Thursday, June 16, 2011

Help with color scheme for living room/dining room combo room?

Question by ♫ Crack head Tony♫: Help with color scheme for living room/dining room combo room?
I need help with picking the colors for the rugs, curtians, pictures and pillows.....Sadly the walls must stay white, but I have white leather furniture, a mahogony wood with a cherry colored stain shrunk. In the 2 curio cabinets in the shrunk I have crystal and Lladro porcelian figurines. My dining room furniture consists of a china cabinet and hutch and a dining table that seats 6 the wood is mahogony with a cherry stain. In my china cabinet I have diffrent sets of crystal glasses along with china. The pattern on the china is pink and red roses set on what looks like an opal color the way an opal kinda shines and has that translucent effect. However, I do not want to decorate in pink and red, the roses do not stand out enough to have to pick these colors.
The style of the wood pieces can best be described as british coloniel with a slightly updated touch to it. I hope that makes scence. Thanks for your help.
I hope I dont have to buy new as I just spent 8,000 on this new stuff.....

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Answer by Sabine S lost me at white leather are beyond help...

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