Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What is the point of a formal dining room?

Question by suchaprettyface11: What is the point of a formal dining area?
A great deal of people I know have these dining rooms that they in no way use. They look stuffy, like if you moved one particular minor issue, lights would start flashing and the alarm would go off. Why do individuals have these? I would understand much better if they ended up of use, but these are not. They have a dining area they do use, and then they have the stuffy looking one. I guess they feel like they have to place it there, or they would have an extra place, but whichever.

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Remedy by xjoizey
a dining room is wonderful when you are obtaining particular people above for dinner and you never want to eat in the kitchen area. or b-days, Christmas, Easter ,etc....................But, ur proper generally it really is a dust collector............As my Mother employed to say .. It can be for organization..

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