Friday, June 17, 2011

Q&A: How can I stop my cockatoo from destroying all my furniture?

Query by Mike R: How can I end my cockatoo from destroying all my furniture?
I have a 2 a long time aged umbrella cockatoo. He is fantastic. It can be absolutely incapable of bitting a human being, he is extremely carefull as to wherever he "DROPS" (like he would only go on the flooring not on a human or any furnishings), and he speaks quiet a number of phrases.

But I cant get him to cease chewing all my furniture. I have had him for 4 months now and he has partially wrecked or harm about $ 9000.00 of furniture, commencing with dining area table and chairs, dining area screen scenario, and many others.... And now my leather sofas.

If I depart him on the cage he will screams so i can take him out, and when I do, then i have to supervise him at all instances due to the fact the minute I seem away he is bitting some thing. He understands when I observe him, and ten seconds right after I0 seem the other way he begins chewing. Its like a video game for him I consider. What can i do?

Very best answer:

Answer by Holly W
I am frightened the bird likes to chew, until you want to cover your total residence in something foul smelling/tasting (or perspex), I propose a bird playground.
Discover a little utilised area of your property, then enhance with wood, branches, treats, toys, anything at all you know he likes.
To give you an notion what I mean, here's a few examples - club_Froggy-Herbie/artwork/36x36-Health club-2604-m.jpg

I have tried using to show you a assortment of diverse dimensions, the important point is to retain messing with it, adjust the toys, move things about, have entertaining.

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