Friday, August 19, 2011

Is painting really "that much better" than spraying for quality?

Problem by Joe C: Is painting actually "that much much better" than spraying for good quality?
Is painting really "that a lot greater" than spraying for quality? Is it value hand painting your residence to get greater good quality and a lengthier lasting paint job?
Please tell me your discoveries and opinions.
by painting I imply brushing. Thanks!

Greatest solution:

Reply by Anne
Generally, spraying is utilised to get the paint on the surface area. It is normally again-brushed or rolled to get great adherence. Some painters just spray and go. We say "they just blow the doors off."
It is a poor excuse for a paint career since it only lays the paint on the outer floor.
Getting the paint down in the surface it what will aid it last longer . . . that and a very good prep occupation!

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