Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Let me design a room for you on polyvore?

Query by <3: Permit me design and style a space for you on polyvore?
1.what place (bed room,residing room, and so forth)
two. shades you like
3. shades you dont like
four. what kind of feel (present day, traditional, artistic, region, and so forth.)
five. nearly anything else you want or dont want
oh yeah and if you want a bed room incorporate your age
allergic to eggs
heres your residing area

Very best solution:

Response by Allergic To Eggs
1. residing place
two. royal blue, verdigris green, sand, butter, apricot, sage, toast
3. banana, dark orange, pastel pink, sizzling pink
four. creative
five. i want one verdigris buddha head
thanks. edit to include: nice function, thank you! i wouldn't change anything at all you picked. have a excellent week

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