food on rupee area? Why did I vomit?

Very best answer:

Answer by *TaNeAh*
It could be meals poisoning. If a employee didn't was their hand effectively right after heading to the rest room, or handling raw meat and you ate something that was not cooked (like lettuce) the bacteria isn't going to get killed. This could also transpire if they are utilizing expired item. Foods poisoning is usually flu like signs (physique aches, nausea, getting tired, and so on), with vomiting and diarrhea, but no fever and last for about 24 hrs. Based on your age and what induced it, it could destroy you. I would go there once again if I had been you, and if it occurs again that would be my very last time. Was the foods great?really spicy?

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what are the qualifications for rent a center?

Question by Avery B: what are the qualifications for rent a center?
i just moved into a new apartment and i require a couple of much more items of furniture. (dining table, sofa, and lcd tv) i alreacy know rent to individual isnt the least expensive just want to know if i would qualify. i can manage to pay the 1st thirty day period upfront..but ive only been at my current task for significantly less than a month. also how significantly would i be likely to pay out month-to-month for all of those things

Very best answer:

Answer by dmann 101
I was a salesman for R.A.C. for three many years and virtually was a store manager.It is a rip off as you know.But to you are query,Sure you qualify.And they will carry it to you.

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whats the best way to paint your house by yourself?

Question by akaber t: whats the finest way to paint your house by oneself?
exactly where to start??? and what you will need???

Very best solution:

Solution by Ambivalence
Inside? Outdoors? Possibly way, if you are not certain you know what you happen to be performing, pick a tiny out of the way region like the powder space in the basement or the back of the garage to apply on. Go to Property Depot or something and consult what you require. They make such a massive offer about currently being able to inform you what you require for your undertaking and give advice absolutely they need to be ready to advise you on one thing as simple as painting.

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Is it possible to paint your house with mayonnaise after you add a little water to it?

Query by Bubba stanks: Is it feasible to paint your property with mayonnaise soon after you include a minor water to it?

Best respond to:

Solution by Kiki
sure its plausible

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How can I use dried rose petals in home decorating?

Query by perfectsonnet: How can I use dried rose petals in residence decorating?
I have some dried rose petals from a bouquet and I would like to use them to enhance a body, but I haven't located any guidelines. Any suggestions on how to make it or how to make anything else utilizing petals? Many thanks!

Finest solution:

Response by goobeygirl02
I will not know how to use them in a body but if you put them in a vase with oil they will stay. Here's a really cute smow globe with the petals. Consider a clean glass jar that has a lid, you can uncover one in the fridge or at your regional $ one store they always have decorative ones. Just take the lid and glue a figure or momento of some kind. set it to the aspect and let it dry. Set the flowers, you could have to lower them up a bit if its a tiny jar, in the jar and some sparly confetti and fill with a distinct oil, or you can use distilled water, and make confident that you will not fill it all the way to the leading, b/c when you screw the lid on, it will make the watercome out some if its as well total. Then glue the jar to lid. Here is the web site I discovered that on. I have done might of them and they are adorable. Very good Luck!

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Q&A: I have white leather sofas that need to be cleaned.....?

Question by alabama: I have white leather sofas that need to be cleaned.....?
What cleaner if any can I use? The pervious proprietor (my mother) whom gave me the sofas had a canine whom slept on them....
What Type of location professionally cleans sofas??? Isn't really there anything at all I can use at home?

Very best answer:

Solution by That Girl
If you can afford to have them cleaned professionally, you really should. Appears like a thing you can genuinely wreck.

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What color walls go well with a white leather couch?

Issue by Newport: What coloration partitions go nicely with a white leather sofa?
I'm obtaining a contemporary hunting white leather modular (sectional) sofa becoming delivered up coming week. I have a red shag rug to add a splash of color to the space and I'm questioning if there is certainly any colour I can include to the wall behind the sofa devoid of generating items clash. I'm not married to the red rug. Most other things in the residing space are white or black with the exception of some silver and red in a few items of graffiti art on canvas. The other rooms of the house are painted fun hues and I am pretty content with how things appear all through. The appear I'm attempting to achieve in the living area is high-tech present day day (not modern 60's). Although there can be slight mash-up there and nonetheless have a effectively set collectively spot (believe the Regular Motels in LA).

Very best answer:

Answer by chicagirl51
Google images of living rooms with white leather sofas and you will get several concepts and perhaps a single you like.

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Any software you can see before you paint your own house for Free?

Issue by bengy: Any software you can see before you paint your own home for Totally free?
I cannot seem to locate a web site or computer software, so I can preview my very own property before I paint it.
I want a software or a internet site that does not notify you to pick a home and preview it.
I want a single that you can preview your Personal property for Totally free.
Here is an instance of what I want from Behr:
click on "Start Colorsmart".
but I do not want to pay out, because I dont have a credit score card.

Are there any internet site/computer software I can do that for totally free?

Or is there any 1 ready to allow me log in their account?

Best reply:

Reply by WyattEarp
Its not no cost..but low cost and you can acquire it at your neighborhood keep. I searched everywhere with no luck.

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I want to mount a sconce over my dining room table?

Query by ycspencer: I want to mount a sconce over my dining place table?
My table is pushed towards the wall and I wan to put wall-mounted lighting on that wall. Does anyone know what sort of sconce I need to use. Has anybody each seen this before. I have observed it in dining establishments in booths and it appeared so charming. I want lights over the table due to the fact this is a multi-function room and the ceiling fance does not set out the intimate lighting that i am searching for. Many thanks.

Greatest response:

Reply by peg42857
a metal sconce at lowes indeed you can do this they also make them devoid of wiring which would seem much nicer

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Can anyone recommend a home decorating store that is similar to Pottery Barn?

Query by luvmy3boys: Can everyone advocate a house decorating keep that is similar to Pottery Barn?
Preferably a national chain and a single that has decorators on internet site. Thanks for the help!

Finest response:

Response by Mary G
Crate and Barrell and Restoration Hardware. These equally have websites which you can request a catalog. Also, have you looked into Ikea? Hope this aids.

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Q&A: Outside wall with door which connects dining and living rooms?

Question by Sue: Outside wall with door which connects dining and living rooms?
Support! We have an open floor plan, the outside wall has the dining space on one particular aspect and the residing area on the other, the center staircase separates the two rooms. The wall has the front door in the center of it, and there is about a foot and a fifty percent of wall space more than the door. We want to paint the dining space a light green and the living place a light blue, but how do I be part of up the hues more than the door?

Best response:

Reply by TB2
I don't know how this will operate with blue/green but here is what I did with a similar predicament in my dining room/living room. I went with a yellow dining area and a orangeish residing space, in the center above the hall in which they meet I blended the two colors collectively at the middle-line with yellow flowing out a single way and orange the other, they have to type of movement out and mix jointly, hard to actually explain but confident seems to be great.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Where is a good place to get home decorating ideas?

Query by goukermj: Exactly where is a excellent place to get house decorating ideas?
We just purchased our very first residence and I am super energized to embellish it. I have a lot of suggestions, but is there any good internet sites that I could get a lot more? Thank you!

Finest answer:

Answer by blackparadegirlx
HGTV, and sites just google home decorating or the design(s) you like and have fun

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where can i find cheap but nice furniture?

Question by яєηєє ℓσvєs вεiηg Hi§ ßα߀: exactly where can i discover low cost but nice furnishings?
im looking to purchase a sectional couch of some kind with no flower patterns or nearly anything like that. but i want it for a good price. also im looking for a dining table and chairs some bed room furniture. and ive previously experimented with craigslist. so thats out. any aid that u might have would be appreciated. thank you in advance.

Very best solution:

Response by dec458
Salvation Army.

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Does anyone know of any sites to help with Home Decorating?

Query by Mindy B: Does any person know of any web sites to aid with Residence Decorating?
I will need some concepts for decorating. Can any person present me some? If there is such things.
imparicial: I stated house decorating not some underage sk@nks in bikins

Greatest response:

Solution by Katrina K

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Furniture shops in san jose/Fremont and hayward area?

Query by pammi: Furnishings outlets in san jose/Fremont and hayward region?
I'm transferring to a new home and i want to acquire furnishings like bed room set, sofa, dining table. so im seeking for where i can get for cheap and good qualty furniture. is there any place in the vicinity of san jose and fremont place.Thank you in advance.

Best answer:

Solution by yellowcabbie
You may possibly want to check out out

Great luck and congrats on the new home!

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Advice on wedding venue. Found another one and now confused :s How do we choose?

Issue by Flossy86: Suggestions on wedding venue. Found yet another a single and now puzzled :s How do we select?
Unique venue we liked was http://www.staugustines.united as it has a chapel so we could have a civil ceremony, marriage ceremony breakfast, chapel blessing and night reception.

The charges on the internet site civil wedding, wedding ceremony breakfast, drinks bundle, evening buffet and dining space charge.

For 60 guests, saturday value is £6207

•Friday wedding – a low cost of at least sixteen%
•Sunday marriage ceremony – a low cost of at least 20%
•Monday to Thursday weddings – a price reduction of at minimum 33%

Now i was searching some far more and found this venue and now i am truly perplexed. I just priced every little thing up for a thursday marriage ceremony a friday wedding and a saturday wedding ceremony and obtained :

Thursday: £4769
Friday: £5269
Saturday: £5894

And these all include exclusive venue retain, chapel marriage (fairly than civil ceremony and blessing as the original venue), reception drinks for sixty visitors, canapes, three program wedding ceremony breakfast for 60 visitors, corkage for 12 bottles of wine with the meal and night buffet for 80 visitors.

We ended up looking at a spending budget of £5000 excluding wedding dress but we do have £7000 saved.

I think I favor this one particular since of a chapel marriage instead than civil ceremony, and we both want to get married in a church.

Aid?? Which need to we decide on??
and the 2nd one has accomodation on website - possibly good for finding all set into wedding ceremony gown and many others

Greatest reply:

Solution by Chris S
In accordance to your budget, you can make any day at any venue.

It seems like you get a tiny additional with the second spot. And you want the church marriage ceremony.

Consult your self which spot is far better. You seem to be stating 2nd place, than go for it

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Which lighting looks best in your opinon for a dining room?

Issue by Mel: Which lighting seems greatest in your opinon for a dining place?
I actually like these:

Very best answer:

Answer by Jack
I actually like this a single the finest:

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french, French teacher or those living in a French country?

Question by MissAdvice: french, French teacher or those living in a French country?
Please help me with my oral. Online translators are not helping and I really need help on this. Thanks.

In my family there is my father, mother, younger sister and me. My mother is quite small and has blue eyes and curlyshort blonde hair. My younger sister is called Jenny, she is tweleve years old and is very sporty. Jenny plays a lot of hockey and plays for a team on saturdays. She loves music and would love to learn to play piano but my family does not have one. Jenny is shy sometimes but very talkative at home. I get on well with Jenny but she sometimes annoys me when she takes my ipod and hairbrush. Last weekend my family and I decorated the living room and Jenny and I played golf.

Can you please translate this? Also I have one i have got, but doesn't sound right grammer wise.

Dans ma famille il ya mon père, mère, sœur cadette et moi. Ma mère est assez petite et a les yeux bleus et les cheveux bouclés court blonde. Ma sœur cadette, elle est appelée Jenny, elle est à des années tweleve vieux et est très sportive. Jenny joue beaucoup de hockey et joue pour une équipe le samedi. Elle j'dores la musique et j'aimerais apprendre à jouer du piano mais ma famille n'en a pas. Jenny est timide parfois, mais très bavard à la maison. Je m'entends bien avec Jenny mais elle agace parfois quand elle me prend mon ipod et brosse à cheveux. week-end dernier, ma famille et j'ai décoré la salle de séjour et Jenny, et je joue au golf.
Stefinia. That was so rude, I did it myself then used a translator to check answers, different ones said different things, hence me asking here.

Best answer:

Answer by nix1602
Ma famille se compose de mon père, ma mère, ma sœur cadette et de moi. Ma mère est assez petite elle a les yeux bleus et les cheveux bouclés court blonds. Ma sœur cadette s''appele Jenny, elle a douze ans et est très sportive. Jenny joue beaucoup de hockey et joue pour DANS équipe leS samediS. Elle Adores la musique et aimerais apprendre à jouer du piano mais ma famille n'en a pas UN. Jenny est timide, parfois, mais ELLE EST très bavardE à la maison. Je m'entends bien avec ELLE mais PARFOIS elle M''agace quand elle me prend mon ipod et MA brosse à cheveux. LE week-end dernier, ma famille et jMOI ONT décoré la salle de séjour. Jenny et moi avons
joué au golf

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Royal Carribean Dress Code?

Question by krispie5: Royal Carribean Gown Code?
I am likely on my initial cruise in feb. i know there is one particular formal night time on the cruise, but all the other nights can you use jeans to the major dining space (not the buffet)? i was just pondering if i could get away with a pair of good jean capri pants, heels and a wonderful shirt. Also, can my dad get away with jeans and a polo? many thanks! oh and if you aren't "appropriately" dressed do they kick you out or just form of give you dirty looks?

Finest answer:

Reply by Lets cruise!
Gown codes

Shipboard dress is informal throughout the day. Shorts and tasteful T-shirts are acceptable even in the dining room. At dinner, gown codes will differ daily, amid the following:

Informal: Slacks and sport shirt for guys (no jeans) slacks and blouse, sundress or pantsuit for females.

Informal: Jacket with or without tie for males gown or pantsuit for women.

Formal: Dark suit or tuxedo for adult males evening gown or cocktail gown for girls.

Most 3- and four-night cruises have one formal night time most seven-evening cruises have two formal nights most 10-day cruises have 3 formal nights, and so on. In basic, the longer and much more costly (per day) cruises will be the most formal on formal night, but a darkish suit and tie is suitable attire on even the most unique ships. (In other words, will not purchase a tuxedo for a solitary cruise).

Wish i helped!

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Which home decorating company is the best?

Query by desertbloom55: Which house decorating company is the finest?
I would preferrably like to buy catalogs from them, but a web site, and many others. would work as well.

So far I have discovered:
-Pottery Barn
-Pier 1
-Z Gallerie

My husband and I are relocating into a new home and we want to redecorate almost everything.

Any recommendations on in which to discover some great and cost-effective furnishings would support out a whole lot!
Thank you!

Greatest reply:

Reply by eskie lover,, for draperies and components JC Penney

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Any good interactive home decorating websites out there?

Query by tsue: Any excellent interactive home decorating internet sites out there?
Relocating into new residence very soon and searching for an on-line interactive format for my children to experiment with room shades. Does any person know of any good web sites?

Greatest answer:

Solution by Abelena F its rather excellent. not positive if it precisely wat ur searching for.

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What is your favorite home decorating trick/idea?

Question by rellimztik_arual: What is your favorite residence decorating trick/idea?
My husband and I have an older 1 1/2 story house. Does any person know any very good sites or links (ideally with pictures) that I can use to get some suggestions to embellish or probably remodel to make it appear bigger? Not any huge assignments! Thank you!
The walls are by now a shade of white. What appliances are unneeded? Do not they all have a purpose? lol

Greatest remedy:

Solution by JeepJeep!!!
If you are wanting greater-than much less indicates much more. The a lot less furniture & things & nick nacks you have will give the seem of more space & even bigger than it is. Also keep with light colours & no wall paper with prints. Light for curtains & bedding as nicely.

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Any decorating ideas that would go with red couches?

Query by Lola: Any decorating ideas that would go with red couches?
A household friend just gave me some red leather couches, which are great, but im having problems with what would match. If you know of any property decorating websites that would be wonderful!

Finest solution:

Answer by ManhattanBetch11
Nicely, in my home we have red couches, and we painted the walls two toned, with the top previously mentioned the white molding a good leafy green, and the beneath of the white molding a great blue. So with the red couches and a couple of red lamps and other accents of every single colour, it operates out properly.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Looking for ideas for decorating home.?

Issue by Heart: Searching for tips for decorating house.?
I am searching for tips to enhance my apartment. If you have any do it your self tips that would be fantastic. I am obtaining married this 12 months and conserving for our initial residence so we're on a price range. Thank you!

Finest answer:

Remedy by bbcmay
If you go to a book keep like Borders or Barnes & Noble there is this e-book called Do-It-By yourself House Improvement. It is my bible!! There are a million textbooks like this so seem close to and see which a single suits you the very best! Good Luck!

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Decorating your home between Christmas and Spring - how do you decorate?

Question by razor_sharp_redhead: Decorating your residence among Christmas and Spring - how do you embellish?
Why is it the rest of the yr is so effortless to embellish your residence seasonally - but each year after Xmas/New Year I am left scratching my head asking yourself "how do I decoarte, now?" It is as well late for fall, too early for Spring, I do not want to depart my Xmas stuff up....any concepts? :) Thank you!!

Very best reply:

Answer by erindrozda
how about Valentines could enhance for Valentines day

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Where's the best place to sell home furniture?

Question by holacarinados: Where's the greatest place to promote property furnishings?
I have some hefty, top quality furnishings to offer: a oak dining table with matching chairs and an Ethan Allen cherry sleigh bed. If I list them with ebay or a related on-line place, I'd have to incorporate a sizeable delivery charge. Would it be far better to put an ad on craigs checklist or the local newspaper or where? many thanks )

Best remedy:

Solution by skcs69
Newspaper ad/yard sale.

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Do you think it is ok for someone to bring a sibling to live with them from another country to live in 1 room ?

Query by ALTA: Do you consider it is ok for somebody to deliver a sibling to live with them from yet another region to stay in one room ?
in a flat share with strangers. The sibling is about 15 and we have been advised that he is coming right here to understand english and the length of remain could be indefinite,
The person already in the room is not able to shell out her payments as it is. She told us that she was a doing work expert, it turns out she is only a language college student with a student grant from France, she is even now finishing her degree. Now she is conversing about waitressing and benefits.
Would social providers object if they realized?

Greatest remedy:

Answer by Laura
Its great if they are each having to pay their reveal. You can up the rent even however they are in the very same room because they use much more electrical energy, drinking water, make a lot more mess and hog the bathroom.

Perhaps they are trying to conserve, or the child is too young to be on his very own until finally he learns the language.

You are properly in your rights to be angry if you are 1 of the flat mates and this was not talked about with you just before the arrival of the boy.

Good Luck!

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I want to buy a small round dining /cafe table in 25-30" dia. Not a pub table. Please can anyone help finding

Issue by Jo: I want to buy a tiny spherical dining /cafe table in 25-30" dia. Not a pub table. Please can everyone support finding
I have identified some thing on the web at When i was trying to analysis on-line about overstock.. i read all bad things.. can anybody help me wherever I can discover some thing like this for excellent cost online!! I live in arkansas.. I have searched all furnishings stores for this.. in no way identified some thing i needed! Make sure you support meeeee

Greatest remedy:

Remedy by pcbeachrat
Go to and indicator up for a totally free account..then decide on your state..then your town and post what you are searching for in there..Almost everything there is free to, purchasing, no cost items and many others...type in research bar just like i proposed..

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Other then NY what is the best state to live in? I want country. and room to roam.?

Query by : Other then NY what is the very best state to dwell in? I want nation. and space to roam.?
A nice spot to provide up a family members and a location had been my spouse can be pleased who at any time she could be.

Best solution:

Reply by What, what, what??
Vermont, but "shes" not me.

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Q&A: what are some good sites to get home decorating ideas?

Query by awesomeness: what are some excellent web sites to get property decorating tips?
like diverse variations and decorating assignments that i can do

Greatest remedy:

Solution by christinazhou96
An Ethan Allen catalog is Really beneficial. Also subscribe to Greater Properties and Gardens magazines. Check out heading onto

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Is it possible to match 2 white sofas with chocolate brown leather recliners?

Issue by Deborah M: Is it probable to match two white sofas with chocolate brown leather recliners?
With a new residence to beautify, I'd like to get 2 white sofas to face every other with 2 chairs at 1 end, 2 poufs at the reverse finish. Sadly, my boyfriend wants those chairs to be chocolate brown leather recliners. Is it possible to make chocolate (non-puffy/clean-line) recliners operate?

Greatest answer:

Reply by ansmenam
Completely! Right here is an example of a white sofa with 2 milk chocolate colored chairs:

Here is a white sofa with 2 dark chocolate brown chairs:

It will look fantastic, do not worry about it.

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Do you like to be nude when you paint your house?

Question by nudist1000: Do you like to be nude when you paint your property?
No outfits to scrub thoroughly clean when you are done. As well as my wife and I take pleasure in showering jointly to guarantee we get all the paint off us.

Very best reply:

Solution by jolly
Properly, get pleasure from away and no matter what excuse you can to fulfill a wholesome sex lifestyle, but I personally believe getting paint off of my skin is a bit tough and I'd instead paint get on some outdated 'chore' clothes that I never have to worry about scrubbing anyhow.

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What is the point of a formal dining room?

Question by suchaprettyface11: What is the point of a formal dining area?
A great deal of people I know have these dining rooms that they in no way use. They look stuffy, like if you moved one particular minor issue, lights would start flashing and the alarm would go off. Why do individuals have these? I would understand much better if they ended up of use, but these are not. They have a dining area they do use, and then they have the stuffy looking one. I guess they feel like they have to place it there, or they would have an extra place, but whichever.

Very best reply:

Remedy by xjoizey
a dining room is wonderful when you are obtaining particular people above for dinner and you never want to eat in the kitchen area. or b-days, Christmas, Easter ,etc....................But, ur proper generally it really is a dust collector............As my Mother employed to say .. It can be for organization..

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Furniture store similar to High Fashion Home?

Query by yomera: Furniture store related to Large Style Property?
I will not like the traditional furnishings they promote at the standard furniture merchants. Can you suggest me a furnishings shop wherever I can find points comparable to High Trend Home or Pier A single Imports? I am searching for bed room furniture and also a dining table with 4 chairs. I dwell in the Houston place. Many thanks!

Greatest remedy:

Answer by Kerry F
Crate and Barrel. Pottery Barn. West Elm.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

what dining room furniture looks good with oak floors,end tables& window treatment,and what looks good in?

Issue by SweetFace: what dining place furnishings looks very good with oak floors,stop tables& window treatment method,and what seems to be excellent in?
prolonged hallways, pictures or mirrors?
stop tables in the living area,not in the dining rooom

Greatest solution:

Answer by Bert
See if you like country french. It would match, but may possibly not be to your style.

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Does anybody know of a good way to get the paint smell out of your house faster?

Issue by kiss_alive85: Does anyone know of a great way to get the paint scent out of your house more rapidly?
We are painting our house quickly and are seeking for techniques to get the scent of thepaint out of our house quicker, if feasible.

Finest solution:

Reply by Johnson
create a teaspoon of vanilla extract to your paint then have them put it on the mixer so it mixes in. That will do it!

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Q&A: Can I wear dressy shorts on Royal Caribbean?

Issue by nells: Can I have on dressy shorts on Royal Caribbean?
Likely on Liberty Of The Seas in May 2010 and I am not truly a 'dress' or 'fancy pants' kind of girl. I have heard that the major dining space won't allow visitors wearing shorts in. How rigorous is this? I never imply day/pool shorts, I suggest nice elegant tailored shorts.
Will I be turned away to the buffet cart?!

Finest remedy:

Solution by AJ
most very likely you will.

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My dining room table has been discolored by the sun. What can I do to even the color out?

Issue by Stumped!!: My dining space table has been discolored by the sun. What can I do to even the shade out?
Aid! My dining space is on the east aspect of the house and though I keep the blinds closed until finally near to one:00 p.m. each day, apparently sufficient light obtained in to discolor my table. I just took my runner off to change to a new one and I have a nice, lengthy, 12" vast several shades lighter streak managing the entire length of my 96" table in which the sun apparently darkened the aspect exhibiting.

Is there anything at all I can do to both velocity up the darkening of the middle, or polish it out so that it blends?

I am just sick about this - the table is only two months old.

Very best answer:

Reply by Genny
You can apply some polish with a tint to it they promote Lemon Oil and they also promote the one particular that I am chatting about .

But if this table was just bought it should not have carried out that so quickly ,I would call the store and explain to them about it possibly they have some variety of guarantee on it.

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Q&A: Can you use a Compact fluorscent light bulb in a dining room fixture that has a dimmer on it?

Query by EagleWatcher: Can you use a Compact fluorscent mild bulb in a eating place fixture that has a dimmer on it?

Greatest answer:

Reply by Mark R
No simply because the compact fluorscent has reliable state circuitry in it. Use an incandescent bulb and you will be good

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Does anyone have ideas for Easter table decorations and placecard?

Issue by cintrich: Does anyone have suggestions for Easter table decorations and placecard?
I am getting realtives this 12 months from my facet of the household, Italian and my spouse's Greek and want to do something specific for the dining area table this sort of as identify spot cards and decoration for the buffet table.

Best response:

Response by flamingo_sandy
I would get chocolate eggs and use frosting to publish each and every guest's identify a single one particular. Spot it in a small Easter basker with some Easter basket grass and a few jelly beans.

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Questions on the Oasis of the Seas cruise?

Query by Amelia: Concerns on the Oasis of the Seas cruise?
For the Oasis of the Seas, aside from the eating room currently being free of charge (integrated in the rates), is there a spot wherever can I get water, espresso, and foods free of charge for 24 hrs? The Princess Cruise Line has a 24 hour buffet do they have 1 on the Oasis of the Seas? Is there complimentary h2o and/ or meals put in the cabins every day? Thank you!

Finest answer:

Reply by justme
Go to the buffet, they are open most of the day, and have water, espresso, juice, iced tea, and tons of foods, all totally free. I do not know about what is set in the cabins, but Im confident its not free. You can have space service deliver you foods or drink although, and it is free (assuming the consume is not alcoholic).

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what is the country music video dancing through generations?

Query by Dillon H: what is the nation new music video clip dancing via generations?
nation songs movie exactly where a man and and lady who are not singing are dancing in this residence. they dance via generations (50s, 80s, and the very last scene is a slow dance in the living room)

Best solution:

Response by Taylor
It can be: Why Never We Just Dance by Josh Turner

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Q&A: Need help identifying great-grandma's dining set?

Issue by Allie: Need help identifying fantastic-grandma's eating set?
I am trying to track down details on my excellent-grandmother's dining space set. I have searched ebay and various antique sites with no luck. Right here is what I know: at minimum sixty five yrs outdated, owned in Massachusetts, glue was used in chair assembly (now dried out and chairs are weak), dovetails on drawers (not uniform in size), set consists of rectangular table with extensions on both finish, a buffet and six side chairs, honey coloured solid wooden, the only mark is "No. 531 Maple." stenciled on the again of the buffet. My aunt tells me that the set is produced from strong rock maple and was created by Cushman (seems to be equivalent to items in the Colonal Creations line but I am doubtful because there are no labels). My husband wants to buy a new dining set (made with veneers!) but I adore this set and I am pondering about obtaining it restored. Probably if I had far more info I could modify his brain. I have photographs if anybody is fascinated.

Finest solution:

Answer by Starving Artist
I would require to see a photo.where is yours

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Q&A: What type of flooring is popular but not too expensive?

Issue by Holly: What type of flooring is popular but not too costly?
We have pets and want some thing lower maintenance but also with the thought of marketing in a couple a long time.
We have a Huge household area with linoleum now and carpeting in the bedrooms & residing room. Our nation kitchen is real oak which we approach to retain and it meets up with the loved ones room on one stop and is visible to the carpeted hall way on the other end. The family members room is linked only to the kitchen.
We've thought about carrying out the set up ourselves if it's not carpeting, to preserve on $ but not confident how difficult it would be.

Greatest solution:

Response by David C

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What color is best to paint your house before selling it?

Query by Handymam: What color is best to paint your property before offering it?

Best reply:

Answer by JUSTME
White. Every little thing white, like the ceiling. Can use the identical paint on the walls, as properly as the ceiling. Opens factor up greatly, and if the new proprietors want to repaint, it is really effortless to paint over white.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Would you pay someone 10 dollars to paint your house numbers on the curb?

Issue by shy sureno: Would you spend somebody 10 bucks to paint your home amounts on the curb?

Best reply:

Response by reneem1954_2000
I would if they supplied the paint and confirmed me a great stencil they had been going to use, unless of course they can prove to me they can do a neat job undertaking it freehand. Perhaps photos of other jobs they did or suggestions from other nearby people. Great concept for a kid in substantial school to make cash!

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Would you ever paint your house completely black?

Query by Jack is stressed out!: Would you ever before paint your residence completely black?
Some people find it depressing.

Greatest response:

Response by Frank W
not my home. I would paint my car entirely black, but not the residence.

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Q&A: What is a good website to find good home interior decorating ideas?

Issue by Jens: What is a very good site to come across very good house inside decorating suggestions?
I am getting married and shifting in to my 1st house. I will not have a good decorating bone in my physique. So, I welcome support from anybody with great concepts! Thanks!

Greatest solution:

Answer by teena

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3piece living room suite?

Question by jay.teresa: 3piece dwelling place suite?
very good cond.nation style tans/green

Finest reply:

Reply by tinkywinky
Consult your gran.

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How soon after a rainy day (in New England) is it okay to paint your house?

Query by Jan2001: How soon soon after a rainy day (in New England) is it alright to paint your residence?

Finest answer:

Reply by Chrys
I'd do it when there are NO rainy days for at minimum a week. You want the paint to dry on a dry do it when it can be WARM (not cool/cold) and DRY..

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Will cigarette smoke permanently discolor white leather?

Question by monkey: Will cigarette smoke once and for all discolor white leather?
I am interested in acquiring a white leather nelson marshmallow sofa. I smoke and am questioning if that would for good discolor the white leather or could any build up be clean off? Also, is there a particular protective products I really should use on it right away that would add a protective shield to the leather that would assist prevent long term or tremendous difficult to thoroughly clean staining?

Finest solution:

Reply by Sebastian Rothwyn
Properly certainly considering that you are contemplating how it will impact your leather, it is harmful. You may well take into account that if it messes up your leather, it could do even worse to your much less durable lungs and system.

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What size light fixture over a rectangular dining room table, 90x37?

Question by phaser21_1: What size light fixture over a rectangular dining room table, 90x37?

Best answer:

Answer by old_woman_84
Are we talking inches, feet, metric measurements??
It would also depend on the rest of your room and how much lighting comes from other sources--how high the light fixture is --ceiling light--hanging light--style--how many light bulbs and how much light the fixture gives out. I think you need to shop around.

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Cruise Survey....?

Question by :): Cruise Survey....?
I built a survey and would like to know what ppl believe about various cruises....

Anybody who's freshly returned from a cruise, please fill this out with a 1-10 range ranking technique (1 currently being worst ten getting best).

*you can just copy and paste the survey, and thank you so a lot!!!!!! = ]

Ship Company:
Ship Name:
Date Sailed:

Ship High quality:
Ship Service:
Ship Wellness (pools, spas, gyms and so forth.):
Ship pursuits (17-):
Ship routines (eighteen+):
Dining Space Meals:
Buffet Foods:
Waiting Lines:
Cabin Quality:
Ship Retailers:
Evening Clubs:
All round:

Other items to be aware:

Very best answer:

Answer by stepmiller2
Ship Company: Carnival
Ship Identify: Triumph
Date Sailed: June nine,2007
Vacation destination: West Caribbean (Cozumel, Caymans,Jamaica)

Ship High quality: 8
Ship Services: 9
Ship Well being (pools, spas, gyms and so forth.): 7
Ship routines (17-): N/A
Ship activities (eighteen+): eight
Casino: nine
Dining Area Foods: ten (Very best I've had-fifth cruise)
Buffet Meals: seven
Excursions: four (First time I ever before had excursion problems)
Waiting Lines: seven
Cabin Good quality: 7 (not up to their common specifications)
Ship Stores: seven
Night time Clubs: eight
Bars: 8
Total: eight

Other items to notice: I have been on 4 other Carnival cruises and this was the first time I have been fairly disappointed. I still had a excellent time but it was not as great as my previous cruises. The essential to these cruises is the cruise director. If he is excellent the cruise will be exceptional. The best cruise director I have at any time satisfied was on the Carnival Conquest (His identify was Todd) He circulated throughout the boat and virtually pushed people into getting a fantastic time. Finest holiday I at any time had.

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Q&A: Does painting most rooms in your house increase the value of your house?

Query by kat ☮: Does painting most rooms in your home increase the value of your home?

Very best answer:

Response by Jo D
If the value you are seeking for is resale value, Yes. Most individuals who are loooking for a house are not looking ahead to getting to supply their belongings to the middle of the rooms and covering them with dropcloths even though they make the rooms thoroughly clean and freshly painted. The aesthetic value is enhanced as properly.

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what color is better for a dining room red or green?

Question by AnaLitsaaa:D: what colour is much better for a dining space red or green?
Im relocating and i never know what color to paint my new dining area i was points like a light warm green or a warm red??I genuinely like green but i have very good items that go excellent with the red!what ought to i choose?the wood is darkish so it seems to be good with the red but i truly like the green...they are both excellent(also red can make me hungry)Which one do you feel would appear better?

Greatest reply:

Reply by Diana E
IN MY Impression Certainly GREEN!!!! Very good LUCK..

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How often should you paint your house?

Question by Wendy J: How typically should you paint your property?
like right after how a lot of decades

Finest answer:

Answer by NV
each and every year...prior to Christmas

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How can I clean pen ink off of a white faux leather sofa ?

Question by Johanna: How can I clear pen ink off of a white faux leather sofa ?
My sister's little one shower is tomorrow and my morther is internet hosting it. Properly, my nephew (my other sister's child) received ahold of a pen and determined it was a excellent notion to draw ALL Over THE Couch! I experimented with everything to get it off and I won't be able to get it! Even magic erasers! I even brought more than my bissell spotbot and utilised the uphostry attatchment to try and get it off... Nothing at all! Any methods?? I am asking in the patenting section in hopes that a mother or auntie will know of any tricks! 10 pts for finest response!

Ps, yes, I know my sister need to have been watching her three 12 months old... It really is very irritating to every person that she authorized this to take place >:(

Finest answer:

Reply by pEaCeGiRl101
Consider Utilizing Hairspray! I know this seems truly strange but it performs! My teacher instructed us this trick in 6th grade and i will by no means forget it. Excellent Luck!!

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Would you rather paint your house or paint your nails?

Question by ηοωhεrε Μαη ☠: Would you fairly paint your home or paint your nails?
And what coloration? Painting a home is a good deal of matter what my option, i'd pick green as it's my preferred colour :D

Very best response:

Reply by ikarin
painting our residence with the color light orange

Add your very own answer in the responses!

What are some excellent home decorating web sites and/or magazines.?

Question by wendygirl1000: What are some superb property decorating world wide web sites and/or magazines.?
I am on a budget. I will not like fancy froo froo. I like cleanse and easy lines. Correct now decorating my two yr aged daughters bedroom.

Finest reply:

Reply by nooopy
true easy magazine and cottage living ... equally have web sites and magazines also consider better homes and gardens site

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Q&A: How to decorate a long narrow living room?

Question by Iris: How to enhance a long slim residing room?
At one particular conclude is a fireplace with constructed in bookcases. There is a flat screen Television more than the fireplace. Dealing with the fireplace to the proper is a long wall with three windows, reverse that wall is a large opening into the dining space. Subsequent to the opening is a plain wall. Opposite the fireplace wall is the entrance to the residing space. My husband wants a love seat recliner dealing with the fireplace. My difficulty is that most really like seats are also prolonged I can truly only have much less than ninety" in purchase to have appropriate strolling movement. Make sure you aid me with this difficulty! P.S. My type is casual nation with antiques. Thank You!!

Best solution:

Solution by Donna Carroll
This seems like you household place or den? I will not the measurements of the place but if you have 90" across the space to operate with then a loveseat would match just great. A large sofa is 84" extended so a really like seat would operate. Is this the only furniture you will have in the area. You could also use 2 recliners as an alternative of the loveseat. The room does not audio prolonged just slim. Make separate locations in the space. The loveseat in front of the Television is one particular and then on the other facet make a desk/company/studying place. This will divide the area and it would not look too extended.

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Q&A: How can I stop my cockatoo from destroying all my furniture?

Query by Mike R: How can I end my cockatoo from destroying all my furniture?
I have a 2 a long time aged umbrella cockatoo. He is fantastic. It can be absolutely incapable of bitting a human being, he is extremely carefull as to wherever he "DROPS" (like he would only go on the flooring not on a human or any furnishings), and he speaks quiet a number of phrases.

But I cant get him to cease chewing all my furniture. I have had him for 4 months now and he has partially wrecked or harm about $ 9000.00 of furniture, commencing with dining area table and chairs, dining area screen scenario, and many others.... And now my leather sofas.

If I depart him on the cage he will screams so i can take him out, and when I do, then i have to supervise him at all instances due to the fact the minute I seem away he is bitting some thing. He understands when I observe him, and ten seconds right after I0 seem the other way he begins chewing. Its like a video game for him I consider. What can i do?

Very best answer:

Answer by Holly W
I am frightened the bird likes to chew, until you want to cover your total residence in something foul smelling/tasting (or perspex), I propose a bird playground.
Discover a little utilised area of your property, then enhance with wood, branches, treats, toys, anything at all you know he likes.
To give you an notion what I mean, here's a few examples - club_Froggy-Herbie/artwork/36x36-Health club-2604-m.jpg

I have tried using to show you a assortment of diverse dimensions, the important point is to retain messing with it, adjust the toys, move things about, have entertaining.

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cleaning light colored leather sofa?

Query by ilovecolonelsanders: cleansing light colored leather sofa?
ok we have white wash/ beige leather sofa's we clean every 3-4 months with this point dont know what specifically it is. we bought it at macys with sofas. (it says use it three-four months) nicely now they have a lot of wrinkles and the wrinkles have dirt also. i bought the armor all (cleaner/conditioner) for leather at the car part area. and used it each couple of weeks,and nonetheless its dirty. it just get a minor cleaner and shiny.

Very best answer:

Response by Bates Water Gardens
Will not use Armor All. It has rubbing alcohol in it and will dry out your leather above a extended time period of time.


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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Help with color scheme for living room/dining room combo room?

Question by ♫ Crack head Tony♫: Help with color scheme for living room/dining room combo room?
I need help with picking the colors for the rugs, curtians, pictures and pillows.....Sadly the walls must stay white, but I have white leather furniture, a mahogony wood with a cherry colored stain shrunk. In the 2 curio cabinets in the shrunk I have crystal and Lladro porcelian figurines. My dining room furniture consists of a china cabinet and hutch and a dining table that seats 6 the wood is mahogony with a cherry stain. In my china cabinet I have diffrent sets of crystal glasses along with china. The pattern on the china is pink and red roses set on what looks like an opal color the way an opal kinda shines and has that translucent effect. However, I do not want to decorate in pink and red, the roses do not stand out enough to have to pick these colors.
The style of the wood pieces can best be described as british coloniel with a slightly updated touch to it. I hope that makes scence. Thanks for your help.
I hope I dont have to buy new as I just spent 8,000 on this new stuff.....

Best answer:

Answer by Sabine S lost me at white leather are beyond help...

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Q&A: Any ideas how to run a contest that will promote my new interior decorating business?

Question by jmb563: Any tips how to operate a contest that will promote my new inside decorating company?
I want to be able to set my personal several hours so I can stay residence with my 3 year aged daughter and hopefully quickly a sibling. I am planning to commence my very own property based mostly company assisting other individuals decorate/organize their households. I was thinking some sort of contest in which people could mail in their worst or very best decorating projects. Possibly I could get some of the regional companies(furnishings/accessory shops) to take part and make a big media blitz or one thing. But I'm not certain precisely how to go about it. I also don't genuinely have any cash to perform with so I have to be innovative. Any suggestions? Also, where can I locate wholesale accessories and furnishings? Thank you!

Finest answer:

Reply by my_alias_id
You sound like you want to start off your organization and will go by way of with it, but you need to sluggish down. Start with carrying out a handful of employment and establish your self with local fabric and furnishings firms. Get your name out there initial and set up a clientele prior to carrying out any contests. I also think that a wonderful location to get began is with decorating for organizations close to city. Their lobbies and waiting rooms reflect the company's perception of good quality.
Soon after you do a few of these jobs, then your popularity, if it is excellent, will be sufficient to carry your organization.

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when you are painting the outside of your house, what is trim?

Question by k c: when you are painting the exterior of your property, what is trim?

Best reply:

Response by DeWayne C
the trim is the board that hang down from the roof and the boards that are on the corner of the property and around the door jams

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How much do you think I should charge someone for selling their furniture online?

Question by sea of really like: How considerably do you think I should charge a person for marketing their furniture on the web?
I will be promoting 5 large items of furniture (amusement center, coffee tables, and dining table) and it has to be done within a full week.

What is a sensible value to charge for this service?

Finest response:

Solution by rjs
i assume you are good at offering on the could cost a commission, ie. a proportion of the total, or you could cost a payment based mostly on your stage of talent...

hence, say you charge twenty five%, not unreasonable, if the stuff goes for $ 800 you clear $ 200...or you can just set a charge based mostly on the time you will shell out, and what your time is worth...

its a challenging phone for an outsider, not figuring out you and your relationship with the celebration...

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How to remove ink from a leather sofa?

Question by Black_beauty: How to take away ink from a leather sofa?
It is a white sofa.

Greatest solution:

Reply by Yahoo
White.. ew throw it away

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Q&A: What is the value of Wood & Son "Seville" China?

Question by RSR: What is the price of Wood & Son "Seville" China?
I have a complete set of Wood &Son "Seville" china with no cracks, chips, stains, and many others. and am trying to get a worth on it. I also have another set of china but so far I dont know what the patter (or maker) is. In addition I have an early1900's baroque dining area set- table that seats eight, six chairs, buffet table, liquor cabinet & china cabinet. Once more- hoping to locate out a price on the set. I have photographs of every little thing I can e mail or post.
Thank you for the assist!

Greatest response:

Reply by meanolmaw

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Q&A: do you will prefer that your dining table is multifunctional i.e. 4seater table will become6seater?

Question by vivek b: do you will prefer that your dining table is multifunctional i.e. 4seater table will become6seater?
this will help me to design multifunctional furniture. a furniture piece is nothing but a product which help to use different way.

Best answer:

Answer by Kay
yes multifunctional is better. multifunctional and small is great.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

White Sofa: Microfiber or Leather?

Question by shellsandscripts: White Sofa: Microfiber or Leather?
Which would you believe is best? I do not like how leather is cold in winter months and sticky in summertime. I am worried about microfiber staining, what would you pick?
if neither, then what?

Greatest reply:

Solution by zizzy

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White Sofa: Microfiber or Leather?

Question by shellsandscripts: White Sofa: Microfiber or Leather?
Which would you think is best? I don't like how leather is cold in winter and sticky in summer. I'm worried about microfiber staining, what would you choose?
if neither, then what?

Best answer:

Answer by zizzy

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I want to re-paint my dining room table legs and chairs. What kind of paint should I use?

Question by H: I want to re-paint my dining place table legs and chairs. What sort of paint really should I use?
The table has a wood best with green legs/base and green chairs with a cream colored seat cushion. I want to paint it black to go with the new mirror I just bought for the wall. What type of paint do I use on wood furnishings?

Best answer:

Solution by Amy M
I do not believe you need a distinct kind of paint, but it would be a very good concept to use a wood primer just before you paint it black. Also, because it is a piece of furniture that Will be employed a excellent offer and you will possibly be wiping it down with a moist cloth, use a few coats of varnish or clear lacquer to seal it.

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What colors should i paint my living/dining room ?

Question by Expecting#1: What colors should i paint my living/dining room ?
My living room is pretty much open to my dining room. In my living room I have white moldings, wood floors, a light to med brown, and light tan couches. or yea and the coffee table and entertainment center is a dark redish wood color. I want to paint my living room a dark red, but i also wouldnt mind my dining room the same color, but think it might be too much. Does anybody have any advice for me? thank you
my ceiling is 11 feet high

Best answer:

Answer by Princess
I think a tan, sandy color.

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What is the definition of, or difference between a sideboard, credenza, and a buffet?

Question by bugboobunz: What is the definition of, or big difference in between a sideboard, credenza, and a buffet?
I am questioning, from a layout standpoint, if there is a definite big difference. I have two items in my property, one that I use in the kitchen, and one particular that I use in my dining space, and I get in touch with the 1 in my dining space a buffet, because the leading folds out so that you can serve drinks and food off a larger surface area. The a single in the kitchen area, I never ever know what to get in touch with it... but it has two small drawers in the best, and is enclosed on three sides, with open shelves in the front. So I just want to know what to get in touch with it, and if I am calling the other one by the correct identify... and essentially what the big difference is amongst all of the names. Thank you!

Finest solution:

Solution by oil discipline trash
A sideboard and a buffet are basically the very same. A credenza can also be a sideboard but some are not as tall as a sideboard. The one we have that was purchased from Ethan Allen is only about 29 inches large whereas our buffet (also from Ethan Allen) is about 36 inches substantial.

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Don't you hate that those home decorating programs seem to be directed at rich people alone?

Query by mystery01: Never you dislike that these residence decorating plans look to be directed at abundant individuals by yourself?
I adore watching the exhibits anyways ,but they try to make points look so basic and inexpensive.
I know I never require to complain ,but I actually came here to see if any person can suggest palce with decorating suggestions for individuals who do not have as much cash to spend
thank you!

Finest answer:

Answer by Jell
What do you suggest by 'decorating tips?'

I'm sure you can consider of some issues that could increase your home.

Ceiling lights would be a very good area to begin...?

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dining room delema? plz help me!?

Question by Laura C: dining room delema? plz help me!?
my dining area has a vaulted ceiling too substantial to hang a chandeleir or any other lighting fixtures . What can i do to get trendy light in the dining space.
and the twenty ceilings are tilted so you cannot hang a chandelleir or a enthusiast or anything at all from it so it really is a difficulty
effectively the factor is that i will not genuinely have a ceiling simply because i have about twenty foot ceilings and i really can't hang abasoulty nearly anything from the ceiling.

Greatest answer:

Solution by SoftSpirit
If ceiling followers can be hung from vaulted ceilings, why won't be able to a chandelier? Also there is recessed lighting, tract lighting, or just excellent old sconce lights or table lamps on the aspect tables. Check out a lights retailer and get yourself some creative tips.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Painting scheme for a country-themed home?

Question by Russell B: Painting scheme for a country-themed home?
I am buying a house with my fiance. The house is 2 story, about 2000 square feet, has a kitchen, 2 1/2 baths, a dining/living room combo, a family room, an upstairs loft, and 3 bedrooms. We want to have a country-themed house and I was looking for some ideas for paint colors. All ideas welcome.

Best answer:

Answer by Dave and Jess Mac
Are you looking for exterior or interior colors?

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Do you ever just wake up in the middle of the night and want to paint your house a different color?

Issue by Tublet ɯoɹɟ ǝɥʇ 12 months 3000™: Do you ever just wake up in the center of the evening and want to paint your property a diverse color?

Greatest reply:

Solution by Mother
Yes...continually thinking of enhancing my home...just do not have the finances for it! When I do have the income for it, then i never have the motivation. GO FIGURE!

Seb, the paintbrushes and paint are in the garage and my handle is......

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Do you know a computer software for Home and Room decorating?

Issue by Paintball King: Do you know a laptop or computer software program for House and Place decorating?
A computer software that I can enhance my home with it.
The cost is not essential for me, just 1 issue that I can effortlessly style my decoration with it.

Very best answer:

Solution by UseAnotherNickname
You could use Windows Vista in the middle laptop or computer and arrange windows ME all around it like petals of a flower. You will require about nine such personal computers with windows ME if you have a large place to enhance. Use personal computers with Linux as the stems and the branches and pcs with Unix or Windows 2000/NT as the leaves. You need to hang all these personal computers on a wall.

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Q&A: Can you bring breakfast food to your room?

Query by maverick: Can you bring breakfast foods to your space?
Often I sense like obtaining breakfast in my space rather of sitting down in a hotel restaurant/dining region when I travel only by myself. Is it alright if you go there and get the foods to your space, suppose it is a breakfast buffet?

Very best answer:

Answer by troyboy
sure you can you can do almost anything at all you want in your place

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Q&A: What is a good price to ask for antique dining furniture?

Question by beloved93: What is a good price to consult for antique dining furnishings?
I have an antique (1920 +/-) Duncan Phyfe fashion dining place set that I want to offer. I am acquiring a challenging time trying to uncover an appraiser in my place (SE Michigan) who's interested in offering an appraisal only. I run into mostly antique dealers that just want to provide a cost so they can flip close to and resell it for double. What would be a acceptable price tag to request for a reliable mahogony dining space set (table, six chairs, china cabinet, buffet) in great problem?

Finest reply:

Response by Serge M
You answered your personal query. Get antique dealers to supply what they want to shell out, then promote the objects at double the quantity. If the price is affordable and an individual is interested, they will acquire. If you get no responses, reduced the price tag. the antique dealers are in enterprise to make a revenue. They could have to maintain the merchandise for along time in their shop. they have running expenditures to cover. so do not begrudge them the profit they make.

The honest appeal of any merchandise is determined when a buyer delivers a value and the seller accepts it. For special things this kind of as yours, you can set any value you want, but you will get only what someone is inclined to spend.

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How do you get white-out out of a fake leather sofa?

Query by #one twilight enthusiast ever: How do you get white-out out of a fake leather sofa?

Very best response:

Answer by xXFenderstratXx
nail polish remover

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Monday, June 13, 2011

does anyone have a really unique or extreme home/room decorating style?

Question by andrea r: does anyone have a actually exclusive or extreme house/space decorating fashion?
i am hunting for folks with critical collections or exclusive/extreme house decorating styles

Finest reply:

Answer by eskie lover
Properly, given that every person we know calls our property the museum, I suppose you would contact it excessive. We did inherit some rather outrageous collections like silk Japanese and Chinese embroidered vintage and antique gowns which we exhibit with a collection of "faces" which are Harlequin or mardi gras porcelain or ceramic masks. We have an in depth collection of teapots and accompanying services which we utilized about the home to retailer every thing from bath salts, to cotton balls to q-tips to coffee and buttons we inherited. We have about 8 fountains within and outside our home, tons of staturary, reliefs and architectural embellishment dating from all intervals and wrought and cast iron salvaged from demolished properties and customized made. Practically everything in our house or yard has what we consider is a interesting story that was passed down to us or we knowledgeable accumulating it. Our style is eclectic as it represents my European heritage and heirlooms and Asian which blends together to make a museum like gallery of artifacts in a dog helpful, comfy, effectively employed and worn surroundings. For some it is about the best, but for us our house is a whole reflection of who ended up are, in which we came from and wherever we have been.

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Q&A: Can you help me find home building/decorating websites?

Query by danielleyoung1: Can you aid me discover residence constructing/decorating internet sites?
My husband and I are purchasing a property that only the outdoors is accomplished. On the inside of the stud walls are up, but that is it. We will have to do everything from electrical to sheetrock. I have 3 modest daughters (7, 4, and 2) and want their rooms to be gorgeous. I need aid creating and decorating the bathrooms and the kitchen area.
Any person with great site addresses,please assist.

Very best solution:

Answer by nano49
Go to BEJANE.COM. This web site is excellent for what you might be organizing. Verify it out. You are going to also discover your local Lowe's or Residence Depot will be more than satisfied to help -- they have tons of authorities on hand.

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looking for wall color for living room?

Question by maymay11: hunting for wall colour for residing room?
We will be transferring into a property in the following two weeks. I need help with picking out a wall color for the living room. I posted a website link that will get you to photographs of the space. Be aware* all the decor and furniture in the images are the current home owners.
We are heading with a country Contemporary search. We want light and airy hues.
Right here is the link to our couch

We want to use yellows greens and whites for accent hues

right here is the images of the area

Best answer:

Answer by Kitty
You could go monochromatic in your wall color, pick one particular as near as you can to the very same as your sofa, which is a calming coloration. Then use your accent colours for contrast.

Or go with the pale yellow, it is sunny bright and cheerful.

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Q&A: What store is best for inexpensive, great-looking home decorating?

Query by Jenny: What shop is finest for cheap, wonderful-hunting property decorating?
I am decorating my home for the very first time and I am seeking for one thing to mount on the wall to hang coats. I also need to acquire an location rug, curtains, and wall sconces. Is there a one stop store or any recommendations? I will not want cheap high quality.

Very best reply:

Solution by gran.mom_me
Aged Time Pottery. Great things.
Or check out consignment keep. 1 right here in Dayton, OH known as Home 2 House. Have good things, low-cost price tag.

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how to remove a white spirit stain from my brown leather sofa?

Query by laura n: how to take away a white spirit stain from my brown leather sofa?

Finest reply:

Reply by SUK IT
Both you will not spill shit on ur sofa, you flip over the cutions, or you give me your stained one particular and get a new a single.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

why is the food served at the buffet so bland?

Question by Antonio S: why is the food served at the buffet so bland?
i choose to consume at the buffet on a cruise rather than the dining area. the food is in no way scorching enough and not truly that excellent. why so bland and has everyone been on a cruise wherever the buffet meals was actually good?

Greatest answer:

Reply by charlotte_g048
It's difficult to please a great deal of individuals so they would not use much spice and all that

Not certain about it not being warm

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how to figure out personal style when decorating your home?

Question by alliegarvey: how to figure out personal style when decorating your home?
My grandmother is buying a smaller home,closer to mine and she needs me to help decorate. She says that she doesn't have a personal style. What questions should I ask her to get a better view of how to decorate her home?

Best answer:

Answer by 0mike
Ask her what colors she likes. Show her some magazines with homes and see if she likes anything impeticular and go from there.

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looking for country song covers on youtube?

Question by Clarice the reindeer: hunting for nation song addresses on youtube?
Just pondering if you have any links or nearly anything to discover guys just singing region songs. Not the unique artists. Just a guy and his guitar singing in his living place in front of a webcam.

I like country addresses.

Finest answer:

Response by Gwendolyn
No webcam on this 1, but right here is one particular of my private preferred obscure artists. Audio only.

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What is the best home decorating software???

Question by Cess B: What is the greatest property decorating software???
I want to begin the interior design and style of our dream residence..its challenging to do the aged classic way pencil and paper considering that it requires a whole lot of time...There is a lot of decorating application but I dont know which one is the very best... Please help

Greatest answer:

Response by rk_king2004
I came across this web site that has a genuinely excellent property design sofware check it out

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Where can I get a nice, reasonably priced, leather sectional sofa (NOT WHITE)near San Jose, CA?

Question by Vicky: Where can I get a great, fairly priced, leather sectional sofa (NOT WHITE)around San Jose, CA?

Finest response:

Solution by vca03
try out the macy's furniture shop in valley fair. if you get a credit score card, you can get fifteen%-twenty% off your original buy.

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What colour paint would compliment aqua white leather sofa?

Question by Danna M: What colour paint would compliment aqua white leather sofa?
At the moment i have a cappucino candy colour on the wall but would like to change it for a darker colour. My wallpaper is a pale yellow colour with red/purple lillies.
The wall i want to change is cappuccino candy colour, i want to keep the colour along those lines as i have the wallpaper on the fireplace wall, 2 other walls match the background colour on the wallpaper which is pale lemon/yellow, the back wall facing directly opposite the wall papered fireplace is candy coloured one. i have purple/pink/lime cushions and 3 matching pictures of flowers on a wall. all wood and accessories are white as ive added the colours in on everything else.

Best answer:

Answer by AMO 45
I'm having trouble understanding your question are the walls cappuccino or are they wall papered or both?if its the wallpaper the obvious choice would be the pale yellow

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dining Establishment for Church Valentine's Banquet...Does Anyone Know of a restaurant with a conference room?

Question by billy_spell: Dining Establishment for Church Valentine's Banquet...Does Any person Know of a restaurant with a conference room?
Hi there! I am the pastor of a modest church in Kansas City, and I am looking for a great restaurant to have our Valentine's Banquet at. We will need a restaurant that has a conference place that we can reserve, and it wants to sit forty-fifty men and women. We have deemed buffets, like Fire Mountain, and many others...but I would really like a good "Valentine's" Day spot, if you know what I thing not to high-priced, but on the other hand, no screaming kids. If you have any recommendation I would be Significantly appreciative! Thanks! Please depart the name, deal with, and number of the restaurant too (and site if there is one particular) Make sure you!!! Thank You!

Very best response:

Answer by sarra_nicole
Golden Corral, conference area, informal dining, visitors can have their select of something they want to eat and you dont have to wait around for a waitress to take your orders! I need to know, I perform there!

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last night i dreamt like someone had excavated d living room and i found golden coins?

Question by Eva: very last night i dreamt like somebody had excavated d residing space and i found golden coins?
and i place them in d bag and then i would move from d residence(i dwell with my parents and sisters,m 21) and i would consider them with me..i would go to the region in which my bf lives,coz he had advised me to go there with my family..????what does this suggest??

Very best solution:

Answer by gul
The dream depicts that u will adopt ur bf without ur father and will give u joy in relation and prolonged lover ship , may possibly reach to marriage

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How can you tell if a vintage piece of furniture is a buffet or a dresser?

Query by BUBBLES: How can you inform if a vintage piece of furniture is a buffet or a dresser?
I have my great fantastic aunt's buffet but my husband thinks it just a dresser. It was prob purchased prior to the 40's.... like I mentioned it is my fantastic excellent aunt's buffet- and I am 29. It has been handed down through my family members as buffet but it does glimpse like a dresser. It really is extremely big- cherry wood finish and it can be all drawers. It can be all pull out drawers like a dresser. It does NOT have the tall facet drawers that open up to a shelf. It's a massive piece of funiture that is very lengthy but also extensive. It only has tiny feet at the botton- like a dresser, my outdated buffet had prolonged skinny legs before. I know I can make it be a dresser or a buffet if I so choose but I was asking yourself is there a way to tell the variation?
Any buffet details would drastically help!
Or I might have a dresser in my dining room!! LOL
Many thanks!!

Best reply:

Reply by Red Rooster
If it can sub for a china closet, you can use it as a buffet.

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Living room and Kitchen Makeover.. Ideas?

Question by Mommy2: Residing room and Kitchen area Makeover.. Ideas?
My bf and I just transferred in together and he wants to redecorate his home. Properly his residing place is complete of Indian decorations and his wall is a yucky yellow. He explained his sister painted his residing room with her left above yellow she had and he won't like it a lot. I was thinking probably a tan or a beige shade... We just never believe the yellow looks proper with the Indian decoration and the cherry tough wood floor. To give you a hint of what the yellow appears like - effectively it's almost like an apple went raw brownish yellowish colour.. Ewk! lol Any concepts????

Had been even looking for ideas of what to beautify the kitchen area - proper now it can be sunflowers (his sisters performing once again) with a actually yucky yellow as effectively but this yellow is like a banana yellow with brown tint and the floor is a grayish black marble floor. He wishes the walls and the decoration to all match the floor sort as properly. I was contemplating perhaps a country type type kitchen area considering that this home was constructed in the early 1920's I believed it would search neat to make it look like the 1920 days.. lol. What do you believe??

Best reply:

Reply by Cammie
Get rid of individuals sunflowers. I loathe people.
Attempt painting the kitchen area a light grey with red accents and the residing room a somewhat darker grey with red accents also .
Red sofa pillows, red kitchen area towels and potholders.
Red or white drapes .
Have enjoyable decorating.
Will not go for any theme. Just beautify as smooth and modern day or standard as you like.
Don't do apples or rosters all more than the kitchen area.It just looks incorrect.

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What color to paint dining room ceiling (red walls)?

Question by HEATHER: What color to paint dining room ceiling (red walls)?
I am planning to paint my dining room a vibrant red with a slight warm undertone. I am wondering what color to paint the ceiling. My trim around ceilings, windows, and baseboards are oak wood. Hardwood floors. I think white would look ridiculous. Adjoining rooms are the kitchen where walls are kind of a light orange sherbet color, and living room where walls will be a cappuccino color. Any suggestions for dining room ceiling color?

Best answer:

Answer by Stu
you've got to be careful when painting a ceiling. it can wind up making the room feel smaller. i think a lighter color would look nice, especially since your walls will be red. if you're totally against bright white, maybe you should try a softer color like an ivory or bone or even a really light buckskin color.

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Q&A: When can I take the foil down? ?

Query by Lulu: When can I consider the foil down? ?
I go through someplace that cats really do not like to stroll on aluminum foil so to preserve them off a surface area, just cover it in foil.

I kept catching my cats on my dining room buffet, but I want to preserve them off. Previous weekend, I covered the top in foil and the extremely exact same day, discovered a set of claw marks in the foil wherever a single of them clearly tried to get up there and didn't like the foil. I do not see any hair on the foil so the plan appears to have been productive.

I just did not intend to use foil as a lasting piece of residence décor. Any suggestions on how lengthy I should leave the foil in spot so that they'll get the message?

Best answer:

Remedy by Kathryn
Set a new piece of foil on the buffet, but make positive the cats can not see it from the ground (if they can see it, you will not likely know if they failed to jump up just due to the fact they saw the foil). If you do not see any new claw marks in a week, you are going to know they did not check out to jump up there, and it would almost certainly be protected to get it down.

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