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Q&A: need to write about a culture clash in my life.i was born in scotland & live in US.whats a good title?

Query by notme: want to publish about a tradition clash in my life.i was born in scotland & live in US.whats a very good title?
My eyes 50 % open, I shuffled down the stairs. As I arrived at the third step, "squelch", what was that?! I struggled to balance myself on the stairs and appear at the heel of my foot. Right after considerably effort I gave up and sat down beside the mysterious" squelch", only to appear more than and see a tiny pile of the compound wedged into the corner. It was haggis! I thought what odd particular person had hidden a pile of haggis, only to find later that early morning that they had been not so odd. It was all over the place! Plates littered my home with piles of haggis.
The night before, fifty or so of my neighbors and buddies stuffed my home for our annual burn's night time. Robert uses up is a reveled Scottish poet whom on his birthday, the 26th of January Scottish people get collectively examine poetry, socialize, perform audio, dance, consume traditional food, and most probable consume! My family members staying outrageously Scottish threw a large burn's night time to enjoy with our new American neighborhood. My sister examine poetry, I sang, my mum played flute, and my dad did everything. My complete family members cooked for nearly two days, creating brief bread, neaps, potato scones and most of all, Haggis!
That evening when it came to dinner, absolutely everyone crowded into our eating place. My father explained to our puzzled American buddies as to what this unusual dish, haggis truly was. "Sheep kidney, liver, and lungs cooked in a sheep belly for about five hours" he mentioned. Their faces contorted and winced when he cut it. Most of our disgusted celebration stared at the plate as my father recited the renowned blessing of the haggis in a thick Scottish accent translated.
My father completed of the blessing and heartily bellowed "Let's eat!"Many of our guests stood very a lot dumbfounded at the thought, but slowly they shuffled into a line and manufactured their way around the unfamiliar buffet of foods. My father positioned generous quantities of haggis on everyone's plate, encouraging them to consume it, boasting about how prolonged it took him to prepare.
Although the rest of our meals was cleared, the haggis just appeared to transfer back and forth on our guest's plates as a lot the dancers in the hall. I guess haggis was just a bit also foreign for our perplexed American friends. People danced to the Scottish jigs and to their finest work, recited the poetry in a very Americanized Scottish accent. In all the night time was a results, even even though folks have been not sure how to consider our haggis or "squelch".

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