Monday, June 13, 2011

Q&A: Can you help me find home building/decorating websites?

Query by danielleyoung1: Can you aid me discover residence constructing/decorating internet sites?
My husband and I are purchasing a property that only the outdoors is accomplished. On the inside of the stud walls are up, but that is it. We will have to do everything from electrical to sheetrock. I have 3 modest daughters (7, 4, and 2) and want their rooms to be gorgeous. I need aid creating and decorating the bathrooms and the kitchen area.
Any person with great site addresses,please assist.

Very best solution:

Answer by nano49
Go to BEJANE.COM. This web site is excellent for what you might be organizing. Verify it out. You are going to also discover your local Lowe's or Residence Depot will be more than satisfied to help -- they have tons of authorities on hand.

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