Monday, June 27, 2011

what are the qualifications for rent a center?

Question by Avery B: what are the qualifications for rent a center?
i just moved into a new apartment and i require a couple of much more items of furniture. (dining table, sofa, and lcd tv) i alreacy know rent to individual isnt the least expensive just want to know if i would qualify. i can manage to pay the 1st thirty day period upfront..but ive only been at my current task for significantly less than a month. also how significantly would i be likely to pay out month-to-month for all of those things

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Answer by dmann 101
I was a salesman for R.A.C. for three many years and virtually was a store manager.It is a rip off as you know.But to you are query,Sure you qualify.And they will carry it to you.

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