Saturday, August 27, 2011

What color should I paint chair rail in accent colored wall?

Issue by Peggy: What colour should I paint chair rail in accent colored wall?
We are painting the partitions in our Dining place a gold shade with a chair railing all all around. The chair railing will match the baseboards and crown molding which is an off white (Benjamen Moore mascarpone). There is a modest "alcove" or setback which will residence a buffet table that I want to paint a darkish cherry shade to give an accent.

The issue is do we preserve the chair rail in this place the "off white" or paint it all the dark cherry shade? I'm frightened if we paint the chair railing that goes through this spot the off white that it will appear like a "skunk's" back again! What do you consider?

P.S. Thank you to cuthberta for your previous solution but consider you failed to realize that we are painting the rest of the chair railing the off white and not the golden colour.

Best solution:

Reply by Grandma6
Keep the chair rail all 1 colour. It will aid to unify the space. It is not going to appear like a skunk.

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