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How to determine what type of furniture is in my parent's home ... and how to price/appraise it ...?

Question by mwinterwolf2004: How to figure out what kind of furnishings is in my parent's house ... and how to value/appraise it ...?
My parent's purchased beautiful household furniture when they moved in to their very first (and only) property in the mid 50s. I believe it is mahogany, but uncertain how to notify. I have searched and searched and come up with both Chippendale or Queen Anne ...

How do I go about finding a person to come in and appraise the furniture for us to promote it (and not have an appraiser give us an unfair value contemplating he/she might buy it). I'm not kidding you ... this furniture is over sixty decades outdated and truly seems to be model new.

There is a dining area suite with a table with two or 3 leaves, four side chairs and two arm chairs alongside with a buffet, server/sideboard, and china cabinet. There is a bedroom suite with a tall boy, prolonged dresser, total mattress with headboard and footboard and a evening stand.

Exactly where do I go to locate out what kind of furniture this may well be and how to get a honest cost/appraisal?

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Answer by Elizabeth
Do not permit them know you want an appraisal since you want to offer it. IF they consult say its for insurance reasons or one thing. Also, get several opinions and be mindful that the "value" of the household furniture might be more than what it truly sells for.

An additional way would be to go to the library or bookstore and search up some publications on antique furniture. That will give you some concept of what to appear for and assist you be capable to request the appropriate queries of the appraiser.

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