Thursday, June 16, 2011

Q&A: Any ideas how to run a contest that will promote my new interior decorating business?

Question by jmb563: Any tips how to operate a contest that will promote my new inside decorating company?
I want to be able to set my personal several hours so I can stay residence with my 3 year aged daughter and hopefully quickly a sibling. I am planning to commence my very own property based mostly company assisting other individuals decorate/organize their households. I was thinking some sort of contest in which people could mail in their worst or very best decorating projects. Possibly I could get some of the regional companies(furnishings/accessory shops) to take part and make a big media blitz or one thing. But I'm not certain precisely how to go about it. I also don't genuinely have any cash to perform with so I have to be innovative. Any suggestions? Also, where can I locate wholesale accessories and furnishings? Thank you!

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You sound like you want to start off your organization and will go by way of with it, but you need to sluggish down. Start with carrying out a handful of employment and establish your self with local fabric and furnishings firms. Get your name out there initial and set up a clientele prior to carrying out any contests. I also think that a wonderful location to get began is with decorating for organizations close to city. Their lobbies and waiting rooms reflect the company's perception of good quality.
Soon after you do a few of these jobs, then your popularity, if it is excellent, will be sufficient to carry your organization.

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