Wednesday, June 29, 2011

furniture refinishing question...blonde 1950's wood pieces...would love to turn darker chocolate!

Query by msnutmeg: furnishings refinishing question...blonde 1950's wood items...would love to turn darker chocolate brown...assist!
have blonde 50's selection. dining room china cabinet & buffet.want them to be deep abundant chocolate brown.Need to I paint brown & then stain & coat with distinct polyurethan? Was once painted ocre & then stained blonde. Should I use drinking water base paint & can I stain above this? The china cabinet belonged to my grandmother and it took me four many years to acquire the rest of the items including a table & 6 chairs and a desk. This is a sentimental factor for me...i would enjoy some help to make every thing match & complete all with matching drawer pulls. I just love the deep chocolate brown color with a substantial gloss finish...any aid would be greatly appreciated...I will have accessibility to U.S. items as I am positioned in the great lakes place ...usa. Thank you A BUNCH! FROM A DESPERATE GRAND-DAUGHTER! WHO Really Does not WANT TO MESS THIS UP! SMILES

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Answer by tomcatdun77
attempt painting with a final coat of clear finish

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