Saturday, August 20, 2011

HELP!!! I ruined my friend's new dining room table. I need advice.?

Query by Kitkat: Help!!! I ruined my friend's new dining space table. I require guidance.?
I was carrying out a nail fill and spilled some liquid monomer on it. It has very small dimples in the area now and I experimented with scrubbing it and simply because I utilized a scrubbie in circular motions now there are scratches on it and the prime of the end has dulled. I never know what to do. I are not able to find the money for to acquire her a new table, but I need to resolve my mistake somehow. This table is from worth metropolis furniture and I have a picture here to display you. It states it is all wooden development, but it seems to have a black laquer end on it (like the type that is impossible to keep clear, even your fingerprints can get all about it, the shiny kind like that). What can I do? Is there a solution that I can use to remove the scratches and restore the finish just in that a single location? Any guidance would be tremendously appreciated! See photo down below. Thanks!!!¤t=Diningroomtable.jpg

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Reply by flowerlegz
yup Go To property depot, hey have all sorts of wood filler, no make a difference what sort of wood, it also comes in a lot of colors. so certainly you can fix the boo boo by artwork the great wood fillers or stains or paint what ever matches this table... i just observed photo, for sure certainly you can fix this by wood stains or fillers at home depot for certain, i have this type of table so your ok, get going there, good luck to you and do provide the photograph with you to house depot.. for you can match it up...

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