Thursday, August 18, 2011

Q&A: I need a good website for Home Decorating?

Issue by lizbeth: I require a excellent web site for House Decorating?
I want to paint my daughters bed room not confident about the colours, I want some thing gorgeous.

I used all the paint co. like Benjaming Moore and many others but they do not actually aid.

I need to have a internet site with wonderful pictures, thanks for the assist.

Finest response:

Answer by seamstress
Do an web search for "virtual painted rooms" and you will find paint businesses in your area. These web websites will possibly permit you to obtain a picture of your space or select a single of theirs. Then, you pick the paint color(s) to see precisely what your area will search like Before you purchase a drop of paint. This is perfect for people who require visual support when picking shades. Great luck.

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