Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Talking about me to friends?

Query by kiwi: Speaking about me to friends?
Final night, we had been traveling to some close friends. Even though making conversation, my husband advised them that I keep a messy property.. Explained that if there is any flat surface, I put stuff on it. Embarrassed me.

Fact is, yeah, I do have this unfortunate habit of leaving things out. If I am crocheting, my function gets left beside my chair. Embroidery work sometimes gets left on the dining area table. And so forth.
It's not dirt. Just clutter. To make it even much more complicated, we live in a mobile property that does not have a lot storage room.

And, some of that clutter is his. He reads the paper, drops it on the floor. Will take off his footwear & socks in residing area, leaves them. Wipes his deal with on paper towel, leaves it right there. Other factors, also.

I instructed him on the way property that he embarassed me. He stated he was sorry but that I ought to do better.

How do I make him cease speaking about me like that? What do I say that will make any distinction? There was no reason to notify friends that.

Greatest solution:

Answer by Sherry in Fenton, MO
Do it to him as soon as. Say one thing that will embarrass him in front of your close friends and see how he likes it.

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