Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Q&A: What is a good price to ask for antique dining furniture?

Question by beloved93: What is a good price to consult for antique dining furnishings?
I have an antique (1920 +/-) Duncan Phyfe fashion dining place set that I want to offer. I am acquiring a challenging time trying to uncover an appraiser in my place (SE Michigan) who's interested in offering an appraisal only. I run into mostly antique dealers that just want to provide a cost so they can flip close to and resell it for double. What would be a acceptable price tag to request for a reliable mahogony dining space set (table, six chairs, china cabinet, buffet) in great problem?

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Response by Serge M
You answered your personal query. Get antique dealers to supply what they want to shell out, then promote the objects at double the quantity. If the price is affordable and an individual is interested, they will acquire. If you get no responses, reduced the price tag. the antique dealers are in enterprise to make a revenue. They could have to maintain the merchandise for along time in their shop. they have running expenditures to cover. so do not begrudge them the profit they make.

The honest appeal of any merchandise is determined when a buyer delivers a value and the seller accepts it. For special things this kind of as yours, you can set any value you want, but you will get only what someone is inclined to spend.

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