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Q&A: Help with wood veneer chipping off of table top!?

Question by Elphaba: Help with wood veneer chipping off of table top rated!?
I was offered a gorgeous dining room table and buffet that has outdated wood veneer on best. Unfortunately, it is chipping off and need support! What is the best way to take away the aged veneer? Really should I refinish the wood underneath or put new wood veneer on? The rest of the table is in great, reliable issue. Just the veneer is in dire straights! Any support would be appreciated! Many thanks!

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Remedy by ozarks bum
The veneer is there probably since the wood underneath it is not high quality and may not complete very effectively. That is why they make veneer, to get a actually wonderful finish for significantly less expense than sound wood.
A complete table leading is a trial to eliminate and switch. Not a lot of stores carry the dimensions you will require. However, there are spots that specialize in veneers of greater sizes. is one of them latest catalog pages 116 and 117.
To strip the aged veneer, initial try out seeing if warmth will loosen the outdated glue. A prolonged shot, but possibly worth it. A carefully utilized warmth gun, maybe a hair dryer, will at times loosen plenty of to get a wedge underneath and careful prying may get it off. I would opt for filling the undesirable spots on the existing best, sanding them down and allowing them dry extremely properly. Then set new veneer more than the top of the previous. Your problems will be edges and how to get them in place devoid of chips. Some veneers are really plied, whilst others are strong. Of study course, the sound will sand at an angle fairly properly, although the ply kind will not. You have to take into account that.
On a ultimate note, there are some master craftsmen out there who can really restore the veneer to its unique condition, with use of matching fillers and some experience in matching the present coloring of the wood. That is asking for some bucks, but if the table is treasured or really worth really a bit, changing the veneer will diminish its all round value need to you determine to promote it later on.

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