Saturday, June 11, 2011

What color to paint dining room ceiling (red walls)?

Question by HEATHER: What color to paint dining room ceiling (red walls)?
I am planning to paint my dining room a vibrant red with a slight warm undertone. I am wondering what color to paint the ceiling. My trim around ceilings, windows, and baseboards are oak wood. Hardwood floors. I think white would look ridiculous. Adjoining rooms are the kitchen where walls are kind of a light orange sherbet color, and living room where walls will be a cappuccino color. Any suggestions for dining room ceiling color?

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Answer by Stu
you've got to be careful when painting a ceiling. it can wind up making the room feel smaller. i think a lighter color would look nice, especially since your walls will be red. if you're totally against bright white, maybe you should try a softer color like an ivory or bone or even a really light buckskin color.

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