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Royal Carribean Dress Code?

Question by krispie5: Royal Carribean Gown Code?
I am likely on my initial cruise in feb. i know there is one particular formal night time on the cruise, but all the other nights can you use jeans to the major dining space (not the buffet)? i was just pondering if i could get away with a pair of good jean capri pants, heels and a wonderful shirt. Also, can my dad get away with jeans and a polo? many thanks! oh and if you aren't "appropriately" dressed do they kick you out or just form of give you dirty looks?

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Reply by Lets cruise!
Gown codes

Shipboard dress is informal throughout the day. Shorts and tasteful T-shirts are acceptable even in the dining room. At dinner, gown codes will differ daily, amid the following:

Informal: Slacks and sport shirt for guys (no jeans) slacks and blouse, sundress or pantsuit for females.

Informal: Jacket with or without tie for males gown or pantsuit for women.

Formal: Dark suit or tuxedo for adult males evening gown or cocktail gown for girls.

Most 3- and four-night cruises have one formal night time most seven-evening cruises have two formal nights most 10-day cruises have 3 formal nights, and so on. In basic, the longer and much more costly (per day) cruises will be the most formal on formal night, but a darkish suit and tie is suitable attire on even the most unique ships. (In other words, will not purchase a tuxedo for a solitary cruise).

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