Thursday, August 25, 2011

What can I say .....I need to fire the sitter ?

Issue by nene: What can I say .....I need to have to hearth the sitter ?
My young children just say she is outright indicate that she yells at them consistently. Immediatley when we walked in the door very last week they sat on her white leather sofa and she produced them sit on the ground for the three hr that they have been there (hardwood floors) at her feet. My oldest explained she felt like a dog.I occurred to do a history verify onher and found her husband filed for divorce from her on ground on mentaly cruelty. I employed her when before but briefly since she is somewaht indicate and as an grownup somwhat intimidating due to the fact hse is really direct, and intelligent mouthed. I would confront her but I know she will be defensive and I loathe to issue my children to even far more abuse by her when she knows that they chat. I am contemplating of just lying b/c I never want to burn off bridges incase I get desperate. Nevertheless she has accsess to all my private info and can see that I might have lied. I know she will ask why I left what can I say?

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Reply by Waitin on baby #four
Just notify her it is in your children's best curiosity that you uncover a person else. Why would you even think about her even in a desperate circumstance? Your children should have so considerably more. You know that or you wouldn't be asking. Melt away the bridge.. you don't want to cross it anyway!

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