Tuesday, June 28, 2011

need color help? sofa is off white leather.?

Query by katherine: require color help? sofa is off white leather.?
finish tables dark expresso I am likely nuts attempting to decide what coloration to paint and what color drapes to create. I am leaning towards the affinity hues at benjamin moore.Any suggestions Thanks in advance.The area is a 20x14 Won't get a great deal of light.I imagined about beige but I want the sofa to pop given that it is off white

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Reply by Skip Guidance
Properly here is a peice of tips !
paint ur room in light brown color... and flooring with wood...
This will make ur sofa set of off white colour come up...!
Also you can try glass objects like tables, lamps and so forth with it to give a ethenic appear.. :)
Wish this aids.. i have knowledge thats why im answering... :D !

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