Thursday, June 30, 2011

What is the dress code for Carnival Ecstasy? Casual and formal?

Question by newborn_blu957: What is the gown code for Carnival Ecstasy? Casual and formal?
are jeans fine in the dining place at dinner? what is the attire for the formal dinners/midnight buffet/and many others.?

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Reply by ocean.denis
All Carnival ships are really casual, but jeans is not welcomed at the dinning space.
But any other pair of pants and a shirt are ok.
On formal night a match and tie are required, but they set up a portion of the Lido restaurant (that is generally self assistance) to serve a la carte with no garments restrictions. Even bermudas are alright.
Employed to the the exact same menu that was becoming served downstairs at the dinning rooms, but I feel it has modified, now its another menu.
Its rather ridiculous the complete formal evening, since most people just put on some lousy fits anyway.

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