Friday, April 29, 2011

Should I buy this dining table?

Query by Chris: Should I purchase this dining table?
Calligaris Action Extendable Dining Table

Any1 have this dining table? I am arranging to get it.. so should I get it or not?

Finest remedy:

Remedy by Kate
I am not a fan of that table.

Very first of all, its glass. No make any difference how tempered the glass is, there is constantly a risk it will break. The pointed corners add an further danger if you ever before strategy on obtaining children close to.

Second, it is amazingly major. Over 200lbs! Even if the delivery charge is not tremendous large, it is heading to be a nightmare if you ever move.

3rd, its unpleasant. I would not be capable to dwell with that table. If you're a single and actually program on dwelling with an individual, I would not bet on keeping that table.

Fourth, its $ $ $ $ for one thing unsightly, major and not so safe and sound.

If you want one thing modern and expandable, think about these:

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