Sunday, May 29, 2011

Need ideas for rugs in dining room?

Question by Genna: Will need ideas for rugs in dining place?
I have a espresso colored spherical table (i believe its about 4' or 5' diameter) and it also incleds a leaf to extend the table into an oval shape. I am making an attempt to determine what sort of rug i should get for beneath the table (there is ceramic tile in this place). Its heading into the formal residing and dining room in the home which is the very first you place you enter when you arrive into the property. The whole space is about 13' vast by 22' lengthy. There will also be a buffet by the table taking off about 2' or so from the width. This is what i was considering

1. acquiring a massive square rug (about 8x8)
2. finding a rectangle rug (possibly 5'x8' or 8'x11')

Let me know if you have any other tips. Many thanks for your input!

Finest reply:

Answer by Nurse Susan
one] is buffet on lengthy wall or short wall? How big is real dining area?
13' x 11'? or scaled-down? [ also subtract the two feet from buffet space ]
two] rug should be about two.five feet wider and longer than the table to permit chairs to move back and forth freely so you require a rug at minimum
6.5' or 7.5' by 8' or 9'. relying on table and leaf's real size.
4] do measure the table and leaf for accuracy just before creating any obtain.
5] buy some graph paper reduce out table, chair, buffet and rug measurements and play with items for best look. .
six] I would purchase 1 that addresses most of area. - so 8' x 11'.

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