Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Is there a law against your landlord painting the inside of your house while you're still living in it?

Issue by Simon Schmidt: Is there a legislation versus your landlord painting the inside of of your property although you happen to be still living in it?
My landlord gave us about a two days notice that he was heading to have a painter come in and paint our cooking area, residing place, and upstairs rest room for the tenants next year while we are even now dwelling in the house. I was wondering if this is even legal since we by no means explained he could and we won't be able to use our living space/kitchen/rest room for the up coming 2 days.
Btw I dwell in california, and Certainly I have a contract but it doesn't say something about remodeling or our present predicament.

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Solution by BoscoeP
I do not know but it looks like B.S. to me no make a difference what the legislation states.

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