Thursday, June 30, 2011

what's your advice on a 14-day cruise to Hawaii?

Query by Marq: what's your guidance on a 14-day cruise to Hawaii?
on Wednesday i'm going on a 14-day Hawaiian cruise, and i want to make certain i consume all the excellent food that is obtainable!

do you consider i ought to commence in the buffet with the prime rib and roast beef or should i stick to the formal dining place and consume only filet mignon?

and what about the Hawaiian Mahi Mahi? ought to i load up on seafood in the beginning of my cruise, center or end of my cruise?

i would enjoy all your gastronomical meals tips!

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Reply by michael9346
I would say the most important point is to enjoy your cruise and try to eat what you enjoy consuming and remember you will undoubtedly gain weight, so put together to diet when you return. Most of the foods on cruises is excellent.

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