Saturday, April 30, 2011

Need help with family room paint colors.white leather sofa and a brown sofa?

Query by Kallie: Require aid with loved ones space paint shades.white leather sofa and a brown sofa?
I am heading to slipcover the older dark beige sofa and leave the white leather sofa as is.Looking for a casual look.No yellow.Room is not very huge.14x18.Gets medium amt of light from windows and ceiling fan.What color for the walls.Thank you in advance.
i adore yellow but that is the shade it is now and i want a adjust

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Remedy by AMS123
I love light blue for a dwelling place...we just painted ours and it seems to be so excellent...we painted ours sort of a grey-blue..but if i was incorporating brown i think i wouldnt go as well grey...

right here are some images of diverse shades that i like so you can see what i suggest...
here are some truly light ones kingdom_Amys/SF6mOyLyDoI/AAAAAAAABvw/YN44tpo0ySk/s400/10.jpg
this 1 is a minor greener

for accent colours you can do your brown, white, tan, light green, medium blue, or even punchy colors like a burnt orange
like in this pic (i know its a bed room, but the shade scheme is fantastic!)
hope that aids!

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