Thursday, June 16, 2011

How much do you think I should charge someone for selling their furniture online?

Question by sea of really like: How considerably do you think I should charge a person for marketing their furniture on the web?
I will be promoting 5 large items of furniture (amusement center, coffee tables, and dining table) and it has to be done within a full week.

What is a sensible value to charge for this service?

Finest response:

Solution by rjs
i assume you are good at offering on the could cost a commission, ie. a proportion of the total, or you could cost a payment based mostly on your stage of talent...

hence, say you charge twenty five%, not unreasonable, if the stuff goes for $ 800 you clear $ 200...or you can just set a charge based mostly on the time you will shell out, and what your time is worth...

its a challenging phone for an outsider, not figuring out you and your relationship with the celebration...

What do you feel? Response below!

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