Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Need some ideas for art in a dining room?

Query by Wayf: Require some ideas for artwork in a dining space?
I am aiding a good friend do some decorating in her new apartment. Her dining space is dark blue with white trim. We have reviewed what can be completed about brightening it up. I've painted residences professionally, so I know what repainting would just take.

We determined to try to prevent repainting and discover other ways to provide light to it. Luckily she has a great dining set manufactured of light-coloured wooden, and there is a fairly huge constructed-in hutch on one particular wall, which is white. I am contemplating of adding some ambient lights to that.

Now, the existing "artwork" is darkish, and I've told her we want to change that to aid stability the area. She has a breathtaking painting of horses that I believe would seem really great in there, and I'm heading to paint her a thing, as well. (most probably an additional 1 with horses). Even so, I think we need at minimum 3-four a lot more items that would compliment the horses - without likely overboard with them.

I recognize horses in a dining room seems a bit... nicely, different, but there aren't numerous other alternatives and she lives on a fixed cash flow. In addition, as I said, the one particular painting she has is actually very lovely.

I've imagined of adding sconces, but I could use some ideas for maybe two other paintings.

Thank you so a lot for your support!

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Reply by Son of a PropReno
I like your thought of employing accent lighting hon.

Even low-cost monitor-lighting to highlight certain facets of the place
will brighten it up.

And you know how I feel about horses..


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