Thursday, June 23, 2011

Do you think it is ok for someone to bring a sibling to live with them from another country to live in 1 room ?

Query by ALTA: Do you consider it is ok for somebody to deliver a sibling to live with them from yet another region to stay in one room ?
in a flat share with strangers. The sibling is about 15 and we have been advised that he is coming right here to understand english and the length of remain could be indefinite,
The person already in the room is not able to shell out her payments as it is. She told us that she was a doing work expert, it turns out she is only a language college student with a student grant from France, she is even now finishing her degree. Now she is conversing about waitressing and benefits.
Would social providers object if they realized?

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Answer by Laura
Its great if they are each having to pay their reveal. You can up the rent even however they are in the very same room because they use much more electrical energy, drinking water, make a lot more mess and hog the bathroom.

Perhaps they are trying to conserve, or the child is too young to be on his very own until finally he learns the language.

You are properly in your rights to be angry if you are 1 of the flat mates and this was not talked about with you just before the arrival of the boy.

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