Monday, June 27, 2011

How can I use dried rose petals in home decorating?

Query by perfectsonnet: How can I use dried rose petals in residence decorating?
I have some dried rose petals from a bouquet and I would like to use them to enhance a body, but I haven't located any guidelines. Any suggestions on how to make it or how to make anything else utilizing petals? Many thanks!

Finest solution:

Response by goobeygirl02
I will not know how to use them in a body but if you put them in a vase with oil they will stay. Here's a really cute smow globe with the petals. Consider a clean glass jar that has a lid, you can uncover one in the fridge or at your regional $ one store they always have decorative ones. Just take the lid and glue a figure or momento of some kind. set it to the aspect and let it dry. Set the flowers, you could have to lower them up a bit if its a tiny jar, in the jar and some sparly confetti and fill with a distinct oil, or you can use distilled water, and make confident that you will not fill it all the way to the leading, b/c when you screw the lid on, it will make the watercome out some if its as well total. Then glue the jar to lid. Here is the web site I discovered that on. I have done might of them and they are adorable. Very good Luck!

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