Thursday, August 25, 2011

Q&A: what is the best way to organize the furniture?

Query by MDX 0601: what is the finest way to organize the furniture?
okay my dwelling area is a rectangle.

The north side and the south facet are the more time sides

on the north facet are huge windows going through the entrance garden
on the west facet there is an (door size) entrance to the hallway
on the south aspect is an (door dimensions) entrance to the kitchen
and east facet nothing but the wall

now i want to put a loveseat and a three seater leather sofa (off white)
42 inch lcd tv with stand
one facet table
and a fish aquarium (55 gallons w/ stand)

in which need to i put what.


Greatest reply:

Answer by doglover
I virtually drew a diagram, for each your outline of your room. I would place the television on the north wall so that there is not a glare on the tv display. Then I would center the sofa in the middle of the area dealing with the television and to seem out the windows. I would location the facet table driving the sofa with decorative objects or photos, etc. Then area your loveseat going through the west wall at the east conclude of the sofa so that they make an L shape and the television can also be observed from it. On the east wall I would middle the aquarium on it. You could also set the tank on the west wall if you needed to view the fish. As an added touch, I would place an finish table between the level of the sofa and adore seat (in which the L form would meet). A square coffee table could be positioned in entrance of the sofa and loveseat. Hope I wrote this to be understood what I imply and hope it assists.

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