Monday, June 27, 2011

How come when I went to Rupee Room (indian restaurant), had a lunch buffet and the next day I vomited 4 times?

Question by bambam bigalo: How arrive when I went to Rupee Place (indian restaurant), had a lunch buffet and the up coming day I vomited 4 times?
It was rupee area in orange, california. I went there with my buddy just cuz we had a dining certificate of $ ten from

Right after ingesting for about 10 mins I began feeling nausea and just felt strange in a poor way. The up coming day I woke up at six:30AM and vomited four instances on the toilet. I could not rest nicely at evening because I had a small nausea.

When I go to hometown buffet I in no way vomit the following day or experience strange like possessing higher blood pressure.

Is there some thing improper with their food on rupee area? Why did I vomit?

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Answer by *TaNeAh*
It could be meals poisoning. If a employee didn't was their hand effectively right after heading to the rest room, or handling raw meat and you ate something that was not cooked (like lettuce) the bacteria isn't going to get killed. This could also transpire if they are utilizing expired item. Foods poisoning is usually flu like signs (physique aches, nausea, getting tired, and so on), with vomiting and diarrhea, but no fever and last for about 24 hrs. Based on your age and what induced it, it could destroy you. I would go there once again if I had been you, and if it occurs again that would be my very last time. Was the foods great?really spicy?

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