Saturday, April 30, 2011

Q&A: Where can I find a dining room table that converts to a cabinet with chair and leaf storage underneath?

Query by wethy5: Exactly where can I uncover a dining place table that converts to a cabinet with chair and leaf storage underneath?
Whilst expanding up my aunt and uncle had a table like this. When not in use it looked like a nice buffet cabinet. When you opened the doorways on the front you were ready to pull out the table. Beneath there was storage for further leaves and the chairs. The chairs folded up for storage.I cannot keep in mind for sure how many chairs there were but I would venture to say that there ended up at least eight. I haven't observed a single of these tables in more than twenty a long time. Does any a single else know what I'm talkeing about?

Best solution:

Reply by xoxohotdude
U can findd 1 in SATURN, VENUS and MARS

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Need help with family room paint colors.white leather sofa and a brown sofa?

Query by Kallie: Require aid with loved ones space paint shades.white leather sofa and a brown sofa?
I am heading to slipcover the older dark beige sofa and leave the white leather sofa as is.Looking for a casual look.No yellow.Room is not very huge.14x18.Gets medium amt of light from windows and ceiling fan.What color for the walls.Thank you in advance.
i adore yellow but that is the shade it is now and i want a adjust

Greatest answer:

Remedy by AMS123
I love light blue for a dwelling place...we just painted ours and it seems to be so excellent...we painted ours sort of a grey-blue..but if i was incorporating brown i think i wouldnt go as well grey...

right here are some images of diverse shades that i like so you can see what i suggest...
here are some truly light ones kingdom_Amys/SF6mOyLyDoI/AAAAAAAABvw/YN44tpo0ySk/s400/10.jpg
this 1 is a minor greener

for accent colours you can do your brown, white, tan, light green, medium blue, or even punchy colors like a burnt orange
like in this pic (i know its a bed room, but the shade scheme is fantastic!)
hope that aids!

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Q&A: Do you ever start painting your house at 5 o clock in the morning..?

Question by Freaky A single: Do you ever before commence painting your property at five o clock in the morning..?
and then wish you didn't simply because now you have to complete it on your only no cost?

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Remedy by Pocket Protectorate
That's why "organizing a Head" is so important...

Okay Dokay...

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Q&A: what are the cons and pros of buying a white contemporary sofa ( leather) ?

Issue by mohammed: what are the cons and pros of acquiring a white contemporary sofa ( leather) ?
am contemplating of contemporary furnishings for a dwelling place and i dont knw anything about it except on-line photos .. and am contemplating of a white leather sofa or a red one particular .. but i cant decide and i prefere the white but it would seem difficult to clean and effortless to glimpse old ,, i dunno .. support me ,, notify me about the white one particular and what do u think is better seeking also ??
thnk u all

Best answer:

Reply by Racer X
why is it easy to look aged? It will brighten up the area! It's contemporary!

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Q&A: Where to see best christmas decorated homes in Chicagoland?

Issue by Alex F: Wherever to see greatest christmas decorated homes in Chicagoland?
I have heard that there are/is suburbs with very beautifull Xmas adorned homes/homes that youi can see just driving by them. Does anybosy is aware of wherever individuals suburbs are?

Very best answer:

Remedy by musicplayinggolfer
definately not the southside :) idk when i went i didn't see any lights anywhere... but that was two weeks back

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Advice on my living room curtains?

Query by CBD: Advice on my dwelling space curtains?
I'm setting up my dwelling space similar to this 1 (posted website link below)...with a painted green wall and tan curtains. But ought to I have a valance at the top or can I get absent with just tab-top curtains and a ornamental rod? I'm heading for a "country" glimpse. Any thoughts?

Finest answer:

Reply by Patti
I consider a decorative rod would be very good, and be the very best option. A valance would most likely be also considerably in my opinion.

Nevertheless, If you don't like the look of the rod on it is own you could get a sheer fabric that matches the curtains and loop it about the rod to give it far more visual curiosity, and disguise the rod a tiny bit far more.

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What can I use as a centerpiece for my dining room table?

Query by brownsugar1961: What can I use as a centerpiece for my dining place table?
I don't want to use a floral arrangment because I have 1 on my buffet table. I want some thing various and exclusive but I really don't know what. I would also like to know if I can combine designs like modern with conventional and so on.

Very best reply:

Answer by arjklfepoejngls
How about a papier mache head of John the Baptist?

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Q&A: What kind of table is this?

Question by ~*Mrs. GM2*~: What variety of table is this?
Hi there, this is kinda a vague query, but I have this table in my basement and I know that there is a title for it, but I do not know what it is! Allow me describe it for you.

The table has 3 massive pillar legs in the center of the table that branch out to brass claw feet. The sides of the table can drop down (like a drop-leaf table) to make area for one or 2 folks, or the sides can be put up by folding out 2 wooden supports on each and every finish and propping the drop leaves up. It can also be pulled out and leaves inserted to make an over all table length of about 10 feet lengthy. When we pull the table apart to set the leaves in, it looks that the table pulls out by utilizing gears of some sort to make it pull apart smoothly. It really is a really outdated table I know. We want to refinish it and use it for our dining place table. Any person know what the identify for this kind of table is? Thank you for your help! God bless!
Yes! it is a round table that folds down to a square table when you drop the leaves! Thank you for your assist! I hope your mom calls ya back - lol! :)

Very best remedy:

Reply by bw
Drop Leaf Table with claw feet

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How much is my dining room worth? It was from the White Furniture Company in North Carolina.?

Query by dmksrk: How considerably is my dining room worth? It was from the White Furnishings Company in North Carolina.?
The suite consists of a buffet, a two piece lighted china closet, an oval table with two leaves, 6 chairs and two captain's chairs with the unique upholstery. It is both mahogany or walnut (I am not confident). It is from 1970 and is in excellent condition.

Greatest reply:

Solution by bc12012
properly White is an exceptional brand, large end.These days that set may possibly cost $ 15k. In 1970 it most likely cost $ 2000.your not heading to get far more than the unique cost .I'd guess $ 1200.

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Should I buy this dining table?

Query by Chris: Should I purchase this dining table?
Calligaris Action Extendable Dining Table

Any1 have this dining table? I am arranging to get it.. so should I get it or not?

Finest remedy:

Remedy by Kate
I am not a fan of that table.

Very first of all, its glass. No make any difference how tempered the glass is, there is constantly a risk it will break. The pointed corners add an further danger if you ever before strategy on obtaining children close to.

Second, it is amazingly major. Over 200lbs! Even if the delivery charge is not tremendous large, it is heading to be a nightmare if you ever move.

3rd, its unpleasant. I would not be capable to dwell with that table. If you're a single and actually program on dwelling with an individual, I would not bet on keeping that table.

Fourth, its $ $ $ $ for one thing unsightly, major and not so safe and sound.

If you want one thing modern and expandable, think about these:

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Where does Yahoo order furnitures such as dining table?

Question by Joey: In which does Yahoo buy furnitures such as dining table?
These are actually properly developed and quite practical. Wonder in which Yahoo orders them and serisouly contemplate get some for my home.

Finest solution:

Remedy by Bahram N
Numerous diverse manufactures.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

should we switch our t12 lighting system to t8s in my familys dining room? its free/covered by our hydrocompay?

Question by yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeboy: should we switch our t12 lights method to t8s in my familys dining space? its free of charge/covered by our hydrocompay?
so heres a pic of the lighting method in a single of my familys restaurant dining room

as u can see it is aged, but had no issues with the lights (other then bulbs bruning out each 12 months or two)

we had a hydro dude from our hydro organization (i confirmed this with them) who is provided us a system called electrical power financial savings blitz, or some thing like that

generally their giving business 1050 bucks to change their lights systems to much more efficient ones.

they only altering the lights, and ballasts, not the fixtures.

they gave us a work buy for 1035 bucks, so fundamentally, its totally free.

of course theirs a agreement on the back again of the work purchase we have to indicator, and essentially im informed the only catch is we cant preserve any of the outdated things they take it, they have to consider it away to be porperly recycled.

there gonna alter the lights only and ballast. their gonan adjust the lights from t8 to t12, what ever thats indicate, suppose ot be far more "efficient" and their gonna modify the ballasts from our current "magnetic" ones to digital ones.

are the eletrconic ones just as robust and sturdy?

i recognize t8s are suppose to previous lengthier also. the man said

also, whats much better for a dining space, they have lights temperatures like warm white 3500k to awesome light

anyways what do u guys believe? its totally free but are the stuff there placing in gonan be excellent and value it?

btw the cdompany who can make the lights and ballats is phillips

Best remedy:

Remedy by bob
They are cycling out magnetic ballast. Quickly you won't be ready to find them. If you can get an individual to spend to upgrade it, do it. And if you do your personal maintenance, the t8s are a whole lot less complicated to perform with. Phillips can make very good bulbs. Haven't employed their ballast.

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How to keep a dining table from getting damaged without ruining its appearance?

Question by yeahyeahyeah: How to keep a dining table from getting damaged without having ruining its look?
We moved and got all new furniture, which includes a new, genuinely great dining table. We're acquiring guests more than someday quickly. Visitors make spills. How to shield the surface but not ruin the goal of obtaining a stunning 1?

Finest answer:

Reply by linda_talley2000
My god mom spot a table cloth on her cherry wood dinning table when alot of quests come more than. For the duration of the vacations of course she really don't cover it but just on non holidays and a group of individuals is above thats what she do. If its about five or six individuals about we all be in the kitchen laughing, talking and consuming as she has a huge kitchen area. Hope this aids

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What got people started decorating their homes with lights and does it mean something?

Query by LAJUSTICE: What obtained people started off decorating their homes with lights and does it imply one thing?

Best answer:

Reply by C. B.
yes due to the fact christmas is a festival of >light<
love family and joy.
i dont know so who made em up and when poeple started decorating there houses with them

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Q&A: How do I get red dye from my throw pillows bleeding, out of my white leather sofa?

Question by Donna M: How do I get red dye from my throw pillows bleeding, out of my white leather sofa?
We have a white leather sofa and our red throw pillows have left like a pink tint to the places they sit in. How do I get it out??

Very best reply:

Answer by felicitytoo
You may well check out to rub some Oxi-Clean into it to see if it removes any of the pink shade. Or, you may try out the Mr. Clean wall wipers as they take away a whole lot of things from several surfaces. Soon after you have completed this and are successful, you might want to set a small leather conditioner into the region to make certain it doesn't dry the place out.

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What did you pay to have the exterior of your house painted?

Question by HW: What did you pay out to have the exterior of your home painted?
I am in the method of collecting bids for getting the exterior of my home painted. It is about 2500 sq. ft and the bid I got was for $ 4650. Is that a very good, average, horrible estimate for the Pacific Northwest place?
What were your painting estimates?
Wanted to add that the estimate incorporates strength washing, caulking, priming, etc.

Finest remedy:

Answer by Brad
check to see if they are performing any pressure washing, or any caulking rapairs...price tag would seem affordable...

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Q&A: This is so fucking long and I am sorry but I need at least 1 persons help?

Question by ninja hampsters: This is so fucking long and I am sorry but I want at minimum 1 persons support?
I don't know how to becoming this. My mom - shes type of insane. She normally requires Xanex for starters and she works to considerably. My brother who is twenty five , his two youthful children and I all stay jointly with my mom. My brother does not function. He spends all day with his greatest good friend - who I forgot to mention lives right here too - Him dwelling right here is relatively new. Anyway, my brother spends all his time w. his good friend. His oldest daughter - age 5 - is in college all day all week. So, the bulk of the day he really only has to observe after his three yr outdated and feed the horses and his dog. He nevertheless, does not feed the horses or his dog, nor does he appropriately care for his youngest kid - who is developmentally behind. He will cook foods for him and her- and he leaves every little thing where it was. Plates on the table, pots on the stove, trash on the counters. He expects me to clear this up - because I also do not work ( this is his logic) His kids also are left unattended for prolonged periods of time - I am not constantly house as I do not have children I don't experience I need to play mother to my nieces- Anyway, when I return home I have identified that the youngsters have taken for illustration( this actually took place) cake combine, water, soap, and mixed it all jointly in their play kitchen area using a rust antique steak knife. Anyway, these messes are left for me to clear up. My mom will return home from function about 11pm at evening and instantaneously go insane. There are days when the house is perfect and she will uncover a Barbie on the floor or there is a thing on the counter nevertheless and she will completely flip out. Some days the home is a mess - because of to the youngsters and my brother's lack of treatment- she will blame it all on me telling me I should clean up right after my brother since he refuses to and it will " support her" I sense as if I often cleaned up soon after him he will come to expect it. i don't want to be anyone's maid. Everything is often my fault, left up to me and I can't get it any more. My brother used to be a tablet / cocaine addict for about 6 a long time - my mother enabled him to no end and denied his problem. He is clear now but nevertheless has that selfish perspective of an addict. He expects my mom to do everything and my mom expects me to do every thing she doesn't. She has been actually upset with my recently because I have no packed up everything in her room so my brother can paint - and my brother refuses to paint till I pack everything up - and my mother refuses to pack up her own things- final time I messed with her stuff in the dining area she had a match that I " offered her antiques" when I set them in the cabinet. so, I am afraid to mess with her things.
Some aspect of me would like to run away permanently and however the other portion of me says I can not abandon my family members. Yet, I feel like I am practically nothing to them. I informed my brother I might move and he received super happy and stated he would block off my mom's place develop her methods out her window and take about the home. I was so harm. My mother all she ever does is yell at me about my brother and chat shit about how horrible I am. My brother and my mother also chat shit on me all the time when they don't feel i can hear it. I am twenty and I remain in my area all the time because I have social anxiety and I dropped out of university because of it and can't hold a career simply because of the men and women and they make enjoyable of me for it and get in touch with me lazy.

Make sure you - if you read all of this - What can I do to make things far better? Am I a undesirable daughter simply because I do not do every little thing my mother says?
Raven- Study before YOU judge me for "judging"
To the individuals who took the time to go through this and did not jump to insane conclusions. I significantly appreciate your thoughts, as my circumstance is extremely challenging to place into words and noone sees how it is here. I thank the 3 of you (so far?) for taking the time to assist me
My dad is on his 2nd tour in Afghanistan

Very best reply:

Remedy by Bala
Properly... quit assuming points.. that shud kinda resolve ur social stress and anxiety point... hope it does.. but be brave.. face what ever arrives ur way.. u know... go out.. do things.. and in the end of th day u wud know ur that much stronger... so end stopin urself...and abt ur mother.. properly she is tired of her life or it seems like that.. and she jus needs to get carried out with the day.. and move on to the subsequent one... and ur brother.. received no idea... u shud consider treatment of urself.. and if he aint takin treatment of his youngsters.. u shud be there for them... u know... dont consider of it as some maidish thing.. it is not... ur their aunt.. and also... they would build into horrible lives if no 1 is there for them...

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Q&A: is a design and decorating for homes profitable as a small business?

Question by andy-mac: is a design and style and decorating for homes lucrative as a modest business?

Finest reply:

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when i switch my living room lights on my dining room lights go off? any1 help?

Query by Scott: when i switch my dwelling room lights on my dining area lights go off? any1 help?
when i switch my living space lights on and then go and switch my dining room light on my dwelling space light goes off, i can only put one on at a time (this has only took place given that i had a dimmer switch set in)

Best remedy:

Solution by tercir2006
It's probably not wired effectively. I can't tell you how to wire it effectively with out initial investigating what wires go where, but I'd be prepared to bet my weekly paycheck on it getting wired incorrect.

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Money for employing people to paint your house?

Question by El Diablo: Money for using people to paint your residence?
There are about 2 or three men and women painting your residence....How significantly funds would you give them for painting your the hour?
Exterior of the residence..

Best solution:

Reply by Josh
50 cents previously mentioned minimal wage, of program.

Or, you could just shell out a lump payment, and divide it amongst two or three.

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Talking about me to friends?

Query by kiwi: Speaking about me to friends?
Final night, we had been traveling to some close friends. Even though making conversation, my husband advised them that I keep a messy property.. Explained that if there is any flat surface, I put stuff on it. Embarrassed me.

Fact is, yeah, I do have this unfortunate habit of leaving things out. If I am crocheting, my function gets left beside my chair. Embroidery work sometimes gets left on the dining area table. And so forth.
It's not dirt. Just clutter. To make it even much more complicated, we live in a mobile property that does not have a lot storage room.

And, some of that clutter is his. He reads the paper, drops it on the floor. Will take off his footwear & socks in residing area, leaves them. Wipes his deal with on paper towel, leaves it right there. Other factors, also.

I instructed him on the way property that he embarassed me. He stated he was sorry but that I ought to do better.

How do I make him cease speaking about me like that? What do I say that will make any distinction? There was no reason to notify friends that.

Greatest solution:

Answer by Sherry in Fenton, MO
Do it to him as soon as. Say one thing that will embarrass him in front of your close friends and see how he likes it.

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what kind of light can I put over a dining room table if I have a fan in the greatroom?

Query by phil14mtn: what type of light can I set about a dining space table if I have a fan in the greatroom?
The space is region. The fan is to retain the place cool and the lights over tha dining room table is needed for light.

Very best reply:

Reply by just_wondering
add a light to the ceiling fan.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How to buy rugs / carpet and furniture - nice and affordable .?

Question by sunil soni: How to purchase rugs / carpet and furnishings - wonderful and reasonably priced .?
I am new right here in Virginia Fairfax county and have rented an apartment. I have to furnish it with wall to wall carpet or Region rugs and with furnitures - dining table (four chairs), bed, mattress, sofa and coffee table. I am in Falls Church and not too long ago came in US, so no idea of the good shops/discount retailers etc. My finances is tight so have to go for lower charge things but Good.

Best solution:

Reply by alienscientist
Salvation army can support you find houses that are being deconstructed, if they don't by now have the items you call for. Maybe turn the apartment into a chinese way of life and basically set pillows in every single space, due to the fact it is much more enjoyable and significantly less funds.

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Magazine spreads of homes and interior decorating?

Question by Jaime: Journal spreads of households and interior decorating?
Am I the only one who feels they are unrealistic, like they wouldn't bear the use and tear of daily life? Also a good deal of the pieces of furnishings they show is really trendy and it appears it would be out of type in a couple of years.

Finest solution:

Answer by lilbunny_three
I like ikea... but I do not get what ur attempting to say here. Alot of designs from mags are trendy. Like leather couches... they don't at any time go out of fashion.

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Is this a good way to start off my story?

Query by semona: Is this a great way to start off off my story?
Its a little prolonged.

Last night time was wonderful, I nonetheless couldn't believe that that my group created it to playoffs.My arms stretch out, Yawing and opening my eyes extremely gradually I could make the day out by now. A rapid meeting with the coach, a Continental Breakfast, college press meeting, school, get pulled out the middle of class to play for round two, and last but not least if we win, get a sweet kiss by Marci Clemons. The twenty 3 year aged who stole every person on the team's heart. I prop myself up on one elbow, attracted to the wondrous odor of fresh bacon and scrambled eggs. I lifted to my ft and tossed on a shirt. Leaving out, I observe some thing oddly unrecognizable. Beside my dresser was a gleaming star, It lit up each time I blinked. I by no means purchased this and I really don't remember anyone providing it to me. It was yellow and about the dimension of a over grown pillow. Wonderful, an individual is heading to arrive seeking for it and I will get blamed a thief I greater conceal this issue fast. As I go downstairs I see all my friends and family members gathered close to the massive dining table crammed with a lot more than just Bacon and Eggs. Theres of program bacon and eggs but also pancakes, sausages, purple nip syrup, goat milk, clean french toast, tarts with cream on prime, ham, cheese, and a box of my favored cereal "Hunger O's" but even all of this meals didn't shock me I'm pretty a lot used to it. What acutally surprised me was how my two best friend's were right here.
"Hey son!" My Father named out from behind the counter, Seems he was pulling out a cake.
"Dad... you didn't have to cook all this food, keep in mind the Continental Breakfast before playoffs"
"Oh, all that stuff is watered down anyways. I want my boy to eat a very good breakfast... Pleased birthday son"
I looked over at the two sudden visitor and couldn't assist but provide myself to a smile.
"Jason, Carina" They both smiled but in which nonetheless silent. Jason was leaned again agains't the chair singing a song that I couldn't study. It's most likely my dad's song, He loves his audio.Everytime the beat dropped Jason shook his brown hair and pretened he was at a concert.
Carina was staring at me with big brown eyes (as usual) hunting bubbly (as usual) and I guess, taking part in with her fork? whichever
"Austin, we won't be at college today" Carina says. My smile began to fade.
"What do you indicate?"
"Effectively, me and Jason has some other business to show up at to"
"Effectively what is it" I say, trying my very best to mock her tone. Not only was these days the day of the playoffs but It's also my birthday as properly, and to listen to them say they will not be at school was a tiny unbearable.
"Practically nothing of your issues, we'll definatly be at the game even though Raider Ball is my favorite"
"Yeah, I know... what about you, how come you have absolutely nothing to say?"
Me and Carina looked more than at Jason who was still rocking out to the plain air.
"Satisfied Birthday Austin!" Jason smiles and areas in some headphones. Linda came about the corner with a large platter of cupcakes and party favors. Linda was out individual cook (Only when my dad is not cooking) and residence mother. Well my house mom at least. My dad tells me storys of how my real true mother left me right here soon after she gave birth to me, he says it was for a purpose. Personally I believe she just used my Dad for fame and left off. She's a mess and I never ever ever want to meet her. Just the believed of her discusses me. How could she leave me behind... her personal son. She was such a coward,whenever I attempt to chat about her in that way Dad tells me to stop she left "For personalized reasons" but who leaves there child? Well no matter what I realized to cope.
It is fantasy, so I was thinking I need to start it off with action but I'm not confident
Just say so if you feel I ought to start off it off with a person fighting or a thing
Could you stage out the errors?

Best answer:

Solution by Monkey5454

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what are the steps to painting your house interior?

Query by mr rogers: what are the measures to painting your house interior?

Very best reply:

Remedy by just me
Action One: Hire a painter

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I'm getting ready to redo my living room. Any ideas on decorating in the country/rustic style?

Question by Ms. T: I'm acquiring ready to redo my dwelling area. Any tips on decorating in the region/rustic type?

Finest remedy:
Answer by darlin12009
exactly where are we starting can put up some barnboards on 1 or two walls, use deep colours, like hunter green, chocolate browns, burgendy, enhance with birch limbs, like for curtain rods for tab prime curtains, check out a few sites for adirondack furnishings, ebay usually has some very good adirondack lamps, mirrors and many others..
good luck..

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Q&A: What is your favorite work of art in your house? Painting, Drawing, ect.?

Question by heyyy: What is your favorite function of artwork in your property? Painting, Drawing, ect.?
Out of the artwork in your home, which one is your favourite?

What is it referred to as? And who is it by?

Very best answer:

Solution by Mariela B
My favourite works are not hung in my property but are in my sketchbook for inspirations Frida Kahlo [the one particular with her velvet dress],Damien Hirst[a pink surfaced paper or wall with butterflies],and georiga O'Keeffe [the painting with a cow skull and a rose] my private favourite.

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what do colors mean in regard to painting your house?

Issue by kriswynn3000: what do colors suggest in regard to painting your house?

Best solution:

Remedy by captainsay2000
blue signifies your a crip and red indicates your a blood

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what makes a dining room a formal dining room?

Question by I P clean. U? Say no to cartels!: what tends to make a dining room a formal dining place?
what helps make a dining space formal? is it the buffet on one wall of the place or the truth it is the second dining place? i have searched for the deffinition but can not locate it anyplace...

Best solution:

Reply by claitair
A formal dining room is due primarily to the furniture and the layout. A formal dining space is largely for eating in therefore the dining area and chairs are laid out permanently, frequently with the place settings indicated by mats. There is always a centre piece in the kind of a floral software or candlesticks, even when the place is not getting used. The curtains are heavy, the lighting is subdued and there is usually some type of sideboard on which to location further dishes. All the accoutrements of dining are held in the sideboard, cuttlery, crockery, seving dishes, napkins and many others. There is usually a pile of table linen in a drawer in the dining space. But the major point is that nothing else occurs in that room. It is by no means used for anything else. It is what it says it is - a place in which you dine.

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Q&A: How does one go about decorating builder model homes? 10 points best answers?

Query by K: How does a single go about decorating builder model properties? ten points greatest solutions?

Greatest remedy:

Remedy by suellenh
Do you indicate as a task? Or to reside in? You didn't give adequate data for a meaningful remedy. Sorry.

What do you feel? Solution below!

I am looking for the value of a dining room set including hutch, bar and buffet that have black marble tops,?

Query by LaRae: I am seeking for the value of a dining area set like hutch, bar and buffet that have black marble tops,?
a table w/six chairs. These ended up broken in water , bought in 1965and will need an idea for insurance coverage reasons. They were created by Unique Furnishings Makers of Winston--Salem NC.

Finest reply:

Solution by pissy_old_woman
Your insurance plan organization will only let a certain guide allowance for this. Discuss to them and see what they will permit ... if you have replacement insurance coverage, then don't be concerned about it...just change it and they will give you the income back again.

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where to find decorating inspiration from real homes?

Query by Andreas Engvall: wherever to find decorating inspiration from real houses?
I know about HGTV and journal web sites which have inspiration banking institutions, and some spots cost you for it. Do you have any very good place for true residence images and inspiration? Not like catalogue things which are constructed studio sets. I want the true deal! Be aware: Totally free and online, not in printed mags.


Greatest reply:

Reply by Richard
I would suggest

I got my property detailed there. Im calling myself Defender above there:

40sqm, not that massive but ample for me. My gf just moved in so we are planing to get a even bigger apartment later on on this yr.

I enjoy the capability to build up the residence in rooms, give it try out oneself. Im most proud of my livingroom:

And ofcourse my garage )

Just impored the silver car, desire I will be capable to push it for awhile just before the income is needed elsewhere hehe.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

My ficus tree is dying and I dont know why. Please Help!!?

Question by Crys: My ficus tree is dying and I dont know why. Please Aid!!?
I lately got into bonsai tree courses and we have been presented ficus trees from Florida for our 1st tree. It did good for the 1st few weeks but now the leaves are wilting and begining to drop off. A few of my buddies got theirs at the very same time and theirs are doing excellent. The tree is about 5-6 years previous and it is planted in a blend of a number of soils that provide optimum draining. I water it when the soil feels dry (about as soon as a week), I water it by setting it in a complete sink for about 30 minutes at a time and i had it sitting on my dining space table which is in between two windows but I just moved it to the window sill to get more light. It is also cold right now for it to be moved exterior. I did recognize some scales on the leaves so I have sprayed it twice with Orthonex but it even now appears to be dying. Does anybody have any guidance or tips on how to conserve my tree.

Greatest solution:

Remedy by jafunmi82
Ficus trees like it moist and warm they really don't like drafts, even warm ones.

I would wash the leaves with soapy h2o, to get rid of the scale. I would make sure I have a great, huge saucer for the pot, and maintain it complete so it drinks from below.

How is the root ball? do you see the prime of it higher than the soil? you should some individuals plant them also deep, and they like a bit of air.

that explained, I do know men and women who put theirs out in the summer time, but I really don't

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Work drama, I could use some advice. I work at a restaurant and yesterday night this kid and I were closing.?

Query by Silvia: Operate drama, I could use some suggestions. I work at a restaurant and yesterday night this kid and I ended up closing.?
At our restaurant two individuals near and generally one individual is accountable for creating positive the front of the house (fundamentally the dining room) is clean. The other man or woman is responsible for generating certain the back again of the residence (elements of the kitchen, salad stations, bread, beverage stations, and so on) is clean. Properly I was back yesterday and he was front. We closed at eleven, but there had been two tables even now sitting at that time. No difficulty, we wait for them in addition to I nevertheless had some operate to complete. His table leaves. Then it is down to my table. They are virtually completed. I drop off their verify, they quickly hand me some income and depart 5 minutes later on I assume. I didn't quite observe due to the fact I was nevertheless finishing up my operate. Then the other child started out vacuuming and we generally shut the restaurant down. I went to the rest room, when I arrived out I noticed him grabbing his coat and he bid me a goodnight. I shut off the rest of the appliances, took a previous glimpse about and went house.
These days he texts me and tells me why I forgot to thoroughly clean my table and that he received in issues for it. I sense terrible. Because I did forget it, it was my table. I even bear in mind telling the dishwasher he had a couple of more plates left. I have no concept how I forgot it! I texted him back again and apologized. He nonetheless hasn't texted me back. I called my manager and apologized to her. She explained that it wasn't my fault, it was his, he was responsible for the front. Then she explained they ended up occupied and hung up. I experience like crap although and I do not want any problems with anybody. I generally am so mindful about creating confident everything is clean. I really don't know how I didn't notice it. However at the very same time, why didn't he remind me prior to he left or a thing???? Any aid make sure you? Thanks.

Greatest answer:

Answer by michr
it seems like you did practically nothing incorrect, end worrying about it...........

in actuality the supervisor on duty was responsible for this, by not checking each and every workers operate ahead of they were authorized to leave.

everybody can make mistakes the key is to always learn from them and do not make the exact same blunder twice.
as i already stated in this situation you did NOT make the blunder but you can even now find out from this.
the individual you labored with certainly desires to blame someone else when factors don't go proper.... that is the lesson to be discovered.

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i need some quick decorating ideas to increase the value of my homes apprasial?

Question by SUE L: i will need some quick decorating tips to enhance the price of my properties apprasial?
we are trying to get a home equity loan and i would like to have a handful of concepts on speedy repair decorating ideas to help with the apprasial. We just recently added corian countertops and an black granite island but my residence is older and I would like to have a excellent apprasial for the amt of income we are needing..Any concepts

Best solution:

Answer by openfreemarkets
Have two gorgeous naked ladies generating love out in the open when folks come to look.

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is there a good web site that helps choose colour combinations for painting your house?

Query by lucy: is there a great net website that aids pick color combinations for painting your house?

Very best remedy:

Reply by Joy L
observed on tv you just take smae like colors, from outfits to the shop and they will coloration match, appear at the coloration wheel to, , reds browns and golds go together, blues purples go collectively, any pastel of these hues, appear at a blouse, skirt or dress you adore, didn, t see any net website other thean Do it yourself, color is a personal issue when you are staying in your house, offering is diverse

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How to keep cats off of dining room furniture?

Query by Lulu: How to keep cats off of dining space furniture?
Our cats have normally been compliant when we establish that an area like the kitchen counter is off limits, but they will not keep off our dining area table & buffet – which we've had for about a month. The sun hits each of these items for numerous hours a day each and every afternoon, which I feel is their major enthusiasm for misbehaving. No other window in the home offers as a lot sunlight. We are about to install window remedies which may possibly assist block the sun, but I do not think that will fully remedy the problem.

They each dislike citrus smells, but I don't know how to keep a continual stream of that aroma heading. This is my fantastic-grandparent's furniture so I have to be cautious about what sprays or oils I use on/all around it to avoid injury. Orange Glo has been our ally in the past, but I really don't trust it on antiques. Is there anything at all else I can check out? Typically no 1 is home when they are performing this – we just discover piles of cat hair and askew table cloths/runners when we come property.

Finest solution:

Remedy by Bozema
I just purchased these mats to retain my cat off my husband's motorcycle (that has been a sore spot!!!). They have tiny spikes on them (just like the mats you use underneath office chairs, only spikes go appropriate side up). They operate like a charm.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Q&A: What is your opinion of having a counter-height dining table?

Query by J.: What is your impression of getting a counter-peak dining table?
I am searching for a dining furniture set for my house which would contain the table, chairs, and some sort of buffet or hutch. I've noticed a handful of sets exactly where the table is counter height and the chairs are really "bar stools."

Does everyone have experience making use of these increased dining tables and chairs? And what are your opinions of them? Are there any positive aspects or shortcomings when in contrast to traditional dining furniture?

Very best answer:

Answer by Suzanna
I had a breakfast bar with bar stools and it was useful in the mornings and at lunch time as could get the foods put out on the bar in a hurry. But i would never want to sit down to a family meal at the breakfast bar. It was an effort to get on the stools and down again.

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What is a career that has to do with decorating and designing homes?

Query by anon!: What is a career that has to do with decorating and creating homes?
I cant quite set my finger on it.

I've looked up about house interior creating, but i cant draw as properly as i wish to.

Aid :(

Finest reply:

Reply by psychophxpunk
Interior Decorator

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my dining room light box has 2 sets of wires coming into it but only one switch controls it. How do re-connect?

Question by bruceholland32: my dining space light-weight box has two sets of wires coming into it but only one switch controls it. How do re-link?
The two Blacks are tied with each other and the the whites are separated. The blacks and a single white have wire nuts on them and 1 white is bare. I didn't un hook the previous light so i don't know how it was wired prior to the sheetrockers messed with it.. Some one aid me please.

Finest remedy:

Reply by STEVEN F
There is One particular wire from the breaker box to the fixture and 1 from the fixture to the swap. The joined black wires are the scorching wire to the swap. The white wire with the wire nut is the return very hot from the switch. The bare white wire is the neutral. For most light fixtures, it doesn't make any difference which terminal you connect to the scorching, and which you link to the neutral. It is regarded as very good apply the mark a white wire carrying existing from a swap with black electrical tape, but the wire nut serves the exact same function.

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Suppose that United States furniture makers import $100 of wood and parts in order to make a dining room table

Question by jeff w: Suppose that United States furnishings makers import of wood and parts in buy to make a dining space table
Suppose that United States furniture makers import $ 100 of wood and areas in order to make a dining room table promoting for $ 500. The imports have no tariff of quota restrictions.

$ 600.
$ 300.
$ 500.
$ 400.
None of the above.

Very best reply:

Remedy by tmore1
If they dont have that they will have worth additional tax and so forth

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Q&A: We recently painted our dining room an evergreen and are seeking advice on drape color.?

Question by kimberly_rosenberger: We not too long ago painted our dining space an evergreen and are searching for advice on drape color.?
The dining space has the authentic unpainted darkish wood perform with a created in seat and a developed in buffet with leaded glass. I am pondering of a medium shade of grey for the drapes but my husband isn't convinced that it will match. Any thoughts or responses would be tremendously appreciated. Thank you.

Very best remedy:

Reply by marshmallowinferno
I would go with a soft ivory shade or mushroom or taupe its earthy like the evergreen walls. I'm variety of siding with your husband. I would select warm tones more than great tones.

Very good luck.

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STAR ACADEMY which star academy had stairs in middle of the living room, it goes around, which country?

Question by Marina: STAR ACADEMY which star academy had stairs in center of the dwelling place, it goes close to, which country?
cant don't forget was it mexico, brazil, portugul, or spain??!
there had been the two partners in the show that obtained married, she had short hair he was adorable, maybe ot was 2006 or 2007 i have no clue, but do u know which country or who they are , names.

Very best remedy:

Answer by Fish
Sorry, I don't know. I'm just answering for the points.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

How much do you think this dining room set is worth?

Issue by Dianne S: How a lot do you think this dining place set is really worth?
I am purchasing a dining room set from an particular person. It is a country, but type of formal design 96" table w/pedestal legs, eight pressed again chairs a huge china cabinet w/shelves and lights and a buffet. It is only one particular 12 months old and barely employed. It is solid oak and very good top quality. I can not look to uncover comparable items on the web to establish if I am acquiring a discount? Any suggestions how a lot its well worth or exactly where to uncover out?

Very best reply:

Reply by Maureen
possibly somewher all around $ 1,200 i kinda have one particular like dat at my property

Add your personal remedy in the responses!

Q&A: Arranging Furniture in a 16x16 Living room?

Query by AB_NY: Arranging Furniture in a 16x16 Living area?
I am obtaining difficulty arranging my furniture in a 16x16 Residing Space to also have a small Dining Region. I have a Sofa, Loveseat, Coffee Table, 37" tv, Drop Leaf Dining Set, and a Buffet/Sideboard. A single wall includes a 6' window, and the again of the Residing Room opens proper up into the kitchen area. Any recommendations on arrangements that could operate? Here's a sample of what I am doing work with:

Finest remedy:

Reply by PAULA F
Check out this...

Your west wall is open. The east wall has the window & door on it. So, on your north wall, area your sideboard at the west edge of the wall. Area two buffet lamps on it & a mirror more than it. To the proper of that will be your drop leaf table. About the table location a pair of photographs side by aspect. Following to that you will corner your Tv & Tv stand. On the window wall, area a little swivel barrel chair (check out out Value Town). On the south wall will be your sofa (place 1 huge photograph over your sofa or floating shelves) & stop tables with lamps, then you will consider your loveseat & "L" it with the sofa so that the loveseat produces a separation amongst the kitchen.

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Q&A: downloading program for painting your house?

Query by enroute_bc: downloading plan for painting your house?
does everyone know of a free web site wherever you can download a system related to the benjamin moore shade viewer? i'd like to upload my own pics and try out out some coloration samples. the benjamin moore 1 is $ 20 and i don't want to devote that kinda cash.
if anybody has any ideas, allow me know. thanks.
ps. our property is reddish brick and stucco. any suggestions? (bottom and some of the sides are brick the rest is this putrid peach stucco!).

Best reply:

Answer by The Hitman
3d architect

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Need to clean white leather sofa?

Query by Chloe: Require to cleanse white leather sofa?
I want to clear my white leather sofa and also the leather interior of my automobile, which is quite light grey. I cannot pay for to have them professionally cleaned or invest huge bucks on a little sum of leather cleaner. Is there an regular merchandise availabe in a spray bottle I can use? Will regular soap and water damage the leather, or ought to I just go with that? The holidays are coming and I need it to search nice, but I'm sorta broke... Thank you!

Best remedy:

Solution by MagPookie
The best merchandise are leather cleaners for automobiles (I like McGuire's) but they can be expensive. It you want a inexpensive product that functions, I recommend Clorox bleach spray BUT you need to wipe down the seats extensively with a damp cloth afterwards. The Clorox does a excellent job at cleansing but you will want to take away as considerably residue as feasible to prevent discoloring the leather.

Personally, I'd invest the money for McGuires.

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A sideboard is a, a.type of card table b.?

Query by Jamora: A sideboard is a, a.type of card table b.?
A. kind of card table.
B. drop-leaf table.
C. chest of drawers.
D. dining place serving piece.

Finest reply:

Remedy by Grandma of 2
(D): A dining place serving piece. Generally on legs...increased than waist higher...and lengthy to permit for a assortment of tableware to be laid out. Typically had a decorative mirror on the again of the piece.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Q&A: country style living room??

Question by Gypsy: nation type living space??
I was asking yourself if i utilised a tan suade furnishings what would be the best wood for the coffie table and end tables. Also what colour would be greatest for the walls and carpet???

Finest reply:

Answer by SaturnGirl
We have tan leather couches with cherry tables. Region fashion rooms glimpse very best with hardwood floors and location rugs in my impression. If that's not an option, pick some thing neutral and paint a shade on the walls. Hunter green walls and a creamy carpet. Or switch and do hunter green carpet and creamy walls. With region style, there are lot's of decor things you can hang up to spruce up the room.

Add your very own remedy in the comments!

Suppose that United States furniture makers import $100 of wood and parts in order to make a dining room table

Query by jeff w: Suppose that United States furnishings makers import of wood and elements in buy to make a dining room table
Suppose that United States furnishings makers import $ 100 of wood and areas in order to make a dining place table offering for $ 500. The imports have no tariff of quota restrictions.

Primarily based on the situation above, value added in the United States is
$ 600.
$ 300.
$ 500.
$ four hundred.
None of the previously mentioned.

Very best solution:

Answer by PAULSC
$ four hundred.

Add your individual answer in the remarks!

What retail stores sell modern furniture packages? Lounge, dining table, tv stand . Eg Super Amart?

Query by sugar: What retail shops promote modern furniture deals? Lounge, dining table, television stand . Eg Super Amart?
Super Amart has some wonderful packages but not to many to choose from. What other merchants offer these kind of deals and are a very good deal? Super amart have constantly been quiet low cost i believed, nicely sensible.
I am seeking for a contemporary lounge with all the tables and goods that match.
Im in australia so australian shops make sure you.

Best remedy:

Answer by marge
ikea, furniture immediate, freedom furnishings

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Q&A: What dining venues are complimentary on Royal Caribbean?

Question by Due September seventeenth with child #one: What dining venues are complimentary on Royal Caribbean?
I know the grills, principal dining room, and buffet are typically integrated. I am sailing on a Voyager Ship. Are dining options on the Promenade integrated in your ticket price (this kind of as the Cafe Promenade, Pubs, and so on)?

Finest reply:

Answer by haskill333
Yes cafe promenade is integrated in ur cruise! But all of the specialty restraunts, and bars r im afraid not integrated!

But rely on me between the buffet the dining room and cafe promenade u will be really stuffed :D!

Have a wonderful time! Voyager is 1 of the best out on the ocean!

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Q&A: I want to install a lighting fixture in my dining room.?

Question by icejan: I want to install a lighting fixture in my dining space.?
Can I do it myself by turning off the circuit breakers in the house and matching the colour coded wires jointly? Or is there much more to it than just that?

Finest reply:

Reply by Beau R
That ought to do it.

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country song about a girl taking off a black dress on the living room floor?

Question by sissa: country song about a girl taking off a black dress on the living room floor?
the music has a funky beat for a country song a couple just got home
and she takes a black dress off in the living room he tells her how
good she looks when the dress hits the living room floor i want to
know the artist is ?

Best answer:

Answer by grey eyes
Chris Young is the artist.
The title of the song is "Gettin' You Home".

Give your answer to this question below!

What are some websites that offer pictures of model homes for decorating ideas?

Query by Hoping he will bless me with #1: What are some websites that supply photographs of model homes for decorating suggestions?
I am searching for a internet site that has examples of various kitchens, bathrooms, pantries, bedrooms, dining rooms, visitor rooms, dens, offices, garages that are decorated. I want some ideas.

Greatest answer:
Remedy by llittle mama
The only ones I know of are
amd or possibly it is just
Have you tried using just going around and searching at the model houses in man or woman?

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What color for my dining room?

Question by kerrbear: What shade for my dining space?
It is a large dining room.20x18. It is situated off my kitchen area, which is a light green with a white principal function area. it also prospects to a big household area which has a deep mauve on the wall nearest the dining area which is also the same deep mauve with the remainder of the loved ones area becoming a semi light olive green. I have an antique buffet in the space, a wood table and there is nook with wood framed windows. It is a previous farm home. Many thanks.

Very best reply:

Remedy by gardensallday
I am partial to green myself. You do not want to have too several colours or you eliminate continuity, imo. I have a really good woodland view from my farmhouse, so green has completed quite nicely in my living space. Anyway, whichever area you can see much more from the dining place is the one you want to be steady with, imo. If you want to keep consistent with the farmhouse, you won't want to go as well wild with the colors.

have entertaining!

(I beautify with a lot of yellow and peach in addition to the green, but that won't go with mauve at all)

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can anyone tell me a website giving tips for decorating homes?

Query by harshin v: can anyone tell me a internet site providing ideas for decorating properties?

Finest solution:

Solution by suenami_98
Have you attempted

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Living Room Theme: Rustic Cabin or Country Western?

Question by PipPip: Living Space Theme: Rustic Cabin or Region Western?
I really will need to embellish my oh so boring living space, I just am not certain what concept to go with or how to start off. I am contemplating I want to do nation western or cabin rustic. What would be easier and much less pricey and exactly where ought to I begin?? What coloration paints would go with each theme? Thank you in advance.

Finest solution:

Remedy by Allison
Here's some internet sites that will get you started: and style

Give your answer to this query under!

I want to paint an accent wall in my living room this shade of green, but?

Question by CBD: I want to paint an accent wall in my residing room this shade of green, but?
I am not certain what colour to paint the other 3 walls? I'm afraid if I paint all the walls this color green it will be also significantly, so I considered an accent wall would be a safe and sound way to go. Is that a poor idea? I am heading for a nation design dwelling space like the one particular in the image. Any advice?

Very best reply:

Reply by know-it-all
Because we could not see the shade of green, it is a little a lot more challenging to answer, but taupe, beige or coffee with a great deal of cream in it would be quite with just about any green.

Add your own solution in the remarks!

Just painted my living room, and i need a theme, country or something to pick out decorations?

Question by Cindy: Just painted my residing space, and i will need a concept, region or some thing to choose out decorations?
Okay, i just painted my dwelling area brick red( for an accent wall) and tan for the rest. i also have brown leather couches, what theme should the room be. i know i ought to have believed of that before but i didn't.

Finest solution:

Remedy by iluvbirds25
Hey, I feel you are undertaking genuinely properly so much. Hummmm.......

Rustic, like a region cabin
Western or Region - hats, guitars, horses, and a hitching post.

I would advise a combo of these.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I just bought a white leather sofa as my cats kept urinating on the previous one.How do i stop them?

Query by its_shaima: I just bought a white leather sofa as my cats stored urinating on the past one.How do i stop them?
The prior sofa was also white leather and i had to give it away as i couldnt get the scent or stains out. So im trying to avoid this from occurring yet again by stopping them prior to they urinate on it.

Very best answer:

Reply by Anda
Properly you ought to most likely consider about getting them fixed. If they are fixed, there was possibly a odor on the couch that they didn't like.

What do you believe? Remedy beneath!

How can I clean my white leather sofa?

Query by suzie: How can I clear my white leather sofa?
I have a white color leather sofa..What is the greatest product to clear the marks on it?

Finest remedy:

Solution by blazenphoenix
I have brown leather and I use Armor All or a leather lotion from the shoe shop. You can go to Footlocker or any athletic shoe keep and get some leather shoe cleaner and use it with a soft cloth. Operates like magic and helps condition the leather at the identical time.

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For classifying furniture, the categories dining table, desk chair, sofa, lamp, are?

Query by Chem-Grasp: For classifying furniture, the categories dining table, desk chair, sofa, lamp, are?
For classifying furniture, the classes dining table, desk chair, sofa, lamp, are
a. exhaustive and distinctive
b. exhaustive but not unique
c. unique but not exhaustive
d. neither exclusive nor exhaustive

Very best reply:

Solution by That Skate Child
Are not they all employed in Cluedo??

Know much better? Depart your very own reply in the feedback!

Q&A: What kind of table is this?

Question by ~*Mrs. GM2*~: What kind of table is this?
Hi, this is kinda a vague question, but I have this table in my basement and I know that there's a name for it, but I don't know what it is! Let me describe it for you.

The table has three massive pillar legs in the center of the table that branch out to brass claw feet. The sides of the table can drop down (like a drop-leaf table) to make room for 1 or 2 people, or the sides can be put up by folding out 2 wooden supports on each end and propping the drop leaves up. It can also be pulled out and leaves inserted to make an over all table length of about 10 feet long. When we pull the table apart to put the leaves in, it seems that the table pulls out by using gears of some sort to make it pull apart smoothly. It's a really old table I know. We want to refinish it and use it for our dining room table. Anyone know what the name for this kind of table is? Thanks for your help! God bless!

Best answer:

Answer by krissyderic
Take a picture of your table (in all of the stages) and take it to a local Antique dealer.
I don't know the specific name of the table but it sounds very nice. Lucky YOU!!!

Add your own answer in the comments!

I tried to install a dimmer in my dining room. The instructions said to connect the 2 wires to...?

Question by B: I tried using to set up a dimmer in my dining area. The instructions stated to connect the two wires to...?
the dimmer, other than when I eliminated the aged light swap,there had been 3 wires in there. I held 2 together and they turned on the dining area light, so these had been the ones I related to the dimmer change.

When I was carried out, and had place the breaker back on, the lights in my kitchen area did not perform. I am considering it was the third wire that I did not connect... but what really should I connect that wire to?
actually, there have been 4 wires.. I wasnt counting the copper wire.

I feel it was a 3 way change, but the kitchen area has its own swap. This switch turns on and off the kitchen lights.

The swap in the dining room, despite the fact that it has the wire for the kitchen, does not flip on and off the kitchen area light... strangely sufficient.

I just want to know wherever to connect the wire to that I left unconnected... This would be the wire to the kitchen area.
The wire shades ended up 3 black and a single copper. One particular of the black wires was the ground. I know this b/c it was already connected to the ground on the unique light fixture.
oh and also 1 green.. that was the ground

Very best solution:

Solution by imadoofus123
the third wire is ground. there need to be a screw on the side or someplace - i feel its usually green- that that attaches to. the problem is, at times if you connect the ground to both finish it may well operate (b/c it's neutral) so you may well have hooked the ground to good or damaging. this is unsafe. get it off and search at the wires. they ought to be shade coded. I don't don't forget which colours are which but you should be in a position to locate some details on the internet. just make confident to change the breaker off before doing something.

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question about duncan phyfe dining table?

Question by ~*Mrs. GM2*~: question about duncan phyfe dining table?
I have a duncan phyfe dining table. It is mahogany, has no label, has three middle pedestals, each branching out into two brass claw feet. The legs that branch off of the pedestals have parallell reeding as nicely. the sides of the table are drop leaf sides which can be supported up to make a loved ones dining table by folding out two wooden easels on each aspect. The table also stretches out to 96 inches when pulled out total length. Can anybody give me any concept as to what era this would be from (1940's) or no matter what? I don't think that it is an authentic due to the fact that would just be also wierd and a 1 in a million Anyways, everyone who can give me any info it would be appreciated!

Very best answer:

Reply by SueyN
My mom had a Duncan Phyfe dining space set in the l940's, but I don't know when the design came out. It is a traditional and will never go out of fashion specially if you like English furnishings as I do.

Add your personal reply in the feedback!

Q&A: What tools do I need to assemble Ikea furniture; tv stand, dining table, coffee table?

Question by ABC: What equipment do I require to assemble Ikea furnishings tv stand, dining table, coffee table?

Finest reply:

Solution by TR
Just the basic... screwdriver, hammer, pliers.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

How can I repair a small blemish in the finish of a table?

Question by Chris B: How can I restore a little blemish in the complete of a table?
We have a brand new, Ashley Urbandale drop-leaf dining room table. This evening, we managed to get a number of drops of Vectra 3D (topical flea remedy for canines) on the surface. Apparently, the flea remedy is oil-based and the drops, when wiped up, left modest depressions and "dullness" in the oil end. What is the best way to repair these spots without obtaining to strip/resurface the complete section of the table? (I did deliver an e-mail to Ashley Furniture requesting details on what sort of oil they use - tung, linseed, and so on.)

Best remedy:

Reply by Steve Tower
There is a merchandise employed to make small repairs to furnishings that requires crayon like sticks of a variety of shades for touching up. Offered a home centers. Might operate.

I would start off with just placing on some oil very first although though I doubt that the only finish you have is oil since it provides so minor protection.

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Q&A: Will Sur dining table work with my other furniture?

Question by jessc: Will Sur dining table perform with my other furnishings?
I am considering of getting the Massive Sur table and benches from Crate and Barrel.

But my other furnishings are type of Ballard Style style. Samples :
Armoire in black --

Console table (also in black) --

My couches are similar in coloration to the link beneath, although fashion is a small much more relaxed -- page=shop/flypage&web page_back=store/group_items&offset=&merchandise_id=1572&category_id=a10b5d1d7c7745585411b442dc5aa934

Main artwork has dark standard frame.

Is there any way to make this function?

Very best reply:

Remedy by dawnb
I'm not liking the white oak table with all the black items you have mentioned. I would decide on a warmer wood colour and then it would blend. The style of the table would function, just not the light shade. Then the dark leather chairs would pull it collectively nicely with the relaxation of the search. Very good options although.

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How to remove a black leather stain off a white leather sofa?

Question by ajdam: How to eliminate a black leather stain off a white leather sofa?
My black leather bag (there was a modest bottle of perfume in it that broke and the perfume spilt in the bag, heading by means of and reaching the sofa) left black stains on the white leather sofa. I tried alcohol and aceton free of charge nail polish remover - none of people worked. The leather is extremely soft and specific.

Thanks in advance

Greatest remedy:

Reply by annieR
As your leather is very soft it will have absorbed the dye from the bag into the finsih on the leather and will now be rather hard to eliminate. If you have experimented with alcohol without having success I would propose you contact a capable technician as the are may now want to be recoloured in that area.
Any use of solvents and so on will eliminate the finsih on the leather and may make repairs considerably far more hard.

If you are in the Uk get in touch with LTT who have a network of trained technicians who can deal with this,

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Cost of painting your house in Oklahoma?

Question by pegpal22: Charge of painting your house in Oklahoma?
Is there any way to know if an estimate is truly honest? What is the going fee? Do they cost by the foot or by the hour?

Very best answer:

Solution by krys
You will need to get at least 3 estimates.

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trying to find companies and which make under 40 inch round or oval sing or couble drop leaf dining room table

Query by Legandivori: hoping to locate organizations and which make underneath forty inch spherical or oval sing or couble drop leaf dining room table
table cannot be 40 0r more inches in diameter. Has to be below 40 inch diameter. pedestal favored.

Very best answer:

Reply by ♥♥The Queen Has Spoken♥♥
Examine out the furniture isle at Lowes. They may have an unfinished table just what you are seeking for.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Need help with decorating my dining room!!!?

Question by SummerLove: Want help with decorating my dining place!!!?
I have an open floor plan in my dining room/kitchen area/dwelling room. I have beechwood cabinets that I love and I found a beechwood dining table. I don't want to get matching chairs even though. Would white or black chairs go nicely? I also want to add a buffet in the dining area and I only seem to find black or espresso coloured buffets that I like. Would a beechwood table glimpse appropriate with white chairs and a black buffet or need to I go with the black chairs and buffet?

Very best solution:

Solution by j_pedid
I'd do black or chocolate brown, it would stand out in opposition to the lighter wood. White would be also washy.

Also, use rugs to defing the diverse spaces.

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Are the dining rooms open on Carnival Cruise Embarkation Day?

Question by deeannmetz: Are the dining rooms open on Carnival Cruise Embarkation Day?
We are sailing from San Juan on the Carnival Destiny in August. I was asking yourself if we ought to strategy to consume prior to we embark or if the dining space and buffets will be open the 1st night time ahead of we sail. Many thanks for any input!

Finest reply:

Reply by shhhhhhhhhhhimhiding
The buffet on the Lido deck is open as extended as you can get on the boat. Sometimes some of the scaled-down resturants (pizza, deli, chineese) are open early as well. You will have food offered when you get on.Have entertaining

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When approximately do americans start decorating their homes with christmas lights?

Question by 1901: When around do people in america start off decorating their residences with xmas lights?
I mean, these suburban homes with lights on the roof.

Very best remedy:

Solution by somedaythere
Normally not until the day following Thanksgiving at the earliest. My property doesn't set decorations up until finally a week or so before Christmas simply because no 1 at any time has the time, but most folks have them up someday in between Thanksgiving and the center of Dec.

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Where can I buy an affordable drop leaf dining table that looks unique? Maybe in aqua color distressed wood?

Question by thejunglerose: In which can I acquire an affordable drop leaf dining table that seems unique? Maybe in aqua colour distressed wood?
It is for a little area. I would favor a spherical a single. We want to invest $ 200 or significantly less. Any excellent on line internet sites you know of?

Greatest solution:

Answer by Jeff
thrift shop sand it and paint it then wipr the paint off to get the coloration you want

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Where can I find cute country like furniture for my living room?

Question by alw0322: Exactly where can I find adorable nation like furniture for my living place?
I'm looking for aspect tables, and maybe a chair.

Finest solution:

Solution by Lana D.
Ralph sells furnishings they will absolutely have vintage and country-like furnishings.

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Q&A: Would painting your house black in winter and white in summer considered going green?

Query by Mr Typical Joe: Would painting your home black in winter months and white in summer considered going green?
I live in Indiana.

Best solution:

Solution by Backwards_Bob
+++ :) ET cellphone property, we have a winner.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

What's the difference between a sideboard and a buffet in a dining room?

Query by deedee: What's the difference among a sideboard and a buffet in a dining area?

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Remedy by coolbeanie27
The area you arrive from...diverse identify for the identical thing.

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Q&A: Why is my dining room light flickering?

Question by Michael S: Why is my dining area light flickering?
My dining area chandelier flickers when I have the dimmer about half way up. The chandelier has six sixty watt bulbs and is related to a Lutron Dimmer switch. I also experimented with changing the dimmer but nevertheless have some flickering. It is not continual but transpires every single so often. Make sure you support it is driving me insane..

Finest reply:

Remedy by Cassiel
Maybe it really is a poltergeist.

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Q&A: The top of a dining room table and matching buffet I have recently found is made of a layer of cracked glass?

Question by queenbucki: The top of a dining place table and matching buffet I have not too long ago found is manufactured of a layer of cracked glass?
The cracked glass tops are sandwiched in among 2 thick apparent glass layers. The remaining substance are wood and metal. Will this dining set introduce detrimental energies in my residence? It is totally stunning and I would really like to acquire it for my new home. Help!

Finest reply:

Solution by Cher
OMG>>the only detrimental energies a piece of furnishings exudes is the psychological vitality a individual puts into their creativeness.

My neighbor (Asian) marketed his residence since the tree in the front blocked the energy and dollars movement into his property. (idiot, he could have lower it down). The new neighbors, Mexican have manufactured this identical house a beautiful property complete of joy & prosperity.

It is since of your mindset...not power by inadimant objects.

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The Kit/living room are close to the dining room the lighting is contemporary want the contemporary look?

Question by Mandy G: The Kit/living area are near to the dining space the lights is contemporary want the contemporary appear?

Greatest solution:

Reply by dreamflipper
If you already have furniture and don't want to devote the money to redo every little thing, modify the light. Modern is usually just cleaner lines. Here's a couple of backlinks to check out out. Very good luck!

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Dining room lighting with a dimmer-switch?

Question by :-): Dining space lighting with a dimmer-swap?
My husband and I just bought a new property, and we're hunting to take out the old, critically crappy hanging light fixture in the dining area. I've looked at Lowes and House Depot and have observed Several that we equally ended up liking a great deal, but we're not certain if we can use any of them since the electrical set-up in the dining area is for a light-dimmer. Do I require a distinct Variety of light fixture for this, or will ANY fixture perform? By the way, I HAVE asked the folks at equally people retailers, but they didn't genuinely know something about it (figures, right?)
Many thanks for the info, Paul. We like the dimmer swap (for those times that you want light, but not a good deal of light) and so we needed to make sure that it was not a distinct variety of light that we would require in buy to use the setup. *Whew* have no notion how pleased this makes me.

Best remedy:

Remedy by Paul
any light you choose out will be very good. if you do not like the dimmer you can change the switch a relatively simple task to a on off change

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Help from homeowners please on painting your house?

Query by actormyk: Aid from homeowners please on painting your home?
How significantly would you assume to devote to have a person paint your home? I have the opportunity to paint someone's regular-sized residence, but I do not want to offer myself short and be working for 1960s costs. I also don't want to estimate as well high and have them go with an individual else.

Finest reply:

Solution by Redhead
A Painter and Decorator can request something up to £150.00 a day + components

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Q&A: What dining furniture can I get to match my new chrome and glass dining table?

Query by PrachiDesai36: What dining furnishings can I get to match my new chrome and glass dining table?
When I purchased the table I did not realise the dilemma I would have discovering equivalent furnishings for the dining place. All that I have witnessed is a bent glass console table but I genuinely could do with a bit of storage - like a sideboard variety of factor. If anyone has noticed anything that may well do the trick I would love to know!! I would even contemplate some thing in light wood with glass doors or best and I could accessorise with chrome - make sure you aid!!

Very best solution:

Reply by Kylia
a great black couch or white

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bland country living room help?

Question by Anna: bland nation living room aid?
I am in massive will need of some shade decorating help. I really like the region search in my house but unfortunately I have not sufficient shade. I have a creamy white on the leading fifty percent of my walls and I have a sand color on the wainescoating that is below it throughout the dining room and living space. My furnishings is a sand color as effectively. I experience like my house lacks coziness and warmth. it just would seem so bland. I want individuals to walk into my residence and feel so cozy and at property. How can I incorporate some color? Ought to I paint some of the walls a different colour? I have while curtains on my 2 enormous front windows and I have a brick fireplace as nicely.

Best reply:

Solution by Jasmine
Integrate some warm colours these as reds and mustard golds or sage green. I assume it may possibly be the white curtains that producing it experience much less cozy and warm. Try out utilizing checkerds that have much more of the tans like the wainscotting in them. Pull out some of the brick colors from the fireplace also. I believe the walls sound great and neutralized the way they are. If you add one more color on the walls it will search also harsh and occupied. Warm factors up with the curtains, pillows and equipment.

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How do i paint my ikea furniture? Coffee table and dining table plus chairs?

Question by Emmy K: How do i paint my ikea furnishings? Coffee table and dining table as well as chairs?
Im a woman .. And i dont have any men about to inquire how to paint furnishings or what stuff to obtain..

I have an IKEA coffee table ( LACK) and an ikea dining table with 4 chairs ( JOKKMOKK)..

ALL Items ARE IN THAT UNFINISHED BIRCH Result Color.. Id like to paint them walnut or cherry

Here are the pics and details..

I cant manage to acquire new stuff but so id like some in depth assist , step by step on how to paint all these six pieces and just what stuff to buy and what brand..

( like sandpaper grit , primer brand oil based or other?, paint brand , oil or drinking water or shellac or no matter what!, paint brushes or rollers, varnish brand etc?)
Im not afraid of the time it will take or the energy.. But i have totally no clue as to what stuff to purchase , what makes and how to actually paint!
And as i said , no guys about to ask!
All help will be appreciated! Many thanks in advance!
By step by action particulars i suggest, everything! Like how to sand etc till how to apply the ultimate coat of varnish or paint or whatever!
dear allee k.. thanks for the data.. unwell head to ikea itself to get the cherry walnut paint. Should i get oil paint or some other? do i want a primer?..
can you consider a appear at the attached pics n backlinks and the supplies used in the furnishings and lemme know if its paintable? Thanks!

Finest answer:

Solution by saaanen
I don't feel you are going to get an adequate reply here. Just go to a hardware shop and ask any person there. They will shop with you and reveal what you need and how to use it.

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On a Carnival Cruise, what is the typical menu for the casual dining room? How about the buffet room?

Question by ♥♥♥♥♥♥: On a Carnival Cruise, what is the standard menu for the casual dining area? How about the buffet area?

Greatest solution:

Answer by sinbishop94
Casual Dining -
Soups and salads
Appetizers - Shrimp, Fruit platter, Seafood
Principal Program -Steak, Lobster Tail, Fish of the Day
Desert - Cakes, Ice Cream, Pies,

Buffet- Modifications everyday
Typically some type of lunch buffet from all around the entire world, but also has pizza, burgers, fries, ice cream, pancakes, eggs, omlets, and so on. Fruits, Chicken, Cakes

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Any ideas for an extra long living room using a country theme?

Question by b.reynolds: Any concepts for an additional extended dwelling place making use of a region theme?
Our dwelling place is double dimension (about eighteen x 35) and has the front and back again doorways in it.

Greatest solution:

Answer by John S
How about a hitching publish portion way down the area

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Q&A: Is there any wedsites that show you how to decorate ur dining room buffet?

Question by Misses: Is there any wedsites that indicate you how to beautify ur dining place buffet?
i want hyperlinks to internet sites to give me ideas on how to decorate my dining area buffet.

Best answer:

Solution by free of charge_me_now04

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how can i be better in decorating homes?

Query by : how can i be better in decorating households?
i am vry vry good at decorating properties and rooms all folks ask me to decorate their rooms and purchase them issues for that i didn't complete large skool yet i am in the previous 12 months of higher skool so could you plz plz plz plz give me some beneficial advices to be better in this factor cuz it is genuinely a single of ma finest best hobbies and i feel i am proficient in that

Greatest remedy:

Answer by Meijitong
go examine interior decorating....

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White leather sofa faded. How do I make it bright white again?

Issue by abbylane: White leather sofa faded. How do I make it vivid white yet again?
Over the previous 5 several years my white leather sofa has turned from bright white to a quite uninteresting dingy dirty hunting coloration. Parts of the sofa that are not exposed to the air remain vivid white. I say bright white, but in fact it is a very good off-white colour. The leather is a very gentle leather, not the challenging variety of leather.

It is not so considerably that it is dirty, just faded in shade. Is there any way to deliver it back to it's authentic colour. I experimented with Holy Cow and a lot of cleansing items. Absolutely nothing would seem to work. All a leather cleaner does is make it shine.

Finest answer:

Answer by petey00petey
YOU Might Attempt SADDLE SOAP...

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Q&A: Does anyone know of a home decorating website that uses ordinary homes instead of extravagant ones?

Query by cioceann5: Does everyone know of a residence decorating internet site that employs normal homes instead of extravagant ones?
Everytime I see decorating photographs they are of million dollar properties. Are there any out there that are for actual individuals that stay in more compact households, with more compact rooms?

Best solution:

Reply by ernest j
this outdated residence?

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Leather Sofas: Setting an Impressive Style to Your Household Project

Leather Sofas: Placing an Remarkable Fashion to Your Family Undertaking

The usage of Leather sofas has been quite frequent between the masses who enjoy to design their household and commercial assignments in a royal method. The deluxe and translucent appear presented by this entity can make it an indispensable asset for any property. How effortlessly a contemporary set of sofas can modify the whole interior of your house, you will get to know when you install it. Your drawing place will get a modified dimension of dignified design with the suitable set up of the at ease sort of sofas.

Leather sofas are a versatile entity, so, they can be positioned into any type of interior that demands for the installation of a correct kind of sofa set. The very best thing of employing the leather sofa is that you can purchase it for various household tasks like studio apartment, a mansion and many others.

Market is flooded with a huge assortment of leather sofas. Consequently, you have a good deal of alternatives to select from. Whether you belong from a middle class family or are an proprietor of a bungalow, you will discover an overpowering offer of a leather sofa set. These extensively utilized entities come in constrained hues. You can generally discover this furnishings in black coloration that fits almost all the color and design theme of the interiors. Apart from it, you can also avail with a selection of other elegant colors like beige, fawn and white, brown, cream and so on.

The modern type of leather sofas is the widely utilized choice amid virtually all courses. However, some people choose to go with the old school traditional leather sofa or the Euro modern type. This depends upon the specifications and needs of the customers. Here it is also genuine that various people have different flavor.

These days, people are tending in the direction of the set up of Leather sofas since it is quite simple to keep them. They are tough and identified for providing their customers with a long time of comfort and ease. When it comes to cleansing these sofas, you do not have to place extra efforts. The reason is that the task of cleaning these sofas can be accomplished effortlessly with the aid of particular leather sofa cleaning answers.

Monte Andtheallstars is an experienced professional in the global furnishings marketplace, with far more than 20 many years of encounter doing work with major furniture brand names across the world. He currently writes about the current marketplace trends and how buyers can use sofas to beautify their houses, Leather sofas.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Timing Is Critical When It Comes To Painting Your House

Timing Is Essential When It Arrives To Painting Your Property

Painting your property, in distinct painting the exterior of your property,is not only about good seems.Paint does also defend the underlying framework of your property.When you see paint flaking off your window sill,then you probably will need to spend the time and cash to strip the remaining paint before repainting.You even run the risk that you will have to replace the entire window frame if it is manufactured of wood.Related difficulties use to the entire framework of your residence.It is considerably simpler and cheaper to utilize a coat of paint ahead of such concerns occur. Expert painting contractors advise that you have a paint routine and finances so you can strategy forward and utilize a refreshing coat of paint before huge fix work are necessary. Note that planning is typically considerably more time consuming than applying the paint to the wall.

There are 3 primary factors that impact the longevity of your house painting challenge.The 1st 1 is the quality of the paint products.Since paint is only a fraction of the total price of a paint work,it is worthwhile to invest in greater quality paint which extends the life of the consequence.Excellent paint manufacturers state the maximum lifetime cycles of their goods.The 2nd element is the coverage of the product to the aspects,e.g., excessive sun. The third one is kind of walls and the high quality of the preparation work required ahead of the painting commences.

As soon as you have a shortlist of residence painters,test their expertise and recommendations on these issues. Get at least 3 quotes from industrial painting contractors as prices can range a great deal.To uncover the appropriate supplier, term of mouth or testimonials are really important to give you self confidence that the one particular chosen will deliver to your expectations.

Importantly, make confident that the painter you invite in your house is also insured and licensed. Home painting quotes are not only about cost.A result which lasts only two many years will cost you in the conclude 5 instances as significantly when in contrast with a end result that lasts 10 decades.Professional painting contractors are much better positioned to achieve a prolonged lasting result than handymen or Diy.Painting organizations have the expertise and information and tools. So,when comparing home painting quotes, take anticipated longevity into account, as nicely.Business painting firms also have to give you a guarantee of workmanship.

To receive similar property painting quotes,you need to be quite distinct with each contractor about what you want to get accomplished.Specify in producing if you want ceilings, columns,cornices,doorways,downpipes, eaves,fascia, fencing, floorsfurniture,guttering,partitions, photo rails, shutters,skirting boards and windows to be included.Make certain that the painter also specifies in creating what type of planning he or she promises to do (elimination of dirt and dust,removal grease and oil stains,removal of mould,removal of rubber stains,graffiti or other stains as nicely as removal of loose and flaking paint,filling of gaps and cracks,sanding,applying rust inhibitor, applying sealant).

Some painters might also provide specialist finishes these as airless spraying, brushless painting,French washing,glazing, heritage colour,marbling, sponging, spray painting,staining,stencilling,stripping and stucco.If you want a specialist finish,then you ought to state this just before you make contact with painters and request a home painting quote since not all painters supply them.

To make confident property painting quotes are similar,it is very best to operate them like commercial painting tenders. There are sites that do this for a living, even for little consumer paint tasks.

Property painting process is very useful for home enhancement. Sydney property painters tends to make the house important.Timber fencing Sydney is classic in the two residential and business settings. It present numerous decades of security and privacy.For much more facts go to our internet site.

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