Thursday, April 28, 2011

should we switch our t12 lighting system to t8s in my familys dining room? its free/covered by our hydrocompay?

Question by yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeboy: should we switch our t12 lights method to t8s in my familys dining space? its free of charge/covered by our hydrocompay?
so heres a pic of the lighting method in a single of my familys restaurant dining room

as u can see it is aged, but had no issues with the lights (other then bulbs bruning out each 12 months or two)

we had a hydro dude from our hydro organization (i confirmed this with them) who is provided us a system called electrical power financial savings blitz, or some thing like that

generally their giving business 1050 bucks to change their lights systems to much more efficient ones.

they only altering the lights, and ballasts, not the fixtures.

they gave us a work buy for 1035 bucks, so fundamentally, its totally free.

of course theirs a agreement on the back again of the work purchase we have to indicator, and essentially im informed the only catch is we cant preserve any of the outdated things they take it, they have to consider it away to be porperly recycled.

there gonna alter the lights only and ballast. their gonan adjust the lights from t8 to t12, what ever thats indicate, suppose ot be far more "efficient" and their gonna modify the ballasts from our current "magnetic" ones to digital ones.

are the eletrconic ones just as robust and sturdy?

i recognize t8s are suppose to previous lengthier also. the man said

also, whats much better for a dining space, they have lights temperatures like warm white 3500k to awesome light

anyways what do u guys believe? its totally free but are the stuff there placing in gonan be excellent and value it?

btw the cdompany who can make the lights and ballats is phillips

Best remedy:

Remedy by bob
They are cycling out magnetic ballast. Quickly you won't be ready to find them. If you can get an individual to spend to upgrade it, do it. And if you do your personal maintenance, the t8s are a whole lot less complicated to perform with. Phillips can make very good bulbs. Haven't employed their ballast.

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