Saturday, June 11, 2011

Q&A: When can I take the foil down? ?

Query by Lulu: When can I consider the foil down? ?
I go through someplace that cats really do not like to stroll on aluminum foil so to preserve them off a surface area, just cover it in foil.

I kept catching my cats on my dining room buffet, but I want to preserve them off. Previous weekend, I covered the top in foil and the extremely exact same day, discovered a set of claw marks in the foil wherever a single of them clearly tried to get up there and didn't like the foil. I do not see any hair on the foil so the plan appears to have been productive.

I just did not intend to use foil as a lasting piece of residence d├ęcor. Any suggestions on how lengthy I should leave the foil in spot so that they'll get the message?

Best answer:

Remedy by Kathryn
Set a new piece of foil on the buffet, but make positive the cats can not see it from the ground (if they can see it, you will not likely know if they failed to jump up just due to the fact they saw the foil). If you do not see any new claw marks in a week, you are going to know they did not check out to jump up there, and it would almost certainly be protected to get it down.

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