Thursday, August 18, 2011

Assigned seating at a Bar Mitzvah?

Question by hooru: Assigned seating at a Bar Mitzvah?
I am planning a Bar Mitzvah for my son. THe party will is designed to not be a buffet, but have stations so that the dinner portion is like a continued coktail party. There will be twelve "food presentation" stations. I don't want to assign seating because I want to keep the party flowing and there is so much to so in terms of entertainment and dancing. Is it in poor taste to leave seating open? There are are 90 adults and the dining room is a separate, adjacent screened in room.
Thanks Nicky: The kids have theri own room for food in the adjacent tavern room

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Answer by Nicky
The only thing I might consider would be having tables designated as adult or child. This way the adult tables can be adjacent to one another to make intermingling easier.

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